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    Thanks for the replies.

    I am aware of a change to the helicopter coding by IPACS and this is probably the issue as I received an update from Steam yesterday and thats when the problems started. What confuses me is the Lynx uses the same rotor parameters and it works fine. Master Obi jan is looking into the matter for me. Don't we all just love coding X/

    Once this is sorted I only need to add a MASE pod to the Royal Paint model and fine tune the handling ( little more than fine tune ;)) and she's good to go. Still need a manual and paintkit but they will be done pretty soon and released at the same time

    Thanks again


    Hi Guys

    Just uploaded update 5 as I need some help...... CAUTION..... it may not work, which is why I need your help

    I have been putting together a second livery for the Apache and all was going well but I am now unable to get it to work in FS2, it just freezes on load. This is also the same for any of the Apache updates. Pressing Esc will take you back to the main menu so all ok there. I would be grateful if someone could see if they experience the same error. If not then this would eliminate the Apache and I then need to look elsewhere for my error.…try/1046-apache-update-5/

    Many thanks


    Hi Krzysk

    Thanks for the tip, I had assigned the glass tag but it never occurred to me to add the exterior tag too. I thought simply adding glass and adjusting the specular etc would make it shinny. Quite why glass would need to know why its outside or inside is beyond is glass

    So, problem SOLVED.. add both glass and exterior tags

    Many thanks


    Hi Matt

    Yep I am getting it as well, it's on the list, think its the damper values as it very soft. Modelling finished and textures getting there (specular etc) and will then bash on with the TMD, still need to fix the HUD bug too.

    Trying to also Implement an automatic stabilator system and stick position trim. Since the last update I've added some dummy missiles and an empty rocket pods ( need to keep within the guidelines). Also remodelled the side pods after the guys at Helisimmer noted they were too long and added the data sensor on the rotor head


    In the code above I used the taxi light button assignment to operate the BarAlt function on the Lynx. The taxi light joystick assignment in the FS2 controls setup page will use the message Controls.Lighting.Taxi ( I believe this is hard coded into the sim). As the Lynx doesn't have a taxi light I used this hard coded message to drive my BarAlt function so users wouldn't have to look inside the cockpit to operate the button. Helis have a habit of going off on their own when your looking inside all the time.

    The InputEnable line reads the output from the AFCSASEEngage ( which has a lot of interlinks) , if its 1 then the BarAlt output get passed on else it returns a zero. Of course the BarAlt output also triggers much more coding further down the pipeline.

    Controls.Lighting.Beacon was used in a similar fashion for the heading hold



    Short answer is no you can't do what you want to. I have been asking for user defined buttons etc for some time but no luck yet. As a cockpit builder myself I would like to see Airmanager support and access to all the buttons, switches etc, similar to DCS. Can't be too hard he said knowing zero about how it would be done ;)

    The controls entry identifies a point in 3d space where a certain action/command is activated when you roll the mouse wheel or click a mouse button. In this case is sends an instruction to the NavigationDisplayPilot to change the Range. There is a identical instruction in the aircraft TMD and this is where all the magic happens, and normally it's quite a lot of stuff, most of it beyond the grasp of us mere mortals :/. Though with determination and stubbornness it does become quite a bit easier.

    There are ways to make some commands for a joystick but they can only be what IPACS has already supplied in the settings menu. In the case of my Lynx and Apache, I 'borrow' the landing light, beacon light and taxi light commands to operate some of my custom stuff but the choice is very limited


    Hi all

    Just posted latest update, 2 helicopters in one, flying from the front seat is really different than the back. Approach view is very limited from the back, but vis is great…try/1043-apache-update-4/

    Modelling is complete though I may add missiles for the release version. The guys at IPACS are not keen on weapons so I have to paint the noses blue and call them 'long pointy cameras'

    Color texture maps complete, I think. Still work to do on bump, ambient, specular, reflection, illumination, light...guess that all but the color.

    Most, if not all switches, knobs etc and systems work, also doors, guns, sights etc.. Best just play with things to see how it all fits together.

    To get heading hold, height hold to work bind button on your joystick to

    Hover ....Taxi light

    Heading ..Beacon light

    Trim......Landing light

    A note on trim. In the Apache its move the stick to where you want it then press the trim to hold the stick in that position. FS2 doesn't have this as yet so this one is may work sometimes

    If you see anything thats obviously wrong please do let me know and I'll fix it.

    Some stats

    Polygons 410,000, give or take a few

    Texture maps 90

    Individual objects 950

    Animated objects about 700

    Lines of code in aircraft tmd 20,933

    Lines of code in controls tmd 7,387

    Sound files 12 at the moment

    Systems programmed. Electrics, fuel, rotors, engines, hydraulics, apu, plus a few others

    Still to program, Engine chop, navigation (if I can)

    Still to produce, manual and paintkit

    Hours worked ... an effing lot :rolleyes:

    Next update should be the release version, hopefully.


    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the input, it would seem I'm no expert either. Although the definition of an expert is, ex ( a has been) 's'pert a drip under pressure ;)

    I have tried using the info from the pic above, added glass shader, even tried canopy shader but still no change. Guess back to square one and re do the material from scratch.

    I did how ever add 2 pilots and omitted the reflection attribute, both pilots were that shiny they looked like something from the Terminator movies.

    I am wondering if it's the fact the windows are pretty much flat and therefore don't reflect much to the eye when you look at them as there are no curves to give it away. I guess that's what the original designers intended but it's the opposite I'm after.

    Back to housework :rolleyes:


    I am unable to make the Apache windows shiny, so me thinks I am missing something.

    Followed DR400 settings but things are still matte. Tried Kai's Vorlagen pic from years ago but still matt

    Any designers out there that can help

    Ok, off to do the housework now =O


    Reminds me of my days building RC and some weird stuff, I got bored with the run of the mill stuff so I experimented

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    Lynx, SU and "Warbird" were all mine. Lynx was a TRex 450

    Music was nothing to do with me..=O

    Hi Heli fans

    Just posted update 3 for the Apache. Unzip to a temp folder and then copy the Apache folder to your user aircraft directory…ntry/1041-ah64a-update-3/

    Have included cold (still more switches to return to cold), ready for engine start, takeoff, landing and inflight (not checked the last 2 yet so your on your own). When in cold setting the engines will ONLY start if you have either the external power on or the battery on with the APU started. No manual as yet so just play with the switches. APU is on the right side panels at the bottom, 2 annuns tell you its state, plus rectifiers come on line etc

    Sounds are being worked on so bear with me on them. Lots more modelling and texturing...will it never end.=O

    More TMD work also, things like auto and manual stabilator, throttle chop, flight controls etc. plus more things I have not thought about yet. Trim may be having a dicky fit as I added another control to it and I may have upset it. Manual/auto stab will need to fed into this as well so it's on my list.

    It looks ok in VR but I appear to have lost my VR legs so will have to build them up before I can go flying.

    I have a list of jobs and corrections longer than your arm, but there is light at the end of the's just so far away :rolleyes:


    PS, I do ask myself why I do these updates, well it's to show just how much work and time these things take, so next time we ask for this and that aircraft please give some thought for the poor designer and the months and months of work