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    I second this request. I've got a yoke, joystick, a HOTAS throttle, two different throttle quadrants, and a couple of switch panels. If I want to use the yoke and throttle quadrant for the Cessna after flying the F-15 with HOTAS, that involves rebinding all of the axes and some buttons EVERY TIME I SWITCH AIRPLANES. That's considerably more tedious than having to set up individual airplane profiles ONCE. Yes I can double bind the axes, but potentiometers wear out and occasionally spike on the unused devices, which can deflect the controls in an undesired direction or put the sim in a position where it's getting two rapidly changing axis values. To be flyable, the secondary bind really needs to be disabled, so again I'm back in the controls panel every time I switch airplanes.

    Per Aircraft control profiles are something that both FSX/P3D and X-Plane have had for years via addons (FSUIPC on the FSX side), and a large part of the community makes uses of these mods for switching between different sets of controls. DCS also has this feature built into the controls menu, and X-Plane is adding native support for it in one of the upcoming betas. While I appreciate your desire to keep the controls menu clean and simple, the OPTION to have per aircraft control configs for more experienced users would add greatly to the enjoyment of the Sim and remove a lot of tedium for us simmers with different controllers. Perhaps a checkbox at the bottom - [] Use a different control configuration for each aircraft. Then if you check the box you get a dropdown box at the top with all the available airplanes listed and an extra button to "Copy the general controls to this aircraft".

    So I broke down and bought a Rift with the pricedrop, and after being rather underwhelmed with P3Dv4's VR performance gave AF2 a try. Let me tell you, this is one of the most compelling experiences I've had outside of a real airplane.

    Being one of those modern instant gratification achievement junkies however, I couldn't help wanting a little more. Here I am in a Extra 300 doing a loop around the Europa Bridge, whipsawing down the Sill River canyon, and trying to make it under the other bridges... and thinking "man this could be a game in its own right".

    So I'm wondering how difficult it would be to expand the tutorial mission system to acrobatic/air racing courses? In particular is there a timing system that could be leveraged to track how fast someone went through waypoints on a given course? Also, how much development effort was building the training missions with waypoints etc - was it done as a one off thing, or have you guys already built a tool for placing waypoints and structuring the mission steps and audio?

    If it wouldn't require a massive development effort, I'd think a "racing" DLC would be a really first rate marketing endeavor on top of being a ton of fun. Take some of the existing terrain, add waypoints in neat places like under bridges and between buildings, and time/record how long it takes for the various different airplanes. Doesn't have to be anything complicated, just a way to measure performance over a given course without trying to click a stopwatch in your lap!