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    Hi AF team, really great work on the new alpha beta, after some test flights on the new 320, I find some small bugs.

    one is about the A320 engine starts, it starts too quick in the simulator, about 9 seconds the engine become available. in the real plane it`s much longer than that. I really enjoy the sound of engine start, hope you could make it more longer.

    Thank you :)

    I made sure the engines turned on, the starter may be way too powerful at this time. We don't yet have a bleed air starter and it uses an electrical starter for now. I'll make it slower :)

    Good thing it's not the neo or IAE where it takes two minutes to start one engine IRL :D

    The engine startup is still not completed, so it’s better not to post a video on that. (at least at this point)

    I'm not saying anything wrong .. Silo said what if they could upload videos .. How does it affect you to ask that ?? I am free to ask what you want .. Also do not ask about the update I just suggested that you upload videos of the new update .. Better ignore what I ask .. It does not affect you at all .. Get to work better 🙄

    I’m also just a mobile user.

    We’re all happy that IPACS is releasing a new update, but we have to be patient.

    A question regarding the new update ... Why didn't they add the cool and dark on the 777? If it is a jet engine like the a320 or Learjet ?????? It is the best airplane in the simulator ...

    Could you answer why they didn't add cool and dark the 777 please thanks

    The l45 and the A320’s systems were already

    able to simulate the off state, the b777’s systems not. You can try to turn off the electrical systems on the b777, but nothing will happen.

    Please use the search function before you create a new thread, because this question was already answered here:

    We plan on releasing it for the Steam beta first. When that works without issues we plan on releasing it for the mobile version as well, yes.

    3) Push back: This needs to be done right. We want the push back truck to have it's own physics simulations so that it will be impossible to have the wheels pointing in one direction and have the truck moving in a different direction like you see in "other simulators". We also don't want to constantly teleport the aircraft during push back "like in other sims". The push back truck should obey all laws of physics while it is attached to the aircraft. We don't have it in the sim because we do not want to just hack this in and cause us a headache later on, we want to do this right. The system for loading physics and the push back truck model should also be able to load e.g. an aircraft carrier or other moving vehicles that you can land on, a glider winch, a tow plane, a fuel truck, etc. Combined all this will take less time to implement than hacking in each of these features. But we're still busy with other important features.

    One thing at a time but we'll get there. We're constantly thinking ahead to save us issues down the road which is why we don't usually jump at something just for the sake of having it a.s.a.p. We want new features to work well on all our platforms and to be usable in the future.

    Every user has his own wishlist and if everyone would double and triple post everything, the forum would be full of the same suggestions from the same people, which is unnecessary.

    You always have to consider that IPACS is a small team, which can’t work on so many planes at the same time.

    You already wrote your suggestions here:

    Hopefully the developers never forget the 737-800 it is an incredible airplane hopefully in the future they will be able to add it ... But if you want current airplanes here I have some suggestions ... The. 787 dreamliner would be fantastic .. The airbus 350 .. The airbus 321 neo .. The airbus 330 neo ... Embraer 195 E2 ... Bombardier CRJ1000 .. Atr 600

    The pc version and the mobile version share to over 90 % the same code, so you are able to that. But I’m not sure if you can set an altitude to each waypoint.

    It is evident that the pc version of aerofly is lagging far behind its competitors. There are very few users. Contrary to the mobile version. There are around 15 thousand downloads of the new aerofly 2020 .. We are talking about 15 times the number. of pc users .. Or it may be even more like 20 or 25 times more and the list keeps growing ... I in the aerofly facebook group uploaded a video landing the beautiful 777 and like 20 users bought aerofly instantly .. In the mobile version aerofly has no competition .. They handle incredible quality .. With some updates such as .. Engine shutdown .. Pushback .. Some new planes and new regions to fly .. We are talking about thousands of potential users to buy aerofly 2020 ... They should work more on the mobile version .. I think that there is really the market for this magnificent mobile simulator 👏✈️

    The mobile version shares up to over 90% of the code with the PC version, so if they develop a feature, then they should release it for both platforms.

    1. FSX doesn’t have as good frame rates as


    2. IPACS want do the pushback with realistic

    physics and not constantly teleporting the plane.

    3. They don’t want to rush things and break

    something else in the simulator.