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    Hello Uwe,

    THANKS A LOT ! :)

    Link to "Create page file..." solved my problem too!

    Made a second "windows controlled" page file (swap file" on an other SSD.

    Reboot > and GeoConverter finished without problems!

    Usage of RAM and swap file are massiv.

    After 32 GB RAM was filled up to 99% both swap files grow up to 104 GB !!!

    Result of the new scenery >>>> GREAT!

    Have installed south west Germany overlapping switzerland DLC in the Bodensee area and i think DLC is much brighter and looks not so really against new scenery.


    Regards Ralf

    Hi again,

    Sorry found out what fills up RAM > Aerofly FS2 GeoConvert Version 1.2.5 !!!

    NOT GeoConvert Helper!

    Tried to make a test with limited CPU cores (8 of 12) > now crashes at "Percentage completed: 11,111%"!

    RAM shows 99% but FS2 GeoConvert goes down to about 250 MB before crash !?

    NO other task who fills up the RAM to 99%!

    Seems that FS2 GeoConvert does not clean up RAM while running !!??

    At first run it crashes at 3,888 %!

    See attached picture for details please.

    Regards Ralf.