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    Nice to see Sanaan released - Congrats! I truly appreciate and thank Sylvain for his endeavors.

    I find myself hesitant to use this over the default as I agree with TomB that the surrounding buildings have lost some of their quaint Swiss feel and 3D detail, especially the rooftop/dimensional features - that alone is a big deal for me. Also, the slopping runway is not there in this release and I really liked that and enjoyed bouncing my way in for a landing - I think it should have been included. Despite some obvious missing features and defects, the default still has a lot going for it. Kudos to IPACS for the quality of their work initially, it was really well done and shows the quality of the default world they are building.

    This airport project got me wondering a bit about the stated Orbx cultivation project to cover all of Switzerland in cultivation. Should the buildings in that product end up being simple boxes with region specific textures like what we see here, I am not so sure I would install that, despite nice accurate placement. 3D objects for the sake of 3D objects can look cheesy - to me this would not necessarily be a step forward other than to say "yeah buildings". I am hoping for continued evolution of the quality of cultivated buildings in AFS2 - I see that as an area where AFS2 could leap ahead of other sims without loss of performance. Perhaps IPACS is involved and we will see an upgrade in xref objects (whatever the library is called) or maybe building footprints will become more complex with say TrueEarth Netherlands for AFS2........then again maybe I am looking for too much given the current evolution of our sim.

    Another suggestion is to try a “clean” install of your video card drivers. I had this happen once in fsx and it was a conflict in different driver versions; a simple update of the driver didn’t do it as it didn’t actually clear the NVidia user settings thoroughly. “Clean” install thoroughly removes old files and settings.

    Sure seems like a tipping point is on the mind for many of us. My take is with a critical few new updates from IPACS, Orbx dropping big AFS2 titles that outperform other platforms, and a couple of 3rd party or in-house aircraft adds will draw in the users and spur on other creators; who doesn’t want to show off their work on the smoothest Sim out there and realize it in full VR.

    I can’t imagine the work it takes to develop all of what we discuss on these forums. My hope is the business end stays manageable so our friends at IPACS can continue to put their love into enhancing and filling out the next generation sim that Aerofly already is.

    Thanks to the community and devs though, My limited free time is well enjoyed in the Aerofly world. I agree 3rd party involvement is a sign of longevity and market presence so needs to be cultivated. Just wanted to thank the many of you who are elsewhere on forums encouraging and promoting AFS2. :thumbup:

    I only fly VR so I hope there's a VR option for ATC that is 100% audio / voice-command based with no on-screen text.

    I’d like the option to turn on/off text to suit a users interest.

    Voice recognition tech has come so far in just the past two years it’s hard to imagine this wouldn’t be In the planning. Then again, as kenventions intimates, perhaps a v1.0 ATC may well just be a foundation to build from - I hope IPACS doesn’t feel obligated to create the end-all-be-all of ATC out of the gate.

    Agreed that AI traffic, with selectable amounts thereof, is a common feature and the ability to independently adjust GA vs Airliner traffic, such as FSX allows, is a plus. I hope the AFS2 interface accommodates at least some minimal customization options.

    Folks, I was hoping we could keep this related to strictly ATC. Let’s not confuse this with other wants as IPACS has clearly indicated ATC is the feature they are working on, so please keep your other agenda items elsewhere so this thread can be more helpful and likely to be read by devs. Thanks


    Since your plans regarding development of ATC remains cloaked in secrecy ;) I was hoping to create a post where users could discuss some preferred aspects of the interface portion of ATC. I would be interested in hearing what current capabilities/features exist that folks deem essential to a well designed system. Not the pie in the sky stuff, the stuff that has been done by other developers that is worth noting. Perhaps this could serve the devs well as they cross check their progress vs user expectation - especially if development will remain undisclosed.

    I myself have limited real world experience with ATC and honestly have not tried many of the fancy systems available beyond the major simulators out there. But, I would like to start the conversation with highlighting two simple concepts from the old standard FSX ATC interface that I still find to be very effective.

    1) A simple transparent ATC text window. FSX allows viewing of terrain beyond and uses less obtrusive text blocks than some other ATC interfaces which my look nice but are effectually a hinderance to immersion.

    2) Actual text of ATC dialogue can be displayed. I would like this functionality to be available as I find it super helpful to those novices who are learning and want/need to review what was just spoken.

    Regards, Jeremy

    TrueEarth PNW refers to a remake of Orbx Blue Pacific Northwest the award winning scenery region that set the bar a number of years ago for flight sim addons. I think more add-on airports by Orbx exist for this region than any other and the Orbx plan hints that they intend to port/update some of those airports over to AFS2 in due time - perhaps a considerable number. Many consider it one of the most evolved and diverse areas to fly, so I like, J van E am so looking forward to this.

    J van E, with respect, please refrain from knocking Aerofly scenery until it's had a few birthdays, I think what is available is enjoyed by many. ;) I venture an educated guess that one catalyst that encouraged Orbx devs to develop TrueEarth in the first place was when they got their hands on Aerofly and saw what was being produced.

    Regarding AA - running in 4k really does reduce the need for AA (not entirely but it is much better for me) I know many don't run that resolution so it is kind of a mute point. I do recall a few posts a while back that IPACS was experimenting with some AA of their own, so perhaps we will see that in-sim at some point.

    I assume you have tried your GPU anti-aliasing settings? I had crystal clear cultivation and 3d objects the other day when I cranked up my GPU anti-aliasing, but then performance really suffered as my 1060 was not up to the task at 4k - even in this taxed state AFS2 still ran smoother than I ever could get my other sims.


    Thanks for the update and insights into the status of various projects. My appreciation to you, the other developers, and our community contributors for all that Aerofly is today, it is a joy to fly. The quality of what has been produced is outstanding. I just closed out after a flight in the Lear landing at JFK. Taxing to gate with the sun setting both in sim and outside really helped take me away after quite a long work week.

    I would like to suggest you seek out some in our community who you think are good at making Aerofly videos. Perhaps someone would be willing to produce an updated promotional video. The one on steam has been around for a while and while acceptable doesn't quite show the current evolution of the product. There are many active FSX:SE users out there who will, overtime, be transitioning to a new sim.

    Keep up the good work and extend a thanks to IPACS et al for welcoming, and responding to, user input - it's hard to be successful, or enjoy the fruits of your labor if you work in a bubble.


    WHAT! This is outstanding visuals and a nice surprise preview! What a cool place to fly. Thanks Sasa for your innovation and efforts to expand Aerofly FS2 - if I am correct you work with Aerosoft and recently did the Helgoland port which is quite enjoyable.

    IPACS is a great bunch of developers and with a few innovators in the 3rd party market supporting the project levels of quality we have only dreamed of in the past is coming to fruition.

    Just enjoying a fantastic new repaint by @GACSavannah and low and behold I found a flight sim nugget hidden in the hills. The bold "R" was so conspicuous I thought it had to be a joke.....some developer gag perhaps? No, the "R" is actually a real thing - one of the great college gags of all-time dating back to 1913!

    Location: en-route to Big Bear Airport (L35) - hills east of San Bernandino, California. US

    34.183519, -117.105087

    Could it be the largest collegiate insignia in the world?…aditions/the-r/

    Excellent work Aaron, thanks so much for your efforts to improve the AFS2 experience for all of us!

    I think IPACS would be wise to expedite development of a sophisticated sound system for AFS2. It sure seems to be an area where there is room to make a technological leap and standout against the competition. Proliferation of VR headsets means the aural experience is subject to closer scrutiny, quite literally. In my opinion, the audio engines of flight sims are still stuck in the 90’s; at the very least the 3D sound field immersion lags far behind the visual innovations we are seeing of late. In media school they teach the importance of quality audio as being paramount to an audiences acceptance of any visual footage regardless of whether it be an intentionally grainy horror film, an IMAX nature featurette, or a live streaming broadcast.

    I'm afraid of the big data downloads. It is a pity that there are no other solutions!

    I would be too.....but Aerofly doesn't really benefit from an SSD like other sims. I run on a fast machine with a good GPU and SSD system drive, but enjoy my Steam install of Aerofly on a standard HDD with lots of terabytes of space --- easily Ultra settings in AFS2......thus, solution found for me. Do I get a scenery load skip now and then? Maybe, but the darn thing is so smooth I never notice it. I am one who optimistically believes IPACS when they say they have lots of headroom to add in features such as ATC and Weather with little impact on performance. -- so, in reference to this thread....bring it on Orbx!

    jpreou - welcome to the forums!

    I have Saitek gear and most are indeed quite usable in Aerofly.

    1) Trim, Pedals and Yoke function fully, no concerns there. (I don't have TPM, but data is similar to a throttle control so my guess is thumbs up there)

    2) The Radio & Switch Panel have been really good, but like with any sim, some aircraft simply don't interact if they are missing the capability or function.

    3) Flight Information Panels - I have one, doesn't work in Aerofly. This may or may not be rectified anytime soon (I suggest you don't make a decision based on these - meaning, it would be shame to not try AFS2 due to no current FIPS support and, don't hold your breath for implementation anytime soon) Many users really would like to see this working so I read of continued requests by community members about this, but there are loads of other projects for IPACS to focus on.

    As of this date I think we are in those months/year(s) where the status of 3rd party work is just taking shape. Obviously scenery is taking steps with Orbx, Aerosoft, DLC and SDK user creations, but things like Aircraft, Weather, Plugins, Hardware, etc, still needs to be worked out by IPACS at the core sim level.

    Those coming to Aerofly from different sims have to be ready to accept the youthful properties of this sim compared to others. The missing pieces will arrive and the record shows they will be of very, very high quality - since I have owned the software, the Q400, Massive free DLC, and Orbx have all come along, which to me, triples the value of my original purchase. Meanwhile get ready to "oo and ah" at the huge step forward Aerofly is. Smoothness, terrain distance, quick loads, and ease of use is why I spend so much time in the IPACS virtual skies.

    I just used FS Widgets in VR, worked perfectly using OpenVRDesktopPortal. Created a flight plan too with Quickplan and followed it.

    Interesting to hear of this option, thanks for sharing @RagingBeard, you may have given me an excuse to waste away some time playing with this tomorrow.

    I think the OP was referring to direct Aerofly integration, so I think Jeff answered that well from an IPACS perspective.

    Using the rift controllers is nice, but.... the only feedback you get is visual. And as we both know it's impossible to get force feed back from the rift controllers.

    Fred, something may still not be fully functioning for you. My Occulus Rift touch controllers do indeed provide haptic vibration feedback in Aerofly, not just visual hands. I think I saw a thread on the forums discussing the matter and other users who initially had problems but resolved it. Sorry, I didn’t yet find the thread to link for you - may have been on Steam discussion post.

    Unfortunately, no. (Unless you take your goggles on/off to view briefly in 2d). Down the line I am betting we will see some implementation of IPACS interactive items like electronic flight bags, a virtual iPad, or 3rd party adds like FSWidgets to appear in VR, but that is probably not likely in the near future. My guess is those items are midway down an extensive list of features/improvements that we can hope will come to Aerofly over time.

    For now, fans of AFS2 can contribute by spreading a good word about what is already a highly enjoyable product and by buying DLC/add-ons. A growing customer base and revenue stream should help keep those updates coming.