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    Has anyone else noticed that on landing flare, FS2 aircraft can still generate lift well below the white line stall speed? I've been well below stall speed and still floating

    From my real life flying - I know sometimes ground effect may cause the stall speed to drop a knot or two but not the 10-12 knots below stall I've been seeing.

    Just curios if anyone else has seen this.....

    OK - I think I found it - instead of using the shortcut placed on my desktop during installation, I ran \\steam\steamapps\common\Aerofly FS 2 Flight Simulator\bin64\aerofly_fs_2.exe - it NOW runs at 60 FPS in all scenery, all planes, vsync with ultra graphics and no twitching in the MB-339. Not sure what the "old" desktop shortcut was doing, but the new one I created works.

    When I first purchased the sim, I was getting 60. It went down to 20 after purchasing NY and Switzerland. Where do I go from here?

    With vsync ON, I get 20. WIth it off, I get 24 (regardless of frame rate limits or low/med/high/ultra graphics setting - stays 24).

    I have an i7 with a GTX980 card. The ONLY aircraft that had this erratic behavior was the MB-339.

    Thanks for any help!

    Anyone have trouble with the MB-339 shaking in mid-flight like it just got "swatted"? It flies along and all of the sudden I'm on my side - I correct it and a few seconds later, I'm batted around again!

    Only seems to happen in New York and Colorado. Any ideas?

    Hi and yes I agree, the whole IP address and port number topic can be confusing.

    In each FSWidgets app supported by Aerofly FS 2 there are two settings, an IP address and a port number. The IP address must be set to the IP address that the simulator is running on. The port number number should be set to 58585. When you select "ON" in AF2 it will start listening and transmitting on that port number. When you "connect" the FSWidgets app, it will connect to the simulator and start receiving the data it needs.

    That did it for me! Change the ip & port settings on the FSWidgets APP (NOT FS2). Working fine now - thanks!