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    Yes. So...? If you don't want to fly straight into a mountain you will have to edit the plan: AFS2 only creates a very basic plan from A to an automated FAF and B. (Unfortunately you cannot change that automated FAF so if that one is also in a mountain, which may happen, you have to manually steer the plane around it.)

    Thanks for the reply J, I thought the game gives you reliable flight plans .. any websites/softwares give real flight plans so I can use them ingame?

    Hey everbody!

    New flight simmer in the forum, I've always loved flight sims since Microsoft Flight Simulator launched when I was a kid, then I saw & bought Aerofly FS 2 on steam which also supports VR (A big selling point for me)! What I love about this game is it makes flying much more easier and enjoyable comparing to other flight sims, not to mention the great sceneries as well! I thought about several game changing features that should be included in the future (Im 100% sure other people here told the devs about):

    Sceneries & Airports:

    • Middle East hubs (Dubai, Doha & Bahrain)
    • European hubs (Germany, UK & France)
    • Asian Hubs (Hong Kong, South Korea & Japan)

    This will give us more destinations and flight routes

    Aircrafts & Skins:

    • A380
    • A330
    • Boeing 777
    • 787 Dreamliner
    • Qatar airways, Emirates, Ettihad, JAL, Cathy Pacific & KLM skins


    • Light rain
    • Heavy rain
    • Fog
    • Snow
    • Blizzards
    • Sand storms (never seen this in any flight sim, would be cool to see this in some areas)
    • Live weather for all areas

    ATC & Multiplayer:

    • Online ATC
    • Offline ATC
    • Multiplayer support (flying in Aerofly FS2 sometimes feels lonely because your flying alone with nothing moving around)
    • AI Airplanes

    Training materials & Tutorials:

    • Better in-game training school for different aircrafts
    • More detailed tutorials and tips with screenshots in the wiki page (the previous A320 tutorial page really helped a lot .. didnt know how to fly an A320 before reading it)

    Hope you guys consider these features for the future :)

    Here is a video I recorded in 3440x1440 resulotion (21:9 ultra-wide monitor) with stats and fps counter, the game works flawlessly but some pages in the menu need better alignment

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    Many thanks to the devs!