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    We've successfully replaced the old cloud library with our own implementation which gives us much better control over the view distance and performance impact. At this time we can't yet share any screenshots because it's still in development and we're still changing things quite a bit.

    It seems like this update is going to be one of the best in Aerofly’s history . :)

    Is there an estimate on when we can expect the system requirements for iPhones?

    Once our new lighting model is finished we will present images of our upcoming version. It's our goal to get most parts of Europe including over 700 airports into the next version.

    Wow that’s fantastic.

    I’m even more hyped about the new lighting system :)

    Will it make the landing lights illuminate the ground?

    And will lower end devices like the iPhone 8 be supported ?

    We will of course publish new stuff. It's a little too early yet to announce anything, but once we have resolved a few more issues we can tell more. But we can say for sure already that we are working on Europe and it's looking quite nice.

    Hello IPACS team,

    I really like how you don’t share release dates and too many details about the next updates, so you can take your time to make everything as good as possible.

    However I’d still like to ask if you could share some pictures of the new regions, for example of the landscape or airports, so we can get a clue of how it will look.

    We can add an artificial stabilization to the R22 cyclic again. That should make it a lot more stable and easier to fly for the average user. On desktop we'll make this assistance optional of course! Not sure if such an option is really needed for mobile..

    If you added the assistance, I’d actually like to have an option to turn it off.

    If we increase the scenery draw distance back to the previous version then the cockpit texture resolution also has to be decreased again. You can't have both at the same time, there just is not enough memory on most mobile devices without the operating system closing the app for you.

    But the improved cockpit texture resolution came with the previous update and the decreased drawing distance came with this update. And with the previous version I didn’t experience any crashes.( besides those in London, which weren’t fixed yet)

    I had crashes in Manchester too, but they were solved with a previous update, so for me there really wasn’t any improvement.

    Sadly I don’t enjoy Aerofly anymore because of this. And as I really don’t see any performance improvements with this update, I would like to have the old drawing distance back. It looks even worse at cruising altitude as you can see in these pictures:

    I’d like to ask if anyone else experiences any performance improvements with this update, cause as I said there was no performance improvement for me.

    On iOS we divide all devices into 4 different device categories. For each category we have fixed quality settings. With Aerofly FS 2021 we saw that our category for the top performance was a little bit 'too much' so we had to reduce some things to avoid crashes. One of those changes was that we reduced the texture anisotropy setting that has a big influence.

    Thank you for your efforts in trying to resolve the crashes, but at least I didn’t experience any crashes besides those in London, which weren’t fixed with this update. I hope that there will be another way to resolve crashes, because this isn’t a good sacrifice in my opinion.

    A device released four years ago might be allocated less demanding graphics settings in updated Aerofly, there are no user graphics settings choices with the apple versions of this software.

    I have recently been noticing similar effects with my iPad pro 9.7 and in addition when really maxed out in the available settings, the throttle and rudder seem less able to respond at the same time. I can't complain with a 5 year old design in fact I'm surprised by how good it still is.

    The UK scenery seems more demanding than Florida even though it looks washed out and soft (a realistic weather simulation?).

    But before this update it was running smooth without blurry scenery. I don’t feel any improvement in performance with this update, so I don’t see why this was necessary.