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    Hi Micha, thank you so much that you have created a new "toc file" for Graz Airport.

    Yes, it works wonderfully, apparently nothing is missing, even though the new "cul_8AC0_A640.toc" has only 7.19 MB and the old "cul_8AC0_A640.toc" = 157 MB. Where are the remaining 150 MB? Have only the pair of airport buildings made so much difference?

    Micha, could you please, explain to me how to remove the airport buildings from an existing "tsc file"?

    Because I'm using your wonderful cultivation "Level 7 Area 8800_A600 South-East Bavaria", which reaches deep into Austria (thanks for that) and contains some Austrian airports and airfields.

    At the moment LOW_Salzburg is affected. Later I want to create the other airfields with FSCloudPort.

    That's why it would be an immense relief for me, if I knew how that works.

    Thank you once again for having so much patience for my questions.

    "Some airfield buildings of Oldars LOWG and of your Cultivation get in each other's way, but right now I will live with it until I know how to sort them out."

    Yes, I wrote a Tool to remove these objects from the cultivation file. It is on I will check this evening to get the airport to remove the items.…tivation-object-excluder/

    Hello Micha,

    Thank you. You are my hero!


    Hello Micha,

    Many thanks for your great "Graz_Cultivation". You gave me a huge great pleasure.

    That's how it looks on and around the Graz airport now (see screenshots).

    Here I still have LOWG-Graz from Oldar on FSCloudPort (Thanks to @ Oldar and @ Spit40, also a great job).

    Some airfield buildings of Oldars LOWG and of your Cultivation get in each other's way, but right now I will live with it until I know how to sort them out.

    Thank you again and enjoy your traveling.

    Regards, Jakob

    Jak61 Well, Jakob, I can provide you with cultivation for Graz. Only not this Weekend because I am traveling.

    Wow Micha,

    You are the greatest for me!

    Many, many thanks for your offer, to help me with cultivation for Graz.

    Is it very rude if I have an additional request to you?
    Would you make a complete AFS2-Grid Square (7 or 9) around Graz, as you did for your "South Bavaria-Germany" and "North-East Bavaria-Germany"?

    I want to accomplish that later AFS2-Grid Square, which I make, have no conflicts.

    Thank you again and I wish you a good journey!

    Best regards, Jakob.

    @ flightxtreme, Hello Micha.

    Thank you for giving so much effort to give me such a detailed answer.

    I am also currently working on an Austria Scenery for my own needs.
    Unfortunately, I'm not that experienced yet. It is just enough for me to be able to download image data and create AFS2-scenery from it.

    But editing the imagery before converting or cultivation, my skills are not enough for that yet. Here I have a lot to learn.

    Last time I tried for Graz -airport (Austria) and environment to make the cultivation, unfortunately I failed miserably, because scenProc is constantly criticizing a mistake that I do not find.

    That's why your information and approach are very usefull for me. Thanks again.

    -What is the name of the wonderfully modeled airfield on the screenshots of your posts # 23 and # 27? And is the airfield anywhere to buy?

    This is original Grenchen Swiss DLC.

    Ha, haaa, shame on me. I own the Swiss DLC for two years and have never been to Grenchen.

    Best regards, Jakob.


    Thank you for sharing your pictures and information with us on your big project "Let's do Niederbayern".

    While looking at your (especially) last screenshots, a couple of questions have come up with me. I would be glad if you could answer that.

    -What source data do you use, Google or Bing?

    -What level do you use in "FSET" or "AeroScenery" when downloading the image data, 0.5 m / Px, 1 m / Pix?

    -What level for AFS2, Level 9, 10, 11 .... 15?

    -Do you edit your Images (PhotoShop) before using GeoConvert?

    -Did you rework the water "Bodensee / Lake Constance" (to see on your shot: Friedrichshafen?

    -How do you design the transition at the border of Germany and the IPACS Switzerland?

    -What is the name of the wonderfully modeled airfield on the screenshots of your posts # 23 and # 27? And is the airfield anywhere to buy?

    Thanks again. It is unimaginable how much work and time are involved in such a project. I wish you much pleasure in the further design of your project.

    Best regards


    Thank you so very much, Nick!

    I have now removed AeroScenery 0.5 and will upgrade to 0.6.

    "GeoConvert does compress images quite a bit, there is some loss of quality"
    Thanks for the explanation. But the stitched images are all very sharp.

    "Could it be that you have duplicate / overlapping cultivation? Does it look as you expect if you remove the cultivation file?"
    No, that's the only one cultivation file there.
    No, if I remove the cultivation file, it looks just as blurry and washed out.

    But you might be right with the poor quality of Bing or Google source images.
    I will test with the AeroScenery 0.6 elsewhere and report here.

    Thanks Nick for your effort and for the AeroScenery tool. I like it very much.


    Why do my GeoConvert-generated sceneries have shimmering surfaces?

    Hi all,
    I need your help.
    I created some sceneries and wanted to find out about how different programs work.

    I have to admit that, I have created few sceneries and I'm still inexperienced.

    For this scenery I used AeroScenery 0.5 Beta (thank you @ nickhod).

    My settings in AeroScenery:
    -Level 9 - Large (one Grid Square selekted)
    -Select Google or Bing as the image source
    -Image detail (Zoom Level) 17 (1.194 meters pixel); output levels 9, 11, 12 &13.
    -Write Image With Mask = No
    -"Chose Actions To Run"
    -Download Image Tiles
    -Stitch Image Tiles

    --AeroScenery does its job, then..

    -Deselect "Download Image Tiles" and "Stitch Image Tiles" and select "Generate AID / TMC Files" and "Run Geoconvert"

    In my opinion, AeroScenery and GeoConvert works perfectly. The stitched images look very sharp.
    But why is the result in AFS2 so out of focus, and have so shimmering surfaces? It looks like a transparent foil, plastic film would be over it.

    What am I doing wrong?

    To illustrate, here are two shots:

    @ flightxtreme, Hello Micha,

    Many thanks for your great work. Here you have done a fantastic job.

    I have also downloaded and installed your "first package_". I'm excited.

    Especially because it also contains parts of Austria with a lot of cultivation and airfields.

    I started with the "AeroScenery" from "nickhod" (thank you nickhod) from Salzburg direction Innsbruck along the German / Austrian border to GeoConvert. In zoom level 17; ASF2 levels 9 + 11 + 12 + 13 + 14. It looks very good.
    My goal: to create Austria in this Resolution.

    Next step: Review the first package and find a solution for friends of ORBX Innsbruck,

    But after the German Nationals in Power Aerobatics. I need to pack my bags.

    Yes, I also have LOWI-Innsbruck from ORBX and, of course, problems with cultivation. So I will wait until you have found a solution "for friends of ORBX Innsbruck".

    Thank you
    Regards, Jacob

    Hello Ray,

    Thank you for your offer to help me. I'm sorry, for health reasons I could not be in this forum for a few days.

    But I see here it has done so much positive and many of my questions that I had, answered in this thread as well.

    I see, because of this knowledge, I can start my project now.
    If I have questions, I will ask for help here.

    Many thanks:)


    Hello Ray,

    thank you for your contribution and the beautiful pictures you have set here.

    Also I would like to create in my country (Austria) a couple of scenery and airfields for my own use.

    I know Austria very well from my real flights and this country is not shown in Aerofly FS 2 and probably nothing will be released in the foreseeable future.

    Thanks to "FSCloudPort" ( Spit40 and Oldar, thanks gentlemen), who has created 4 main airports of Austria, you could already fly in Austria. If a suitable scenery and cultivation would be there.
    I would like to be able to create that. In addition, since I mainly like low and slow VFR flights, I would like to create the smaller, beautifully located airfields and cultivate them all around.

    Yes, with this post you have encouraged me and others who want to beautify their familiar environment in FS2.

    We could use this thread to start a completely new project (scenery + airport + cultivation) under your guidance.

    Anyone who wants to participate and learn what tools are needed and how they are used. If there are questions, we can put them here, everyone can benefit from the answers given.

    I just started to make my first steps with the "Aero Scenery" (thanks nickhod) and create sceney around the airports. Let's see how far I get.

    I would be grateful to you and to everyone else who helps us to learn step by step to start our own projects.

    Regards, Jakob.

    Hi Jakob,

    No need to do it manually, there is a tool to do batch conversions of many .inf to .tfw and Geoconvert create automatically .aid file from .tfw file. -> inf2tfwConverter

    Look at tutorial here on the wiki:….php/sdk:scenery_creation

    Thank you vogel69,

    for the hint and the link. I will read the document about "Scenery Creation" even more closely.

    My problem is not creating scenery in one piece, I can handle it.
    My problem is, when I insert an adjoining scenery, black lines or black areas appear between the two surfaces. That is my problem and I do not have a solution yet.


    AeroScenery works on the size of AFS grid squares for ease of use.

    Currently you can select level 9 squares, which is around 40km . The next version, 0.5, will allow smaller tiles to be selected for getting very detailed images of airports for instance.

    You can select as many of these tiles as you like for one "run" though, so as big an area as you need.

    Thank you Nichod,

    AeroScenery is getting better and better. I'm looking forward to the future possibilities of this tool.


    No, unfortunately not. I save an "aero" file of metadata with each tile AeroScenery downloads or creates. It needs those to process things.

    An 80 x 80km area shouldn't take too long to re-download with AeroScenery if you have a reasonable internet connection, even at zoom level 18.

    Thank you Nichod for the quick answer.

    I understood why my project with "AeroScenery" can not work.
    But it sounds promising to be able to download a larger area in a short time. I'll try that and report on the success here.

    How big can an area in one piece (I mean in km x km) selected in "AeroScenery" be downloaded and converted?

    Thank you


    Why not simply geoconverting them? You just open the INF files (with Notepad or Notepadd++), you copy and paste the needed values into your AID files, you edit the TMC accordingly and launch...



    Thank you Antoine for the quick answer.

    At that time I had tried to convert several smaller areas (about 30x40 km around the airfields) with "GeoConvertHelper" and then add adjoining areas to it. Unfortunately there were always black areas in between. I did not like that, that's why I stopped it.

    As you describe it sounds simple, but I still do not know myself.
    I have a large number of "Area_L * .bmp files". Editing all "INF files" by hand will certainly take a long time.

    That's why I thought "AeroScenery" could help me.


    Hi Nichod, thank you very much for your great tool and thank you for the many efforts.

    I just downloaded it but have not used it yet.
    I have a question about that:

    Can I use AeroScenery to create AFS2 scenery from files I used to download with FSET?

    That means I downloaded half a year ago with FSET, "Area_L * .bmp-files" from FSEarth (area about 80x80 km), but not edited with "Geoconvert".
    I now have these files in a folder on an external hard drive.

    If I could handle these files with "AeroScenery", how should I proceed?

    Thanks for an answer.

    Regards, Jakob.