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    Mustang60348 Microsoft said, that you have to use the azure cloud for streaming the scenery, otherwise you have to own a PC with 2 petabytes of memory.

    That's doesn't mean they are going to charge you a month fee to play the game. e.g. When you download patches for AFS2, IPACS doesn't charge you a month fee.

    Your response seems to say that you will need an azure account, that simply is not true, THEY are using azure to stream the data.

    MSFS will never never never never running in VR with a Performance like FS2!

    And ALL what you have seen from MSF 2020 is a little little Video part!!!! Nothing else!

    Maybe, this little area has MS finalized - but the complete world? NEVER in 10 years!

    You have no idea how wrong you are about this. Some people have seen MORE THAN A LITTLE VIDEO. Also some of us are early adopters of another sim that is updating their VR to near AFS2 level of beauty and detail because they switched to Vulcan, and this is with early betas. AND this will with a full populated world with traffic, etc etc.

    Do you think IPACS will maintain the smooth VR performance when they add ATC, when they add more maps, when they add air traffic, add ship traffic, add cars, airport traffic. NO they won't. How much it goes down remains to be seen but it will go down.

    Merry Christmas to you too. Next year will be very creative indeed :)

    Haven't you been saying that for the last couple of years "Next year will see big stuff" and here we are on the 20th of Dec 2019 and still no real news about any of the promised big features but oh, we did get to pay someone (3rd party) for ATC that should be in the game from the devs by now. I was here in the beginning, I did tutorials , released a high res airport etc, but got very disillusioned because once again another dev has made big promises but has failed to live up to them, instead has chosen to develop version for other systems with the money paid by US, the PC users. Here is my prediction for these big features that are "COMING", they will be DLC, iow, pay us more money for features we said would be in the original game.

    We have all been waiting for a long time for these and many other features, the devs have gone very silent on even when some of the basic stuff is coming. We are only assured that it is coming. Things like ATC, traffic etc would make the sim come alive, right now to be very honest it is just a great scenery display program.

    For sure what Jeff said! Thank you Rodeo.

    I think I am missing something here, probably something dumb. I have tried 3 times now. I get the TOC file fine, I have edited the TSC, made sure all the textures are in the right place, and I am still not getting any buildings or lights at night. Can someone take a look at these and see what I messed up?


    Filename is incorrect.

    It should be MAP.TOC not MAP.TOC.TXT

    Where do the 3d buildings come from when you generate cultivation data. The reason I am asking is because there are a TON of 'free' buildings in sketchup that perhaps could be used as 3d buildings in our cultivation files.

    Hey Mustang,

    I notice your Greenwood scenery has "Greenwood" display when you activate landmarks in AF2. Was this landmark listing already in the sim, or did you figure out a crafty new way to add it? And if you did, how?

    - Kenneth

    It must have been in there OR it did something automatically.

    We can't share photoimagery due to copyright (except USGS imagery). However in another thread an IPACS developer mentioned the idea of us sharing the files needed to automatically download/generate the aerial images. I'm hoping we can eventually do this along with sharing cultivation, though cultivation itself still has some way to go as the developers have kept saying. Early stages, but great progress.

    Have a look at what I did with my CYZX 14 Wing Greenwood airport. I saved the FSET.ini file and the PartialFSEarthTiles.ini files and uploaded them with my airport. This has allowed people to 'easily' create the underlying ground textures themselves. Based on feedback, this seems to work quite well.

    Thanks for the compliments

    The buildings were done by me from Hires Photos I have of most if not all the buildings here. It is fairly easy to do manually when you have good photos. THe aurora I believe came from Sketchup and was converted. (I did a video tutorial on how to do that)

    I only generate 13, 14. Perhaps I am doing it wrong myself but I get good results very quickly.

    Excellent scenery!. Just finished to geoconvert the area of the airport and the views are gorgeus!. Congrats!.

    One minor thing to report: the tower height is currently set to an altitude lower than the airport altitude (lower than 29m). I've changed the tower height to 50m in the .tsc file and now the tower view works Ok here. I don't know if changing the tower height to auto-true will also work (not tested).

    Thanks for sharing your great scenery.

    Cheers, Ed

    Thanks, looking at Tower height now. I will fix it for next release.