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    Yep they are complicated but the biggest problem by far to a sole developer is we become a Jack of all trades and a master of none.

    Modeller, texture artist, sound engineer, aerodynamicist, systems analyst, computer programmer, tea boy and general dogs body. Thermodynamicist

    And that's why we should try to form teams to develop things. I know it's difficult, but in a sense it helps too to compensate for the extra effort and process. And also I think it's more fun too.

    I know I can do a few of these, but not all of them, that is what is keeping me from developping some aircrafts.

    On the Apollo 50 we worked as a team and it seems pretty much each one has a specialty and we collaborated very well. I don't think anyone in the team knew how to do everything well, except maybe Tom.

    What it also says is that anyone that does it as a single developper earns tremendous respect, because it's so complicated and it would be so easy to stumble on one process and not been able to master it. So kudos!

    Check whether the faces are "reversed". I can't really see what your problem is on your pict, but it seem like some ghosting surfaces. We have that a lot when we convert from sketchup.

    From sketchup the process is basically three fold (we haven't fully figured out why, but it seems to work like that now):

    Make sure that there is no reverse face showing

    Use texture on both sides of all faces (I think that is only a sketchup thing, i.e. only for sketchup models)

    Convert with alpha off (although that part would need more testing as sometimes we want a transparent texture, but anyway)

    Si vous êtes intéressé par la scène de Corse (ou je vie), j'ai images horto + couverture végétations et constructions + réseau pylônes haute-tension + les aéroports (mais en provenance de FsCloudPort ... pas génial !) ... la couverture "Cultivation" est très réussie (pas de moi). Le tout via Filemail qui accepte les très gros envois.

    a+ et encore merci à vous.



    Tu pourrais le mettre sur avec le reste des sceneries generees par les utilisateurs.

    Ici (sur ce forum), ils ne vont pas te laisser mettre un lien sur tes fichiers directement, ou je je sais quoi, probleme legal. Sur tu peux.

    Yes, yes, yes, that would be a BIG ticket item for some of us, waiting for this for a long time.

    From my little brain:

    1- There is a replay feature, so obviously data can be recorded and stored, so the data format exists. And FS2 is somewhat capable to read that format and reproduce a flight.

    2- Furthermore it seems it can be exported outside FS2 through the port and IP address feature (I haven't tried) available in settings menu.

    So I don't quite understand what would be complicated with having an input channel just like the output one. If I have a second computer, FS2 on both, the first one should be able to pass data to second one and both fly the same path/plane. I understand you'd have to cancel command input on second one other than view/display, also there is an issue of lag to be taken care of (what happens in lag and how (interpolation, delay, jump, etc..) but that seems very feasible.

    I want to take people on a tour, I fly the plane, the second one is passenger.

    And maybe later the comm can be both ways and the second person can become a real copilot with option to have flight commands or not (maybe just systems at first, like radio, radar, etc.. and optional flight control).

    Then two planes flying in the same airspace.

    Obviously this is over simplification, but still I see it there.

    Anyway just hoping.

    For me it's actually a fun challenge. I try to memorize the maps and features, from either maps, or satellite maps, before hand, and then fly them. It creates a sense of realism (when flying without GPS was a thing), especially in warbirds and even jets.

    I never fly with navigational aid. The most cheating I allow myself is bring up labels, not always helpful either if one doesn't know which city is where. I've gotten significantly lost at times. But then figuring out where and why and trying again is fun (to me).

    Very different challenge in the US west, US East and Switzerland. In the west US I've come to a point where you could drop me almost anywhere, I take on some altitude and I know where I am and which way is which.

    I still get significantly lost in Switzerland and US East, more exploring is in order, yay!!!

    I guess it is somewhat the feeling the ancient navigators would have had.

    F18 Kneepad (not really GPS based map, but hey).

    More importantly what you've created is basically a functional MPCD (The central lower screen in the F18).

    The real one has multiple displays (not the point here) and functions (with buttons) but the current FS2 one is only a green moving elevation map.

    Your code, or some evolution of it, could maybe be integrated to create that display with more reality and functionality. I don't know how to do any of it (I wish I did), but the thought is interesting. Maybe Jan will be interested.

    I don't know about you guys but I landed the F18 successfully on the deck several times even with 5kt winds. It's all about the speed on touchdown and that you don't bounce and that you have the parking brake set and and use the full length of the deck obviously.... :)

    OK Maverick (yes I know, wrong plane), we'll try to catch up to your top gun mad skills.^^

    Did you also try to land a C130, with full reverse, and maybe JATO. Oh wait we don't have a C130 :( and even less JATO:(although I hear they could be relatively easily implemented.;)


    Jan, I have access to some manual for the F18 (not military and I control the copyright), it's for the superhornet, but the differences can be managed (or we could also make a superhornet :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:). Once systems start to get implemented, we can easily use that as a base, and fit it to this one, I'm willing to help too, just let me know.

    No plans AFAIK. We've been trying to come up with some kind of solutions, so far that's the best we've been able to come up with. By "we" I mean a group of us users and tinkerers.

    Apfelflieger created this great model of the aircraft carrier, that can be landed on, which is already not a simple task. I think it came from other models too, not sure, the parties can chime in (Apfelflieger, Tom, DaveW, etc..) It's been a collective effort just to get here.

    We've also worked on the "ball" or FLOS but again so far that's it, yet really not much.

    The features have been suggested, but I don't think there are any plans from IPACS, although I don't really know, nor would they probably tell us until it's done, which I understand completely.

    Same with developing more electronic systems for the F18/F15 etc.. We can come up with stuff, but it's not easy to implement.