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    Now this is a mega community effort! Very well done boys. I am thoroughly enjoying all the hard work you all put in from textures to cultivation, airports, statics, 3D objects, and much more. The little details each team member added is noticeable everywhere and the scope of the landscape is much more than one might expect. Not too long ago, in real life, I spent time in the Canaveral area and at Kennedy Space Center - you sure have brought it to life in sim. The Apollo 50 theme and stories have made it all the more enjoyable. This is payware type stuff you guys put together for us to enjoy and I send my hearty congrats on a job well done.

    I have really been enjoying the Lukla scenery. :) In particular the hand-edited custom terrain that is so well done! I just love landing on the slopped runways with all their bumps and lumps. The plane just comes to life on these surfaces and it is SO much better than just landing on a flat runway with no personality and "feel" to it. To me this is more enjoyable than some of those simulated bump effect add-ons in other sims. Big thanks to the developer for the labor of love shown on this project.

    This is a fantastic service pack! Really enjoying it. Some of the things that broke the immersion in the original have been sorted and many really nice updates have been included. Go tie downs and chocks! Thanks to all who worked on this to bring such quality to FS2 in a 3rd party aircraft and for their continued support of the Aerofly platform. :thumbup:

    I too would love to see the sound engine reworked at which time it fits in the development schedule.

    What is present now is functional with overall good sound samples. But, without a true 3D positional stereo sound image and the ability to balance engine/cockpit/ATC/enviromental audio to our liking, those of us with more discerning ears, who love this aspect of flight sims, will need to be content with what we have.

    neucoas there are other threads that have discussed this topic that might be to your interest if you do a quick search. There is also a 3rd party sound sample package that I use that is pretty good, just dont recall what it was. Anyone recall?

    Thanks to IPACS however for these small occassional sound updates like the wind noise or gear sounds as those are noticed and appreciated!

    Jeff, as you endeavor to improve on this work, might I request adding a few sailboat models whose sails are deployed. I didn't come across any in my perusal of the demo areas just sailboats with mast and stays only.

    Personally I would like to see sailboats actually sailing not just motoring. I would think this would improve the perceived movement of the vessels as well. Just a little request from a fan of the work to date.

    Not that it is any consolation to those anxiously waiting for this release, but isn't it typical for Orbx products to show up on Steam at least a week or more after release on Orbx direct? At least this seems to be the pattern with other products they have released. I would think it will be the same with service packs.

    A few threads on this forum and on Orbx forums have led to the recommendation to buy from Orbx direct and not on Steam if you want the most current releases sooner.

    There may still be issues but i'm enjoying a flight around Rotterdam and Industrial Harbor and it seems to me this is a real nice improvement. Might be me but I never noticed all the nighttime light improvements including flashing towers, traffic lights and some nice night textures on ships and cranes! The greenhouses are substantial and the lighthouses are really fun to try and track down. I am just glad they did all this work and are staying true to the commitment to keep AFS2 in the development circle!

    This is some great news indeed! Jeff, you hinted a while back you were beginning to investigate animated traffic so this is heartening to hear you have made headway. No doubt a wonderful addition to the Aerofly experience so thanks for your efforts already.

    If I am correct, it appears you will be laying traffic over photoreal roads, which though currently lower res than those fake roads of other sims, to me it is preferred in the long run as, in my opinion, it will just get better as the quality and resolution of photo real improves in the future.

    I too have noticed the "bulk cultivation load stutter" as I would call it and I rarely use any user made scenery. If I have time I too will try and see if it is more or less prominent in different DLC's. But from experience, and following the thread here, some hardware load timing like GPU upload of 3d objects, as described by admin, just sounds right given my hardware is pretty solid as well.

    The "professional flight model" vs. "easy flight model" option is a myth. The flight model is always the same...

    Interesting to learn: then why use the term "profi" mode - doesn't this exacerbate a misconception?

    If you stick with "profi" I suspect you will continue to have many confused users moving forward. I am pretty confident most logically would assume activating "profi" mode gives a different flight model, not an "assissted" one as you clearly explained. Why not call it "flight assist" or something more accurate to what it really is or at least have popup text appear when you hover over the "profi" option to explain what it actually does? (Especially true if other planes may get the same treatment in the future)

    Just my 2 cents

    You could drag the slider under 'Conditions/Time' if you want to fine tune it even further but the default T/Shift-T already gives you quite a lot of control over time.

    Thanks Jeff. Appreciate the response and suggested alternative.

    10min increments is not quite "enough control" in my view though, and jumping out of sim to adjust conditions/time settings in the control panel breaks immersion; plus I can't see the visual effect of the changes in real-time doing it that way.

    Maybe my opinion is not shared by others though. I was prompted to ask as I find the system in X-Plane very user friendly as it allows you to, in flight, dial in exactly what you want. What is nice about the 10min intervals in Aerofly is that you can go from day to night in a timely way.

    Just speaking from an end-user viewpoint.

    Dear IPACS,

    Would you please consider improving the options available for changing time of day? Currently when we use the Keyboard-Shortcut (T or Shift-T) we only get time changes in 10min increments earlier or later. I would like to be able to have another command available that would allow time to be adjusted in smaller increments like minutes or less. (up to the key binding set by the user but I would use ALT-T or ALT-SHIFT-T to change time in small steps)

    It may seem like a small deal but I often find myself not able to dial in just the right time of day for that "perfect screenshot" or to establish just the view I want for my approach.

    I know there are bigger fish to fry on the to-do-list, but if you would add this small request to the list I, for one, would appreciate it :)