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    Hi all,

    my scenery only has the size of a stamp in the upper left corner.

    I took a 1m aerial image I've downloaded years ago with FSET. I have the image and the AeraFSInfo_xxxx.inf.

    Now I did the xxx.tfw using the inft2tfw-tool. And in the tutorial for the xxx.tmc I've read that the dimension

    of the complete scenery must be in here from NW to SE corner. But it's only 1 image.

    So I took the corresponding LonLat for both corners from the inf file and inserted it to the xxx.tmc.

    It's decimal anyway. The geoconvert.exe produces some small ttc files, but in the sim the result is as above.

    I did levels from 9-14 from the same image.


    Thank you, meanwhile I've tried to built a xxx.tfw manually and I also installed Java to a VM,

    so I can now use the tool now, it works.

    But I have more problems, I'll do a new thread.

    Happy flying


    I think that should work, yes. Just bank the aircraft to a reasonable bank attitude and engage the autopilot. It should use ATT (attitude hold) in pitch and roll.

    Or use hdg and keep the heading bug turning. You can also assign it to buttons or key commands. When ever the plane wants to level out, hold the button for 10s or so.

    Jan, it's a good idea to assign the hdg to a button, I didn't think about that. I usually do not assign ap functions.

    Thank you.

    AFAIK that's not possible IRL. In most cases you need a lateral function to be active first to be able to have a vertical function as well.

    E.g. on the A320 you can fly LNAV without VNAV but not the other way round.

    IRL=in real life? I am afraid in real life it's not usual to view the scenery from outside,

    but I like do do this in the sims. ^^

    Ok, it won't work , this was understood. No problem, I will fly without AP in this case.

    Thank you Jan. At this moment I use the Cessna and the Beech Baron. Please see above statement.

    And happy flying


    The Cessna and the Beech Baron. I didn't explain what I want, this is correct. ;)

    I want to do the heading with the joystick while the ap holds the altitude.

    This is very practically when observing a scenery from outside.

    Hi all,

    in the SDK I found this tool and I have to run it first on my imagefolder.

    It wants the Java Runtime but I do not. I will not install Java.

    Is there no other possibility to run this tool?


    Hi all,

    is there a command built in to display the framerates?

    And for the autopilot: is it possible to shut off the level function without activating hdg or nav?

    Cannot find this.


    It always requires courage to ask them that sort of question. They get cranky when asked about the future. I look forward to how they answer you!

    "They get cranky" sounds very well. :S

    I think one of the biggest problems of such a big addon supplier is that every single day a lot of people want them

    to create something they don't have yet.

    Nevertheless I am very sure that Orbx will create their own stile to cover larger areas with great scenery in Aerofly FS2.

    And they will migrate more of the existing sceneries. If they can migrate LOWI they can also migrate KPSP or KAVX.

    But this all will take some time. Or some more.


    Hi again Rodeo,

    this is exactly what we need. The better this works the more fun we will have

    and even more working scenery we will get.

    During next months I will first learn how to do the photoscenery, because now I know

    that we will be able to extend it very much.


    Are we / will we be able to migrate our existing ORBX scenery over to FS2 at any stage?

    They have plans to migrate some of their scenery to Aerofly FS2, I don't know which one.

    But this is of course what they did with KCGX and LOWI.

    And they talk about Aerofly FS2 as a new platform for Orbx products. This can be found on the website.

    And than, if you already own these products for FSX or P3d, you can buy it again for Aerofly with a 40 % discount.

    They call this a "cross-platform discount". For me it's ok.

    So I've already announced at Orbx that I am interested in buying all my California Orbx HD airports

    for Aerofly FS2 again. I think these sceneries on top of the stock photoscenery would be great.

    So far I didn't hear anything regarding this.

    Happy flying


    They have released an update for Meigs and Innsbruck because of the shimmering buildings.

    I don't have this problem at Meigs anymore. The update is available via FTX Central.

    So far I didn't hear about a release date for the big update with all the buildings.

    Hi Rodeo,

    this is great and of course it must not work the same way as the autogen system. The autogen annotation in msfs is very difficult

    because it's no wysiwyg. And than you go to your scenery and, surprise, this is not what I wanted....

    Because of this I think it's important, that the scenery designer can identify the objects he is working on visually.

    If there are only names or numbers it's a bit painful.

    Of course I enjoy Aerofly FS 2 very much. It's already a very good sim in this early access stage. :)

    Happy flying


    Hi all,

    in the SDK I can find how to make the photoscenery, how to create an airport, how to import an object from a modeling program.

    But I cannot find anything similar to the msfs autogen. A house in this autogen for example is only a description of walls and a roof

    and it has a texture of course. And than it can be annotated to the scenery file using the annotator program.

    So if I want to populate my wonderful new photoscenery with a large number of simple houses and various simple vegetation,

    how can I do this?

    Happy flying and creating :huh:


    Thank you very much for your answers. I will have to check some of my aircraft in FSX regarding sound.

    Can I please have some information about the mixture adjustment in the B58?

    I cannot find a position to assign a key for it and there is no mouse activity over the lever.

    Hi all,

    now I have Aerofly FS2 and it runs very well. I am a longtime FSX user and this here is really interesting regarding performance. Not even all the buildings in New York have any impact on the

    performance. This is not what we have in FSX....and I will certainly follow this project and try to support it if possible.

    And because of this I have a few remarks of what I've noticed so far:

    - The screen on my machine is very bright. I have other programs running and cannot adjust the monitor so much. I've worked around this and it runs, but I have the following suggestion:

    To add a simple little panel where we can adjust brightness, bloom and saturation so that everybody can adjust his screen. This exists in other programs and works well.

    It may even help a bit against this shimmering of the buildings, because I think this is influenced by too much brightness as well.

    - The color of the photoscenery in the stock scenery, the North East DLC and Switzerland DLC varies a lot. Perhaps it would be useful to add a "Master Image" as a reference to the SDK.

    - I also have the trees everywhere, on the roads and buildings and also in the water. But I haven't seen any floating trees.

    - In the settings I cannot assign a key to adjust the mixture of the piston engines. Is this not implemented yet?

    - The Beech Baron on my system does not alter the sound according to the throttle adjustment. This is not good to fly because I cannot hear what I do.

    - My Cessna has a wrong pitch trim indicator. I have to trim the nose much more down until it's at the "A" of "Take off" before takeoff, otherwise it goes up like a rocket.

    And very minor but a bit annoying: A sound in the outside view where a voice always says "drei" in the background.

    This is not to be understood as urgent criticism, I only want to report what I have noticed.

    And my special congratulations go to Ipacs for these wonderful aircraft models with zero impact on framerates. Great job done!

    Happy flying :)


    My PC is a FX 8350, 16 GB RAM, GTX 660 2GB, 5 TB storage. I will do my signature later.