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    Hi guys, great piece of software you have accomplished there ! I am not a true flight sim guy, have not found the time to dig in yet though am hoping that this will happen down the road one day I have more time.

    However, as constructive critizism let me confirm what Anasmak11 said about the clouds in VR - they can look really great when passing through them or elevated from the ground, but where they are near the ground, e.g. in the Swiss alps, they are suddenly reduced to 90'ies style 5 layer plane graphics which can clearly be recognized as just being a few layers and then indeed even drag all attention by flickering wildly.

    Another point I would love to see improved in the high res areas is the fact that trees/vegetation is generally shown three-dimensional but buidlings outside of the few true hotspots are flat. Is it really outside of reach to have them procedurally raised to simple boxes, say with either a flat or pointy roof ? This is not so much about being accurate to depict the buildings correctly, but rather to not spoil the Illusion created by so many other great graphic details of your sim !

    And I had a bug yesterday when flying near Yellowstone, there where "tree carpets" floating in the sky. They did not seem to be just wrongly elevated from the ground though, because they were not missing there, so just oddly appearing out of nowhere. I flew right through some trees, did not crash so no collision detection.

    And, are there any new scenarios coming up ? Perhaps in Germany ? ;)