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    Well, I don't want to be taken wrong. I appreciate the answers and opinions provided above.

    I am just a curious investor in the sim. These are often asked, never answered and common questions posted and discussed, and are valid and non-threatening. And I certainly have not meant any critique and hope none is perceived.

    I have to disagree to the scenery growth for the year in all honesty. All we initially had was some of the west coast. That was neat for proof of concept, but a drop in the bucket compared to what FSX has provided all decade. Unless of course you dropped another $100 into the DLC.

    I understand scenery has been added this year to the point of doubling what was previously provided. But doubling that very small fraction of this one nations scenery, let alone the entire worlds, is still pretty small for an entire years long wait. Doubling a small number is still a small number.

    The only thing that gets old faster than only having a tiny amount of choice in scenery to fly is the unanswered nagging notion that many people have already expressed so often all year, which is;
    is this going to be an issue of a hundred different $29 micro scenery transactions like Train Sim, or is this going to be a valid flight sim that provides at least the U.S.A.?

    This is a good question. There is nothing wrong in asking it, especially having invested so much cash into it thus far. My spending is a sign of good faith in the developers. If there is offense in this, none is meant in any way. And honestly this should not even still be a question. We investors should already know openly what the roadmap is. I for one cannot in all good conscience even consider further dlc, even on sale, until I know where this sim is going and how far.

    Thanks in part to many kind answers here in this thread I have been looking into what others have posted. Geoconvert was supposed to be the answer to these things according to posts from like a year ago. Geoconvert looks to not be any kind of answer due to its difficulty level and due to the legal problems explained so well above.

    So where does this leave those of us already so deeply invested onto this venture?

    And as important to have answered as that above, is AF2 going to be abandoned just like AF1 was right out of the blue, because these scenery limitations cannot be solved to bring the sim up to the level of what even decade old FSX software has provided so well?

    That's where I am at. It looks like I am a year late to the party asking these questions considering all the posts I have surfed through the last 24 hours. Will we still not know and be asking these same questions this time next year?

    Thank you friends, I respect these things, especially the high framerates. Love the high framerates! Second to none, even though I agree that yes, this is due to the sim being stripped of those named add-on described above. But a wonderful start with the supreme graphics and strong framerates alright.

    In response to JetJocky's point of how far AF2 has proceeded this year I cannot fully share that point on some respects. With all due respect.
    With the exception of some overly pricey dlc scenery, but being very grateful for the -free- Colorado scenery, I have not seen a massive number of promising things actually implemented this year. The geoconvert tool is simply nothing anyone I have talked to was hoping for. Saying it is difficult, rough, unpolished and buggy is above and beyond a polite kindness. The small amount of flyable terrain added after an entire year's wait is still barely noticeable, even if you only fly occasionally.

    Yes, some planes and a little terrain has been added this year. Many patches too. Very grateful for these. Very nice additions, very sharp and polished. But this year is nearly past already. We investors know this is early access, but with talk of going release soon why cannot the basic outline be made known yet? Why the info black out and uncertainty?

    As has been repeatedly asked here and in many other posts better than I could ask; just where is AF2 going?
    What are the release scenery limitations and goals?
    Will the geoconvert tool remain usable only to dev-level geniuses or be released user friendly enough to bother with for the average gamer?
    What steps are being done to solve this almost year old dilemma of not knowing if and how or where customers can fileshare new scenery and planes?
    Will this sim-crippling dark-cloudy vagueness of not knowing these basics still be something we are all suffering with yet another 6 months down the road?

    Surely none of this is too pushy to ask, and I am asking just as kindly with as much sincerity as i can word things. I appreciate the friends helping me to understand these issues today. Your time invested has helped my a lot, thank you.

    IF Geo convert is going to remain an unpolished extremely difficult to learn and actually use dos-level-dev tool, and customers cannot legally fileshare sceneries online in an open format like FSX or prepar 3d does; then is ipacs going to release real global scenery files later on instead of all these little sections of parts of states etc?

    I am just trying to see the endgame, release goals is all.
    Too much vague and guessing is going on. It seems nobody has an honestly clear picture of what is being offered and what we can look forward to. No disrespect intended in any way. But everyone I ask is in the dark as to whether you will ever actually end up ever doing in AF2 what has been done in the other 2 big player sims all decade.

    I love how AF2 looks and runs. Will it or will it not become what the others are please?
    And I direct this question to any and all who can answer. I am searching for something fantastic to get excited for in the future of this sim in the area of actually taking off from one national location and fly cross country or intercontinental to another airport; over real textured scenery.
    Sorry to be so specific, just searching for that elusive concrete answer is all.

    Ok, having read the above answers:

    First, thank you for the answers my friends. Now I am getting a better understanding of the delay.

    Secondly, considering the above answers, what future does this sim then advertise as far as additional scenery?
    An honest and valid question considering the amount of investment I already have in the sim plus the additional expensive but limited dlc sceneries.

    Lastly, if the Florida Keys are about to be uploaded then how will they be legally OK, so that the other people trying to work with the geoconvert tool might also follow those steps?
    I appreciate your kindness and time in educating me in this matter/

    I look forward to the Florida Keys upload then. That would be a treat to fly around. Will be checking back here for it, thank you for your response Dean. Much appreciated for the information.

    The Geoconvert tool has been out for much of the year right? Wondering where is the user created content after all this time? The add on ships and airports on the download page you mentioned look fun, but that's not really a scenery like the tool was supposed to help customers create and share, right? I am puzzled that nobody has tackled learning it after all these months and posted up a bunch of downloads? Maybe I am out of the loop?

    It's good to see a few people posting they are trying to learn it. And I see all the threads on the bugs and crashes. I read in the forums where some are posting their plans for it. But after all these months still nothing? I have looked at the tutorials and admit I simply do not have that much free time or patience to tackle something like that myself. Like they said on the Steam forum, it totally isn't for everyone. I hope I am coming over properly, I only mean to ask if I have missed something? I'd hate myself if there really were lots of user created areas of scenery somewhere and i just missed it.

    The Florida Keys??
    Where can I get this?

    All I am finding is that one small downloads page with an airport here and there, or a ship; is there another download page tucked away somewhere for full scenery like the Fl Keys please?☺