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    The Florida Keys??
    Where can I get this?

    All I am finding is that one small downloads page with an airport here and there, or a ship; is there another download page tucked away somewhere for full scenery like the Fl Keys please?☺

    Just to save Jeff time.

    He has been creating the Florida Keys scenery as a personal project and will share it on here with all of us once it's complete.

    The downloads page you have seen and DLC's shared on Steam are the main areas where you will see new scenery/aircraft be added, unless another member shares a project with you before it's been uploaded.

    You can quite easily create your own scenery using the GeoConvert tool and tutorials can be found on the IPACS wiki pages & YouTube videos.

    Haha Taranakian - I'll let you know in a few years if I'm getting the same gifts!

    Well what can I say, the lesson was amazing!

    The instructor was brilliant and has been flying for around 37 years, so was able to answer a lot of questions.

    Of course, in many ways, it was totally different to VR and flight simming generally, with the biggest difference to me being the sense of gravity and the feeling in your stomach as you push and pull on the yoke.

    One thing I will say, is that sim experience definitely made a major difference. The biggest one being that although they explained, I had a pretty good understanding of flight controls, mixer, batteries, lights (and when they should be on or off), avionics, rotate & approach speeds etc.

    As a result, very quickly into the flight I was able to trim myself without explanation and bank left or right/increase and decrease altitude quite comfortably, without the instructor having to grab the yoke and make adjustments (which I was quite surprised at).

    We flew from Elstree out to Watford and Aylesbury, then circling back past Luton Airport (just outside of the controlled airspace area), and then out towards Potters Bar, where we had extremely clear views over the whole of London - I tried to take a picture which came out blurred, however, it shows how amazing our eyes are.

    We only flew up 2,500 feet, which was below the cloud layer, however, I was shocked to learn that a private pilot without instrument training has a life expectancy, whilst flying through clouds/without any visibility of just 178 seconds!

    A few things I've learnt:

    1. VR resolution has a long way to go!

    2. I loved it and have booked two more lessons

    3. Being mindful of other planes around you, when they are extremely small is an art, and one that I imagine takes a very long time to perfect

    4. When you're flying for real, there is no room for serious mistakes and a flight sim can never project real fear or panic, which is essential for learning and developing your reactions

    5. Using a flight sim in VR for practice is definitely useful and I think amongst many other applications, it's a great tool for circuit training (learning where to turn and when to start slowing down), start up sequences and instrument training

    In summary, it was an amazing experience and one that I'll never forget.

    I've tried to add a couple of videos I took whilst in the air but they're too large - I'll try to make some google drive links for them a bit later on.

    Thanks again for your tips and I'll keep you posted as I start to have more lessons.

    Thanks guys for all of your comments and tips.

    I'll especially take on the point about not bringing up simming, unless the instructor seems the type.

    I'm really looking forward to it and will post some pictures/videos afterwards.

    Thanks again

    So my girlfriend has kindly booked me in for a 90 minute flying lesson from London Elstree this Sunday, in either a Piper Archer 2 or a C172.

    Am looking forward to seeing if I can apply what I've learnt from flying in VR to the real world (even though it's just a first lesson).

    Hopefully my instructor uses Aerofly and will let me have a good go at flying! :)

    I'll let you know how it goes and will post a video if I can record one.

    Because I was one of their first developers (25 years ago), I still have connections to the owner of PC Aviator (Megascenery), and to Just Flight. Let me make contact and see if we can get them interested in add-on scenery packs for Aerofly FS2. Maybe it's time to consider re-entering this industry after all.

    - Kenneth

    Best reply I could have hoped for! Would love you to get involved and make contact with those guys. Let us know what they say and thank you.

    Honestly I would love to but I really don't have the time, patience or understanding.

    I work in property development but software & mildly complex instructions are too alien for me!

    On the other hand, I would love to pay you to make some UK scenery and London airports! 8)

    I would love detailed UK/London scenery & airports and would happily pay/contribute to anyone who would focus on that as a project.

    I can just about create a few tiles with geoconvert but anything further than that is outside my knowledge.

    It's a shame no one is working on UK/England wide scenery & airports at the moment but hopefully this thread will inspire someone to start.

    Hi guys,

    So after following a tutorial, I worked out how to create scenery with geoconvert and the helper tool, which works well.

    When I created a second set of scenery and went ahead to paste the files into the Aerofly folder, it came up saying there are duplicates (from the first geoconvert), would you like to replace them.

    Should you create sub-folders within the scenery > images folder each time you create scenery to avoid this? I of course don't want to overwrite previous scenery creations each time I make a new one.

    Thanks :)

    I meant RUN it native from Steam.

    Same issue as from Oculus Home.

    It definitely pretty much solves the issue I opened the thread about but I then get a secondary issue of different items glitching when looking at them.

    The loading of screen also isn't as smooth as it is from Steam VR

    Why run it with Steam VR, why not run it Native.

    When I run the sim from Oculus Home in 'other vr' mode, the above issue is improved but I seem to get a slightly different issue with little glitchy movements on different items around the cockpit.

    HI Guys,

    I run AF2 using Steam VR with an Oculus CV1, however, when playing in high or ultra settings, I tend to get stuttering every few minutes or so, where you can 'see' the sensors and it feels like its reloading, which ruins immersion because can always make you feel a bit queezy!

    One thing I've noticed is that even when I reduce the graphics settings, including reducing the scale factor from 2 to say 1.5, cumulus clouds seem to have a big impact on the stuttering regardless.

    If I look in a specific area for a while, say out of the window, and then look back to centre, this also causes the above to happen.

    I have tried running in Oculus VR mode from Steam, but the problem doesn't go away.

    My specs are the following and I have upgraded all drivers, running sim version 2.0.1 EA5.00 (20171016)

    Overclocked CPU: Overclocked Intel® Core™ i7-7800X Six Core (3.50GHz @ up to 4.6GHz)

    Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E GAMING: ATX

    Memory (RAM): 32GB Corsair VENGEANCE DDR4 3000MHz (2 x 16GB)

    Graphics Card: 11GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1080 Ti

    1st Hard Disk: 500GB Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" SSD

    2nd Hard Disk: 3TB SATA-III 3.5" HDD

    Thanks and I welcome any advice.

    Another question if you don't mind.

    Occasionally when clicking the APPR button to activate an ILS landing, it instead gives me APP NAV and FINAL instead of Glide Scope and Localiser (auto thrust and AP activated, as well as following NAV).

    Any idea why this happens?

    I can have a normal flight and do all of the same things to the same airport (say Geneva or Zurich), where occasionally the above happens and doesn't result in an automatic landing.

    Thanks in advance.

    It's not the same, but the best I have been able to do to simulate bad weather is to crank the visibility way down. That way the runway isn't visible until you are very low and close. It makes ILS approaches "fun".

    Improved weather has been one of my too frequently made requests, but I have now accepted that it isn't coming any time soon.

    Great tip. Just gave it a go as an ILS landing at Geneva which was very cool. Thanks for that! Best, Dean

    Hi Guys,

    I know weather is spoken about a lot on here but I wanted to hear the IPACS teams thoughts on a thick and edge to edge overcast layer of cloud.

    I've seen that part of the problem with cloud is the rendering of hundreds or thousands of clouds, which would lead to performance issues, however, a thick continuous cloud layer may work.

    I'm not a developer so I could be way off the track here, but my thinking is that let's say the cloud layer is at 10,000 ft - perhaps once you've reached 12,000 ft, the ground layers & textures can stop rendering in such detail and the focus can be on everything above the cloud, avoiding big hits to performance.

    Either way, it would be good to hear your thoughts as before a full weather system is implemented, it would be a great addition to have a thick overcast layer and perhaps the option for some rain too.


    1. You have to intercept the flight plan to resume NAV (as in the real world)

    2. Because you lost NAV is falls back to HDG (as in the real world). That means the autopilot lost the ability to follow the flight plan and that you should pay attention to what it is doing now. That attention getter is the triple click. You get the same clicking sound if you are flying an ILS approach with LOC and G/S and disable the loc function. Then it reverts back to heading mode but the vertical mode also changes which may not have been intentional. Again, to raise attention a triple click is sound.

    The cause of NAV loss is a high lateral deviation from the flight plan. 2.5 NM is the maximum lateral deviation allowed which can occur if you are flying manually or try to intercept the flight plan and overshoot it.

    Thank you!