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    THAT'S very easy. IRL as soon as you get the clearance the immediate items are: AP, autothrust, FD off and idle thrust.

    (Quite often you can even hear the AP disengage warning during the ATC transmission when the pilot non flying reads back the clearance for the visual :D

    Now you only have to visualize a 3deg glidepath and to intercept it so that you are established in the correct configuration with a stable power setting and a stable attitude at around 500ft.

    Takes quite a bit of practise to estimate the gear and flap extension correctly to keep idle thrust until the very last moment.

    Thanks, will give it a try!

    1.That's why 1 doesn't work without 2.

    3. Because it's good airmanship to crosscheck the planes calculations with your own.

    Furthermore if there's e.g. a long arrival route in the FMC and you expect ATC to offer you a shortcut, it's good to be already the correct altitude if you get the shortcut.

    Or, the icing on the cake for most of the time rather boring airline ops, is the ATC phrase: If you want I can offer you a visual approach :)

    Yeah, I would really love to see how to perform the A320 tutorial with a visual approach, besides the ILS landing. Maybe I'll give J van E a nudge ;)

    Look at it on the brightside. AF2 is being measured against the 'cream of of the crop'. And that's a compliment for the progress such a young sim has already made.

    We know in which area's the sim will develop further. A review pointing that out, in not so subtle way, wont change that.

    I had a look and it seems indeed there isn't a way to assign a key to this function. I myself mostly use the actual knobs etc. in the VC but if you like to assign a button to it, you are out of luck right now. The options to assign buttons are rather basic and certainly not usuable for all the new AP options we have now.

    Take note that the knob can also be pulled. Which also goes for the HDG and SPD knobs. Pulling (right click) puts you in manual mode (you decide how fast you will descend, what heading to fly, at what speed) while pushing those knobs puts you in managed mode (the Airbus computer takes care of all that). It isn't really a 'confirmation' button but more an 'activate' button. ;)

    Yeah I think they will add more mappings in the future, bad luck for now I guess. There's alot of unique mapping for each plane ofcourse. I do like the thought of using only the buttons on the sticks though, untill a VR kind of glove or Oculus Touch really takes off. It's really immersive, especially since I have given myself a little present in the form of a Thrustmaster T16000M. Very cool to actually fly with both hands (stick and throttle).

    Thanks for the extra tips! It sure feels mighty flying this thing. Now i'm trying to learn the 'unhappy' scenario's, for instance what if I have to do a go-around, or divert etc. Pretty challenging to set up the plan for a new landingattempt. So much fun :)

    (yeah I know there's a go-around setting ^^)

    Hmm.. I just pause the game, look up everything up I need (Runway, ILS, height etc. ) and then dial it in. Feels better to do it in realtime in my opinion.

    Because then the system gives feedback after each dial-in, and not after you dial in multiple things. How would you know what you did wrong then? :)

    Another additional question..

    I have almost mapped everything I need to control the airplane to my stick and throttle, without using too much mouse. But one thing doesn't 'work' I think: the 'altitude' confirmation button. When I click on the knob with the mouse the plane descends or acends, and the PFD shoes 'ALT' in blue. That's what's expected.

    But with all keys binded, I can turn the altitudeknob up or down (by binding buttons to the 'Selected Altitude' function), there seems to be no mapping available for confirming the new altitude? Maybe I'm wrong (like usual ;)), but I've binded all autopilot functions too check wether it would trigger the selected altitude, without succes.

    In short: is it correct that confirming the new altitude can only be done by click and not by keyboard/buttons?

    These are very nice words Taranakian!

    And I fully agree. Aerofly FS2 and IPACS is fully responsible for reviving my interest and love for flightsims. The last (fsx) I played is more then 10 years ago and I was actually really bad at it.

    This sim let's me playfully enjoy and learn at the same time. It's wonderfull.

    The back part of the knob is black and can be turned (mouse wheel or click on it) seperately from the altitude knob itself to switch from steps in 100 and 1000 ft. You probably accidently turned that black part of the knob at some time. ;) If you watch closely you will see a small white line pointing at either 100 or 1000 on the dashboard itself. 1000 is (obviously) used to make big changes and 100 for the smaller ones. Again, if you don't know this it is easy to accidentally make this switch while dialing in a new altitude!

    Awesome, thanks!

    I wouldn't recommend this as it may have a conflicting outcome.

    The only enhancements that could be used to accompany the 'render scale factor' setting is the AA settings in your GPU control panel, however in VR AA has little effect on the image rendering.


    I am still trying to find the perfect balance between the amount of RSF and the graphics settings though.

    Lowering building density, shadows and trees does seem to pay off for my mid range card in order to up the RSF. But probably thats also up personal preference. Clarity versus eyecandy.

    I currently run 1. 6 with high on textures, and low on density and shadows. In populated area's i need to go down in RSF, a bit too much stutter, despite reprojection.

    I do have little nuissance though. Not perse related to this tutorial flight, but happening to me since i am flying this aircraft alot now.

    Problem is, when I set the attitude during the preparation it let's me make changes in order of hunderds. IE: I can set 22500, or 5500. Once i am flying that's not possible anymore, and I can only change with thousends, IE: dialing the knob to 21000 or 6000.

    Am I doing something wrong, overlooking, or just a weird bug in my config?

    Interessantly btw, that SteamVR also has a supersampling function. In which you can even add additional supersampling. Curious to see if that does cripple a 1080 or 1080ti. 8)

    For instance when I run a simple game which ingame allows me to run 2.0 perfectly, when I then start adding additional SS from steam it enhances even more before soon going into cripppling mode. (read: extreme low fps)

    I have everything at Ultra and it works flawlessly in 2D and VR. No problems at all. And my PC stands on the attic where it can become real hot: never had any problems with heat.

    Nice! Won't be long for I'll jump the upgrade bandwagon then.

    Whats your cpu? I have a i5 3570k @4.2. Little worried it will bottleneck the 1080. But I have read here that VR/higher resolution is more of a burden on the GPU then CPU, just like AFS2. so thats positive.

    I don't fully agree. I have a GTX1060 6g and have the supersampling on 1.5. Nu problems there.

    If I put it on 1 things are just too fuzzy and pixelated. A 1080 should make it up to 2.0, with moderate shadows, buildings and trees.