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    Hi, I have been flying Aerofly FS2 for a while now, playing it solely with the Oculus Rift and find the experience very enjoyable. Already ordered a motion base and proper flight controls to further improve the experience. (Currently just using a cheap joystick). I have been reading the forum and excited on the upcoming updates.

    Here are my comments:

    - I would really like to save different navigational routes so I can quickly switch from one to the other. Is there noway of doing so currently?

    - The flickering of the clouds is very annoying in VR, it induces nausea and takes away from the experience. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

    - The transparency of the windshields varies greatly between planes. For me, the Cessna is nearly perfect, however, some planes like the Barron it is much less transparent making the outside scenery look pale and not as attractive. Also some planes have very obvious baked reflections and smudges which is annoying.
    I already read people complaining about sound which I also agree, needs to be improved.

    Overall I think its a fantastic experience in VR and can't wait for the upcoming updates, would appreciate your feedback on the above comments.

    Thank you,