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    I haven't landed the F18 ont the carrier yet, you may even have to stall land the plane (drop airspeed way below normal, at the edge of stalling and increase AOA to maximum possible), as I don't htink there is enough distance to brake sufficiently.

    Anyway, that's the gist of it. The checklist I gave came form another game.

    However do not get your hopes up too high, one CAN land the F18 on the carrier, but there are no signal (ball, comm) and no arrestor cables so the landing procedure is not quite the regular one.

    Here is a quick checklist for a normal landing. The normal landing pattern is to fly over, do a left 2G turn, a downwing leg parallel to the carrier, then another 2G turn and land.

    Landing Procedure Checklist:

    On approach:

    • Check landing weight is below safe maximum (42,900lbs for F18-E, don't know for F18-A)

    • jettison stores or fuel as necessary (via jettison controls) (N/A)

    At five miles from carrier on straight approach, or on the oval pattern:

    • Descend to an altitude of around 600ft and bring airspeed down to around 200kts

    • De-activate the countermeasures dispenser (via the UFC) (N/A)

    • Lower the hook (pull the handle at the lower right corner of the cockpit )

    • Extend the landing gear (depress the red rocker switch at the lower left corner of the cockpit, or press [G] )

    • Flaps are automatic

    • If on oval pattern, start a 2G turn CCW to get into carrier alignement

    • Adjust thrust and/or angle of attack as necessary (indicator in HUD, maintain AOA, adjust glide slope with throttle)

    At FLOLS acquisition range (approximately 0.75 miles):

    • "Call the ball" when you see the FLOLS display (not available or needed here)

    • Monitor glideslope on the FLOLS and general position via ILS HUD needles, and respond to LSO instructions (not available or needed here)

    At touchdown:

    • Engage maximum thrust in anticipation of a bolter (do not do and better step on the brake in this case as soon as you touch down)

    • If you catch a wire successfully, throttle back to idle (not available or needed here)

    Gasy we do have a model for Chaillot which should be good enough:


    We also have Beaubourg, although maybe a bit simplistic, but still better than nothing, and I think good enough:


    There are also models for forum des halles and Versailles. None of the Versailles models were complete or satisfactory, they all needed work for sure.

    As for les halles, there are two models (part 1 and 2) and I'm not sure if they make the whole thing, or the latest version or what, you may want to look. For the forum des halles, Tom will have to dig a hole in the ground, but he knows how to do that ;)

    I am compiling a list of models, that I will send to Tom to see which one he can use. Tom, I will add a location map, or maybe a KML if I can figure that one out.

    Un séjour sans faille

    For all those who already know Paris, and without being critical, I think it will be difficult to contemplate everyone, because there are no less than 2,185 monuments in Paris, so take advantage of what has already been done! :);)

    Yes, but there are some landmarks that are quite prominent. And I think the spirit here is not to "demand" but rather to suggest ideas. It doesn't mean we don't enjoy what's already there and what is to come if there is, it's just a list.

    Furthermore, but speaking for myself, I don't mind asking because I know I can contribute to creating the buildings I'm asking about.

    So with Tom at the helm and his decision on what should make the list and what should not, we can create a list of potential objectives, and then go down and see what we can create out of it. If nothing is created or added, it is fine, anything created is great.

    Maybe quite a few buildings already exist in the 3D warehouse and thus it's not too difficult to do. But the starting point is to have a list.

    OK I got the ortho to work, Tom had the answer, thank you very much.

    SO now on the list:

    Gare St Lazare; Gare Montparnasse; Part of the Louvre, including pyramid; Place de la Bastille (statue and monument) also Opera Bastille; Place de la republique (statue and monument); Place de la concorde (obelisque); Tuileries (fence); Grand palais; Petit Palais (not as distinctive maybe) Grande Halle de la Villette, Zenith;

    All the bridges.

    Gare de Lyon is OK for now, but once we have all the others (gares, or train stations), maybe a specific building can be adapted from them. The clock tower is also without a clock (because autogen) but it's distinct enough I think for the time being.

    Aerogare 1 and 2 that is CDG. I'll check for more, where do we stand on bridges, that ia very important point for us barnstormers.^^

    On CDG there is also a triple water tower that is very typical around it not too far:

    [Blocked Image:]

    BTW there are a few specific buildings that could use a 3D creation, but no big deal. I may do some of them when I'll have some time. Is anyone compiling a list? So that we don't duplicate.

    That said Tour eiffel is awesome, la defense also (grande arche, CNIT), many things are just purely brilliant. Thanks so much to all that did contribute.

    From my first short flight (there may be more, but don't know yet):

    Gare de l'est

    Gare du Nord (a great building with statues (the statues symbolize the major cities it deserves, around the clock French cities, on top of the building international one))

    CDG also could use some work, Aerogare 1 wasn't there (I'm not 100% certain, but I looked and couldn't find it, need to double check), Aerogare2 where built like the Concorde wing, may be worth doing too. There is a Concorde on display somewhere too, I didn't look for it.

    Le Bourget also has some very specific buildings that are important like art deco buildings with a lot of history (Lindbergh), air and space museum.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I didn't check other landmarks, but I will eventually

    Like Beaubourg, forum des halles, Chaillot,

    [Blocked Image:]

    [Blocked Image:]

    The “image” folder should be directly underneath the “scenery” folder and contain only images, none of the places or airports files. I have to ask, you did unzip the files?

    I am pretty certain I tried, that, I will try again tomorrow. But I think there is a cascade of "scenery" folders.

    It's like Addon/scenery/places/scenery/europe/france/scenery Or something to that effect (working of memory here)

    Or maybe it's a cascade of "places" folders or both.

    Yep I did unzip.

    Nevertheless I will try to put the image folder directly under any scenery folder there is. (and check whether it should be named "image" or "images" too)

    Ouch. You are missing so much by not having this scenery. I will work on better instructions for you. Are the Mac folder structures different than windows?

    It's ok really, but yes too bad. FS2 is on a window machine at the office, so not on MAC.

    It may be related to the graphic card (1070 I believe) because on the apollo 50 stuff I get the ortho, but they're kind of switching on and off as I fly over too, so it seems there is an ortho issue on this machine somehow.

    The point is not instructions, I understand them fine. The last thing I haven't tried is to do exactly as written in the document. I've installed Tom's file in a proper hierarchical structure (of my own as I have Europe/France folders above) and it installed all the relevant folders (including "images" folder).

    And I know that works, because I get the cultivation and all the specific buildings too.

    Then I put the downloaded images into the images folder, no luck, then I tried about every structure possible based on the instructions from the imagery folder, different places, different container folders or not, and nothing makes them appear.

    I had a similar result previously with some other downloaded ortho images that I couldn't get to show. Maybe one day I'll understand where I'm doing something wrong or if it's a different issue (driver, hardware, etc..), no biggie though.

    Thanks a lot though for your help.

    Can't get the images to work, again with that darn structure.

    So extracted the paris file and put it into:


    Where it gives me an "images" folder.

    Then downloaded the image zip file and placed all the image files and folder (content of last folder) in the image folder. Everything works except the ortho imagery.

    Then I tried to keep the container folders like "images_paris", etc.. (there are two levels) and still I can't get any ortho imagery to display.

    What am I not getting?

    No I don't remember. Memory is not my strong suit anyway, I didn't even remembered I had done all this work, just rediscovered it on my computer. This is WIP that never went anywhere AFAIK, I don't think any of it was ever implemented, it was just in design stage.

    The SBX was implemented by DaveW but there were a lot of texture, hidden faces issues at the time, that I remember and we just gave up.

    Yes I remember the naval group off of Pt Mugu (not the wake though), still have it.