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    So yesterday we had a lot of wind and heavy rain in my area. I just opened the blinds, cracked the window a bit, adjusted some wind sheer settings in game, and joyfully flew the 172 around the New York DLC in my preferred sim AFS2. Though my poor attempt at weather implementation doesn’t meet IPACS standards and sim vets everywhere may scoff at my methods as lacking the sophistication to adjust cloud layers or simulate pitot icing but heck, I still had a blast and am really appreciative of the many wonderful attributes In the sim as she is.

    Keep up the good work IPACS and community contributors. Remember, the greatest pleasures are often in the steps of the journey not necessarily at the destination; it’s the reason many of us faithfully follow these forums.

    I am excited about upcoming features like VR touch, yet we should fully anticipate some bozo to overlook the milestone and complain because their own hands are not accurately modeled - then again somewhere down the line this ‘complaint’ might actually be something that spurs the next innovation.


    Just curious in regards to building density settings, especially in lieu of your comment above. When I began as a newbie on AFS2 I initially thought the building density was a no brainer - I would adjust it to change the "numbers of cultivation buildings" just like I had done in other sims for Autogen Density. What I have come to find out, if I am not mistaken, is that this is not what the setting does. One post I recall indicated that Building density affects the detail of textures used on the buildings, so a higher setting would give you a more detailed building. Another example is this thread regarding the visibility of the "copilot" in external view at low settings.

    I do question the rationale behind using the term "building density" in the settings menu - this strikes me as a bit misleading, especially given the love/hate relationship many of us bring from esp based sims where density was the most dramatic setting there was in regards to performance as it greatly affected the amount of 3D objects.

    Many have said they like the streamlined, less cumbersome settings menu, others lament the lack of control over detailed settings in Aerofly. I assume this too will evolve as the sim matures and is intentionally kept uncluttered. Yet, if my comments from above are accurate, I would like to give a user suggestion for IPACS to consider slightly different terminology in the menu, add some "hover text" describing what each setting does, or add (info) buttons that link directly to the WIKI that can describe the settings in more detail ---- this leads me to the WIKI which I note is devoid of detailed info on what the graphics settings actually do. Did I read somewhere that a facelift for the user interface is slowly being worked on behind the scenes or am I just imagining that?

    I'd rather spend time flying in a sim that just performs as expected and where you don't really need adjustments cause everything just works; the IPACS motus operandi.

    Springbok 777 - info for scenery installation is often found on the main downloads page for the file.

    Here is what you need

    * Extract the downloaded ZIP file

    * Place the folder inside of 'IMAGES' (komk_omak) into your 'Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\images' folder

    * Place the folder inside of 'PLACES' (wa) into your 'Documents\Aerofly FS 2\scenery\places' folder

    * Read the enclosed PDF for information about this package

    I think Ray is right. If I understand Jeff correctly, given his similar posts elsewhere, the added content (that currently is Steam only to date) will, for the DVD edition, be distributed directly through Aerosoft. This doesn’t appear far off and would be another positive development showing IPACS is setting a solid foundation for production distribution and cooperative associations.

    My hope is that this method will serve to deepen Aerosoft’s commitment to the product as well. A notable presence on their website may entice some of the more entrenched users of other sims to experience what many of us have found to be so appealing about Aerofly.

    Switzerland in Aerofly is just a joy to fly!

    This would be a great program to use.

    I tried to set it up via the broadcast features of Aerofly but it didn't work - most likely because Aerofly does not use the SIMCONNECT protocols that are required for Little NavMap. Perhaps some communication with Alex the developer of Little NavMap may prove useful - looks like he developed a little plugin for X-plane so likewise a solution for Aerofly might not be too far fetched to look into; wouldn't we only need LAT/LON positioning to begin with as we don't have AI yet.

    Then again, you probably would have to also have FSX/XP/or P3D already installed on the same machine since Little NavMap must gather database information - so getting this program working may be a bigger deal than I think.

    Hi all, before I post on the Orbx forum I wanted to know if anyone else is seeing performance issues with Orbx Monterey (KMRY); perhaps due to Service Pack 1, perhaps not.

    What? Stutter/unstable frames that come and goes over much of the airfield, particularly the eastern end (GA strip 28R near the Navy Flying Club Building). The very shaky graphical frames are evident mostly on the ground but even airborne when flying over. Sure seems as if something in the scenery is compromising the Aerofly engine. People flow? Specific objects? not sure what would cause this? Additionally, I see floating grass all over the place and floating buildings just over the eastern ridge of the airfield.

    In 2D, for reasons beyond this post, I prefer VsyncOn where I usually get rock solid 60fps anywhere I fly in Aerofly - however, at KMRY airfield it actually jumps over the lock and bounces from 60-70fps - this, I suspect, then causes dropped frames as it is out of sync, something I cannot recall occurring anywhere else in the sim. I did try Framelimit OFF, 240, 120, and a whole range of in-sim settings - regardless of what I chose it continued, just not as abrupt. I don't see the issue elsewhere in the scenery, just on/over the airport.

    In VR, I notice the same stutters but the overall steady 90fps makes it less noticeable, however if I spend time zipping around on the ground they became more noticeable. I'm running @4.3ghz OC with a 1060 with render @1.0 default. I also uninstalled/reinstalled the Southern CA High Res DLC to test if that was the conflict - that did not rectify anything,

    Figured if some of you brave souls here are willing to check the area out for me, in 2D, I would be appreciative - if you have no problems (after the most recent 1.1 update to KMRY) then I will continue trying to troubleshoot my own rig. If enough do then I will report to Orbx as a fix would likely be on their end.


    My guess is that HiFlyer is referring to the endless duplication of cultivation (autogen) buildings that appear as just a bunch of boxes everywhere and pass as houses. I love the dimension that 3D objects give but the repetitive nature of houses and trees in both shape and color does tend to conflict with the realism we get from the stunning photoreal sceneries underneath.

    I agree with HiFlyer that 3D houses/buildings matching the footprint and general coloring of what lies underneath would be of great improvement for our virtual world - if you haven't done so, check out this video - 3D google maps; this is a taste of things we may yet get to experience in the not too distant future.

    I think IPACS has brought us a very high quality default world, we must not forget that as I for one am spoiled by decades of add-on development in other sims. Customized ORBX airport areas and current DLC are too be commended for what they give us in variety (especially where hand modeled/placed), yet my hope is that the object library and way cultivation objects are compiled does get revision moving forward.

    I am keeping an eye out for previews of Orbx Netherlands and PNW to see how they deal with the rectangles and squares.

    Okay, so here is a weird one I ran into regarding this topic.

    Perhaps FSWidgets or admin may find it worthy to include in their Wiki/Support (or coding).

    For some reason I just couldn't get FSWidgets demo (PC) to connect (I am considering purchasing)

    My IP address has some numbers that are in single and double digits (ie. 14). Aerofly requires 3-digit IP numbers to be included - so (14) is (014). However, FSWidgets would not work if I used the same (014) I had to write it purely as (14).


    AF2 ( = FSWidgets ( = not connecting

    AF2 ( = FSWidgets ( = connecting

    This may not be an issue for the full version of the program or for mobile devices. Anyway, now that I have it all sorted I wanted to say that I really love the implementation IPACS and FSWidgets have done here, my big thank you to both companies.....gonna get me a widget so I can continue to fidget in the skies! :thumbup:

    KJKsimmer, I found the Price -vs- performance balance for Oculus Rift to be a good starting unit for me in AFS2.

    My Oculus is comfortable, for the most part, and though not nearly as crisp as my 4K 2D big screen, it does still immerse me in the experience, albeit in a different way. I accept some screen door filtering and difficult to read gauges as part of the 'ways things are for now', so instead I focus on other more fabulous things to fixate on like the thrill of cresting a mountain precipice!

    With the upgrade to the Vive's resolution announced we are moving ahead nicely and it is nice to see. I am unlikely to buy anything else however (maybe for another year or so until things settle a bit). My 1060 gpu would likely need an upgrade to handle VR in higher resolution and keep Aerofly smooth as butter at ULTRA......then again, there is always room for a new toy in the toy box :P

    ps. If you are going to use this with FlyInside and FSX/P3D, not just Aerofly, you may be best off sticking with current hardware and not jumping too soon to cutting edge tech. Higher resolution comes at significant cost to system resouces. I myself would be concerned about any impact of a high resolution headset on the ubiquitous stuttering/scenery popping/blurries issues of ESP based sims. In VR, I find those problems noticeably more apparent and difficult to tolerate.

    Wow! What fun is this :) I haven't crashed this many times since the early days of flight sim when I only had a glitchy keyboard and a wonky mouse. You all have to download this and give it a try. My thanks to mapicted for the great work and contribution to the community!

    This is gonna take me quite a while to get through.....with my record, so far, of not even making it a few tubes, I recon I will never get my PPL, lol. My first thought after passing the start gate, was geez, those tubes aren't THAT small......well you try it and see for yourself and you will appreciate the forgiving nature of open airspace a lot more in the future.

    Perhaps IPACS will figure out a way to give developers an easier way to set "respawn" points in scenery like this. I know mapicted was looking for a better solution to this to no avail as I agree restarting a couple thousand feet AGL after each of my multiple crashes was a bit of a pain and time consuming to reset my approach.

    I really like the colorful graphics and assortment of challenges that had me really engaged in survival! This is a fantastic little add-on to show off the capabilities of Aerofly - would be a great one for BelGeode to post a video of and grab the attention of some of the more action oriented simmers out there.

    Only problem I had was that the last 'tube' in the set had the positioning off and was rendered through one of the monuments so I was not able to fly through as terrain obstructed the passage; this would be a recommended fix for any future update.

    Thanks again for sharing your creation mapicted!

    Very cool! I had a ball flying around this area.....always wanted to visit :)

    Thanks for all the time and energy you devoted to this project Jeff - it is a clearly a labor of love so know that you have many who will experience and appreciate your work.

    Besides adding another area for us to explore I think it successfully meets the criteria, as you intend, for a good demo of what is possible using scenery creation tools. I hope this encourages others to take the plunge and contribute to a growing download library.

    :thumbup:ps. The inclusion of a few lighted maritime aids to navigation is something I truly appreciate! For me it adds a noticeable highlight and sense of realism that many developers just overlook. Don't know if you have the capability to adjust flashing rate of the aforementioned lights, but you may keep this link available ( if you are ever doing maritime lights again. I find it a great free resource for accurate marine charting and marker lighting. Zoom in to your chosen area. You may even find it helpful as you experiment with solutions for water given the bathymetric data available.

    Bravo, Jeremy

    Very good, thanks for the response and follow-up info guys. In the meantime, I may try playing around with control.tmd files as suggested - regardless, thanks for the work to date; somewhere down the line I may be surprised to find it has been included in an update/download somewhere ;).

    Is there currently functionality to hide/show the yoke on applicable aircraft?

    I suspect not at present, so if this is the case I would like to request this be considered for inclusion in a list of future enhancements. Better visibility of instruments/switches (particularly in 2D) as well as the realism when using a hardware yoke is my primary reason for request. I ponder if this is similar programming as would be needed for the addition of wheel chocks/engine bay panels/pitot covers/opening doors/windows etc so I understand it may be a long time coming or perhaps best left to 3rd party developers for now; nonetheless I thought I would ask.