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    Thanks Jan,

    I did try that before I deleted the gc-map.mcf file (I did not want to go through setting up on my controls again) but I will go ahead and try that again to make sure. Just out of interest are there control settings that are automatically set? I have a HOTAS setup and have a separate throttle control that I naturally use that as my throttle. However it is my axis control on my joystick that would normally be used for a throttle that I have set for my prop control. When I move the prop control it moves my throttle however if I move my throttle control it does not move the prop. Everything however does look correct on the control settings page.


    I just wanted to add that I deleted my gc-map.mcf in documents\Aerofly FS2 folder last night and re-configured all my controller functions. I then went for a spin in the King Air C90 and my prop control was still linked to my throttle and my parking brake control also set the flaps. I am also having trouble setting both the move forward and move back controls (1 will set but not the other). May be other things but I just went for a quick spin.

    Just tried the update and it is fantastic in OpenGL. Thanks for your hard work.

    Vulkan gives me the SteamVR message "Aerofly FS2 unresponsive". I can see Aerofly FS2 properly on my desktop but not in my VR headset (it just loads a SteamVR menu screen that shows the 3 little bars working to try and load the application).

    I have downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers myself and installed (just did that a few hours ago).

    Vive Headset, GTX 1080, i7 6770, Windows 10, 16GB RAM. All software up to date.

    As of a few days ago all my controllers were working perfectly. Post yesterdays patch I have no brakes in any of the aircraft (tried the 172, 737, Buecker) even though they are recognized in the Controls settings, planes are all veering to the right and planes are speeding on the ground even though throttle is at idle. I checked everything in the settings controls panel and all the controllers are showing as functioning correctly. I just stopped the sim after that and did not check anything else. Are these known problems with the patch and are they being resolved? Thanks for your help.


    I found your post interesting given that you both have the Rift and the Vive and you are finding the Rift performing much better. I currently have the Vive and am getting good results but I have considered getting the Rift also. So just out of interest, and given that the game only goes up to SS 2.0, do you set the SS value in the Oculus software (outside of AeroFly FS2) to a value greater than 2.0? If so, what are your results and how high can you go (also, what do you leave the in-game setting at if you do that?). Thanks.

    I have been using the Vive since the beginning and get perfectly smooth performance at SS 1.7 everywhere I fly including Chicago, Innsbruck, NYC etc. I would encourage more testing with the Vive just as a good development practice but performance has been very solid (matter a fact recently it has seemed better than ever and I have moved SS to 2.0 on a number of occasions).

    I agree with the comments above and would add that the "sound" of the plane seems to be of a higher quality than most - something I value greatly. Hope this continues.