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    When I go to Location, click on an airport, click the runway to start from. Aerofly goes back to the main screen. I have version not sure if this is the current update.


    I have entered reil_uni and just uni into the highlighted string below, the REIL's don't show up. Everything else works fine. Am I missing something?

    <[tmvector2d][endpoint1][-118.5930160 46.9748984]>
    <[tmvector2d][endpoint2][-118.5814744 46.9787899]>
    <[tmvector2d][threshold1][-118.5930160 46.9748984]>
    <[tmvector2d][threshold2][-118.5814744 46.9787899]>
    <[string8] [appltsys1][std]>
    <[string8] [appltsys2][std]>
    <[string8] [papi1][none]>
    <[string8] [papi2][none]>
         <[string8] [reil1][reil_uni]>
    <[string8] [reil2][reil_uni]>



    I created U62-Mckay airport in Idaho. Somehow I accidently made two runways with the same headings, when it uploaded to FSCloudport there's a warning on the download page about the runways, I removed one of the runways, but the warning still shows up, is there way to delete the airport and start over.



    I will try your solution, and fix the runway heading. The original post was from Deer Park, will fix that too.


    I know the first adjusts the rate of flashing, what do the other three do?


    <[vector3_float64][position][-117.3165500 47.6861269 0]>

    <[vector3_float32][color][0.1 0.1 0.9]>


    <[vector4_float32][flashing][0 0 0 0]>




    On almost every airport that has photo scenery, there is a white square, one edge is floating off the ground. If I go over it, it’s like going over a speed bump, go to fast the landing gear on the C172 breaks.

    FSET 1M, Geo-Converted Levels 9-11-12.

    How do I take a snapshot in Aerofly so it can be posted?


    Keep us posted on how you get on with this Ed. I am wanting to move all my geoconverted stuff out of the C drive too.

    - Kenneth

    Kenneth go into Documents, Aerofly FS 2, open main.mcf Find this Line: <[string8] [extra_user_folder] [g:/Aerofly Scenery]>

    Change the drive letter to drive you want the scenery on, add Aerofly Scenery folder to the drive. Transfer your scenery over to the new drive.

    I can’t remember if I had to add the line.