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    In the real aircraft you have a much greater movement on the stick, it's probably at least 4 times longer

    Even when I set the sensibility of the cyclic axis of my X52 Pro HOTAS to the lowest possible value in the controller configuration settings, the cyclic in the virtual cockpit of the R22 moves much stronger than my physical joystick in the real world. It's like it "amplifies" my physical joystick movements. Wouldn't it be nice if we could use the sensitivity settings of the input device to compensate for different types of controllers, like short (normal) joysticks, and profi equipment like the "Puma" with cyclic controllers of much larger size ?

    I'm really experienced in Helicopter Simming on several platforms, but currently I'm struggling with the sensitivity of the R22 controls in Profi mode.

    Apart from that: Really a great Helicopter Sim. Thank you!

    Same problem here, also with Saitek x52 Pro. It may be coincidence, but I noticed this issue immediately after I've installed ORBX Monterey DLC. Since then every mouse movement triggers a "Button 33" event in the controller configuration screen of Aerofly 2. There is no "Button 33" in the game controller configuration window of Windows 10 when I move the mouse outside of Aerofly 2.