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    Just what are the specs of the PC you are testing? Which CPU (BTW, I found stuttering with HT enabled) and how many cores at what overclocked frequency (needs to be 4.2 Ghz or so)? What speed RAM and how much, FS2 and scenery should be on an SSD, which video card and what driver set?

    I also suggest you use MSI Afterburner with FPS display to observe and retest.


    Lenovo ideacentre Y900-34ISZ with Intel core I7 6400K 4GHz, 24GB RAM, NVidia GEForce GTX 1080 Driver (latest), Window10 Home, 1TB HD Oculus CV1; OpenGL 4.4 same driver number.

    I'm not the machine expert, so I'll run that by Alex to see what he says. I don't know what speed RAM, I'm not sure we run all the data from SSD (I believe so), I don't know what HT is, and I know we overclocked.

    Will look into afterburner.



    Is there a consensus that running a 1080 and Oculus with RSF at 2 and everything on ultra, including shadow on insane produces no stutter?

    I'm curious, because if it does, we're doing something wrong. We're running ultra, not insane shadows, RSF 1.5 and there is some stutter in parts of California and certainly in NYC. It's not really bad at all, minimal, but I wouldn't call it "no stutter" either.

    On the other hand I have no problem reading the gauges, getting closer if I have to.

    I've tried increasing both, it didn't produce a significantly better visual experience, to me, but it seemed to increased stutter.

    There are other almost imperceptible artifacts I noticed if developpers are interested in tech feedback. On the other hand, I'm suspicious of our setup because of the floating trees which seems a rare issue.


    Yeah we'll see, probably not.

    I'm concerned about the process. If we include tons of individual 3D stuff like that (like let's say 100 containers at the port), won't it slow down the display? I know in NY there is a massive amount of 3D buildings, but I'm not sure they were included one by one, I'm guessing it's more optimized than that.


    In the mean time here are a few observations for those interested:

    1- The iowa as installed appears in the hud like an airport, i.e. there is a vector point and a distance to it when close.

    2- When one crashes around it, not on it, the plane gets stuck on the ship in the water and impossible to get unstuck, one needs to go back to menu, reset altitude for the plane and then it's fine. My take is that is the same routine that takes care of a crash near an airport, yet it not being an airport really we get stuck.

    Not a problem really, just observations.

    OK thanks for all the info.

    Yes I knew about sketchup and the fact that it doesn't work directly or even easily indirectly for FS2.

    Here is my latest version. I'm having issues with texture on faces I cannot project to. I will find a solution

    Also I tried to export to OBJ, so far not sure it worked right, working on it. Once in OBJ, it should be a breeze to work with if the export function worked right. Actually sketchup can export in a variety of formats with a bit of tweaking. between the plugins and the double transformation (export into one format, then another software to change format) I think almost anything can be done. I haven't found a easy path from skp to tgi but AC3D will do the tgi, so now it's a matter of having a good import file into AC3D.

    Sketchup can do OBJ, DXF, STL, Colladia, all kind of formats. The main difficulty is the textures integrity. Working on testing. I'm pretty sure we can do Sketchup to Blender.

    OK I'm on it, I'll get you some kind of 3D objects.

    2 questions for the experts, I will look it up but maybe someone knows already:

    1- Does it have to be real size of just proportionate and the real size is set up when inserted? If yes I will need one dimension in that picture, maybe I can extrapolate from the length of a car or something.

    2- How does one define the lights for the night scenery?

    Oh and send me the hires of those picts, I'll send you an email.

    As you can tell, from this post, I don't know yet how to place and/or modify the format with the FS2 tools. I can create a 3D object with texture (sketchup or export format), then someone else can do the placement and what not.


    I already downloaded Pt mugu :) that was a must. I've been doing blue angels routine there (alone unfortunately :) )and regretted not having hi res NAS, now it's done yeah!!!

    Yes I was thinking the same thing, we have buildings, the VT bridge the new long beach cridge coming, some cranes, etc.. It will come I'm sure.

    For the rest, awesome, I'll send you a mail, this is going to be fun.


    Thanks you guys! So a bit of background:

    - First there are 2 of us posting under this name, Alex and myself (Michael), from now on we'll also sign our name too to try to avoid confusion

    This original post was posted by Alex and he thanked you above, so this si not a "weird repeat".

    The first thing we did when we flew this simulator was trying to find the ship. We couldn't find it in San Pedro, so I spent a lot of ours flying trying to figure where it could be.

    See the ship originally was in mothballs in the Suisin Bay (San Francisco Bay), was then taken out and moved to Richmond for refurbishment and conversion into a museum, then towed to Los Angeles for its current station as a museum ship.

    Well it wasn't in Suisun bay, and it wasn't in San Pedro (I didn't know about Richmond at the time). And finally I found it in Richmond (go find it, fairly easy to spot)

    From an anecdotal point of view that dates the scenery as it was there only for a few months.

    We are a volunteer organization and expect to contribute some things to this software. We are working at figuring out the SDK as we speak. I can create any 3D object needed in sketchup if some have the needs (like more stuff at Pt Mugu, etc...). Of course our primary interest is military (bases and vehicles).

    I'd be willing to help develop airplanes for sure, so anxiously waiting for a way to do that.


    Since the update, lost airbrakes on jets (F18 and F15), button still programmed, reprogrammed, used keyboard key to, and no dice. The airbrakes are gone, they don't want to deploy anymore ?!?!. Not certain it has to do with the update, but we've pretty much tried everything else. It worked flawlessly before.

    Also we had uploaded the aircraft carrier group by Pt Mugu (user created content), and we could land airplanes on it (Cessna, F4U, F18, F15). Now today after the upgrade, any contact with it generates a crash, yet we still can land on the water.

    I know it's user generated content (the aircraft carrier group) but clearly something changed in the collision detection or crash boundary conditions, just FYI, not a major issue.

    Since it's the first time I comment, I will also add another thing that we've noticed and lived with. in heavy density areas of trees, we have floating patches of them (like Sierra Nevada, Yosemite, etc..). The patch has the proper shape (similar to ground below) but it's floating in the air at a higher altitude (maybe 1000 feet higher) than the ground level. It's a square patch of tree, full rendition no problem (we have a super powerful machine, dedicated graphics and VR), just wrong altitude. We can fly through them without issues, sometimes however that makes them drop back onto the ground. It seems and may or may not be related to clouds, not fully clearly related but there seem to be some correlation in display (when the patch change some clouds flicker, not the terrain, and no stutter)

    We'd like to add a lot of content to this, just so you know. Currently we are in the process of figuring out the SDK (scenery, objects and later aircraft), we're working on it.

    We love this software and have spent countless hours flying in it.

    Any help welcomed, we'll also help in any way we can to make it progress (we are a volunteer organization).

    Thanks for all you did and this great software.

    Hello, I am a volunteer aboard the USS Iowa Battleship Museum in Los Angeles.

    We are hoping to create an VR flight experience for our visitors using a licensed version of Aerofly. As a non-profit, we are seeking cost-effective ways to create great experiences for our guests. We would love to have a model of the USS Iowa placed in its current position in San Pedro. If anyone is willing to help, even just with the placement of the model, please let me know, you will be credited in the exhibit.


    Pacific Battleship Center