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    Oldar, Bill,

    I see you were faster with your answer!

    I can imagine what you are describing very well, because I have had it in every plane!

    As written, a reinstall of the Nvidia driver helped me a lot!

    Even if you write you have the latest driver, try it with a new installation of the driver. Maybe it hangs somewhere!


    Oldar, Bill

    Thank you very much, you hit it pretty well!

    Yes, I am from Austria (Vienna) and my native language is German.

    I hope you write about whether the new Nvidia driver helped.



    Until 5 days ago, I had the same problems in VR as you describe them.

    At first I thought it was a problem with Oculus Rift. The completely new-setup of Rift did not help. Yes, that makes you crazy if you have not otherwise made any changes to your computer or software.

    Then I remembered that Windows10 did an update the day before, when shutting down the computer!

    So I made a computer diagnosis with "dxdiag" and noticed that Win10 changed my graphic drivers!

    I downloaded and installed the latest graphics driver (v.38.831, from 11/14/2017) for my graphics card (GTX 108 Ti) from Nvidia

    and all problems were solved. No stuttering, no circle of boiling scenery! I am happy!

    The only thing I have since the last update of AeroflyFS2 (actually since Colorado update) is that ground textures are more washed out in some areas than they were before, and even displaying with less definition. Unfortunately, I do not know why! Otherwise I am very satisfied with AeroflyFS2, especially in VR!

    I'm sorry for my bad English, but I hope I could describe my problems understandably.

    And I wish you much success with your new Computer!


    IPACS, many thanks for the updatest!

    Buecker Jungmeister is a great plane, brings a lot of new fun and is breathtaking in VR with my oculus rift.

    Also thanks for that, we can use the DR400 again in the Sim.



    Thank you very much Ipacs-team!

    Amazing work and looks great in VR with my Rift.


    I know it's no help for you, but I do not have this black building issues you mentioned!