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    Unfortunately that is how we have it set up for now.

    Now I have done some testing in FSX and Aerofly, I have both LOWI and KMRY in the 2 sims.

    Aerofly certainly runs smoother but FSX looks great because of various vegetation and Orbx HD trees.

    So the scenery in Aerofly can compete as soon as I set the trees to "Ultra".

    But I cannot run most of the stock scenery with this setting.

    Perhaps it's necessary to separate this or assign a fixed average value to the stock scenery and leave the

    setting in the graphics menu to the addon scenery. I say this because in my opinion the high quality

    payware scenery will be as important here as for the other sims. There is no way out.

    Is there any way to shut of the spelling automatic here? It's crazy.... :):S

    Hi all,

    this here is for Jan I think.

    1. Will you please do a very detailed tutorial for the King Air, according to the design of the panel and monitors and AP.

    It's a nice model and I think it's worth it. I can fly it but I am not so shure about all details built in.

    2. Will you please delete this outside sound "drei" from the Cessna? It doesn't make any sense and is absolute annoying. ||

    You can hear it every 20 seconds or so when in the outside view and average rpm.



    Monterey, and innsbruck show that the trees can be controlled, but it remains to be seen if that can be done on a truly wide scale.

    The trees are placed by the scenery designer, yes. And it's a problem that if I reduce the amount of trees

    in the graphic settings I can manage the missplaced trees in the stock scenery a bit, but I also get less trees in those sceneries.



    This is a nice idea.

    What I like:

    1. The performance. I am a longtime FSX user and in FSX this is sometimes hard to achieve. Here it works by itself.

    2. The planes are really great, all of them. These virtuell cockpits which are absolutely free of any flicker and so.

    3. Loading times and handling very good as well and the stability.

    And my special like goes to the team for the new free Colorado scenery. This is great.

    What I would like to have:

    1. In FSX of course I can also download pr scenery using FSET and run it, but without autogen. This would take ages.

    As this scenery is the native scenery of Aerofly, I want to have it with all the cultivation including buildings, trees and so everywhere.

    And therefore, as a first step, I want the trees in their places. They don't cause problems with the performance, so as

    soon as they are in place, I can run it on high or very high, looks very good.

    2. Some improvements of the water textures somewhere in the stock scenery and in the North East DLC.

    Ok, there is no animated water, but sometimes these reflections and other stuff in the images are a bit uggly.

    3. For the planes: Another modern small GA aircraft (what about a Piper?) and simulated mixture for the engines.

    Happy flying


    Hi all,

    there are still a lot of missplaced trees in the California and also in the Colorado scenery.

    Some streets and big highways and also buildings are filled with trees. Any news on this topic?

    It's always nice to fly in the sim but that bothers me a bit.



    Hi all,

    so this is very good what you say because it already works. Thank you all.

    And there are a few different possibilities to do it. I'll try this out. :)

    Happy flying


    As far as I have seen on the flyinside website they don't say it's based on ESP.

    There will be some modules to use the fsx/p3d aircraft (if this really works).

    At this moment I have no need to import my fsx aircraft to Aerofly, because the stock aircraft is really great.

    Yes I agree with you on Orbx, let's hope no news is good news, they are the ones that can bring a Sim to life, I can only fly so much of USA and Europe, some of it is beautiful but I still long to be able to fly my own part of the world which apart from a couple of dedicated local developers is sadly lacking scenery in these latest sims, I downloaded FSW the other day just to check it out, went to Wellington airport here in the capital of New Zealand and yeah just as I thought, sad man, I wouldn't even bother putting that kind of scenery into a Sim, it's rediculous, saying they have global scenery? Yeah right 😎

    fsw has a global scenery because it covers the whole world, but the scenery is very basic without many details or realism.

    So far in fsw they very strongly focus on missions, achievements, tasks to do, flightschool and so.

    The scenery seems to be not the most important.

    And for Aerofly I agree with Jan. It will be better to improve the existing areas before adding new ones.

    I have complete photoscenery in fsx for the whole us westcoast, with watermasks but without autogen.

    Getting my first information about Aerofly I thought "this is great, they have California with all the buildings and vegetation".

    But now I've seen that this is not really finished, it's only done for some places.

    And I agree that at this moment only Orbx could do it. Innsbruck is the perfection of photoscenery, all sceneries

    by Jarrad Marshall and others are based on areal images and are exactly projected. But it's too much work for very large areas.

    If we all get the tools to place a lot more objects in the stock scenery, as it is announced, this will be a big step forward.



    Hi all,

    meanwhile I've created my Aerofly user scenery folder somewhere on my harddrives other than c:\users\documents.

    But as we go on downloading or creating scenery, it may be useful to seperate the scenery files.

    My Aerofly\scenery\images folder currently is 115 gig and if I start using FSET for some larger areas it will be the same very soon.

    I think it may work like this: The user defines his own folder as it is now. But the sim than doesn't look for

    a scenery folder in it, but looks for all subfolders containing a scenery folder.

    In this case the tree would be like this:



    puerto rico\scenery and so on.

    It would be possible to activate and deactivate scenery by simply copying it's folder into the userfolder or cutting it out.

    And, most important: We have the images and stuff for each scenery seperated.

    Happy flying


    For the future, after all the work of the reinstall is done, it would be best to make an image of all relevant ssd/hd

    using a recovery tool such as Paragon. It's free for home users.

    You can update or renew this image after a certain period and if you run into problems,

    simply restore the image and the pc is exactly as it was at the date of the image.




    That's better for me as well. Being in the scottish highlands right now and writing on mobile device.

    Hi Rodeo,

    it works now. I can use my old downloads for FSX where I only have the image and the AreaFSInfo_LP1xxxx.inf.

    Paste the numbers from the inf file to the tfw and tmc file and than run geoconvert instead of resample.exe.

    So hopefully we will have the object catalogue and generic objects

    within this year and than we are lucky. :)

    How can I place some of the generic trees which are spread all over the scenery in Aerofly in my little sceneries?

    Happy flying


    Or just use the in game option in the graphics settings... It's in the resolution selection, just press left or right and you will see "windowed mode" as an option. No need to manually edit any files.

    Oh oh, didn't see this. This solution is, of course, preferable.

    But anyway, it works very well in windowed mode. I like it.



    Hi all,

    perhaps this is useful for somebody:

    I've found that Aerofly FS2 runs very well in windowed mode. You can even fold it down, let it fly and surf in the net.

    And there are no issues with the graphics when I unfold it on my machine. It just pops up. ^^

    To stop the full screen mode simply change the entry at the top of the main.mcf in c:\users\documents\aerofly fs2

    from "true" to "false".

    Happy flying