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    Couple of questions more than issues:

    1. It seems to take a little while to switch from HDG to NAV - I can reach the selected heading, click the HDG switch before the turn, which adds NAV in blue to the main screen underneath HDG, however, it can take a couple of minutes to then switch back into NAV mode. Any ideas on why this is the case?

    2. Occasionally, I will hear a clicking sound and the system will change from NAV to HDG. Again, any idea what causes this?


    This happens when the airport glide slope is not 3.0 degrees. 2.5 and 3.5 degrees should work most of the times but then the calculation of the altitude offset get's messed up. Below 120 ft the glide slope needles really start to move quickly, below that altitude I ignore large glide slope deflections.

    Above 120ft large glide slope deflections will cause the autopilot to revert to basic vertical modes (V/S or FPA in the A320) and if you fly with those below 50ft RA the AP disengages.

    Thanks and understood, however, how can I avoid this as the glide slope and AP are controlling my descent?

    I had a slight problem last night when flying on AF2. I was landing an A320 with an automatic landing at Zurich. All was going well and I was established on the localiser and glide slope, speed 140 knots, with full flaps, auto thrust on and no speed brake. In the landing phase, just before rolling out, AP deactivated and I had to land manually instead.

    Please advise on the above - perhaps my landing speed was too low, however, all was working very smoothly until the final point.

    Hi Alex, the difficult part is probably not the "real" vs "random" weather, the difficult part is rendering thousands of clouds and having cloud layers that cast shadows onto themselves and the ground. Creating an weather engine for that is the most tricky part I think.

    An overcast thick grey cloud layer and a bit of rain would do! :) Always cool seeing the runway you're about to land on as you come out of some thick & dense cloud.

    Just putting it out there, would an injection of funding enable the hiring of more staff/designers & developers which in turn would fast-track the development timeline?

    With so much passion for AF2 on the forum, it would be great to know if both IPACS and current users would be open to looking at some sort of Kickstarter project, if it massively sped everything up?

    Relative to what many of us spend on DLC's, VR headsets, gaming PC's and other hardware, the cost of the sim itself is probably the cheapest element and perhaps a further contribution from a bulk of us would satisfy everyone's wishes for AF2, whilst giving IPACS the extra resources to get on with it in a shorter timescale.

    If funding to help IPACS expand is something people would be happy to look at (and pending IPACS and their extended team want it), perhaps we can discuss options of making that a reality and I have included a poll in this post.

    I take back my earlier comments. I've tried again and an automatic landing was perfect.

    Set speed to 180 knots with flaps at 2, established on the LOC and glide slope and had a perfect landing!

    I think the reason I was getting TOGA LK before was due to the plane trying to pitch up for altitude with speed being too low - ensuring that flaps are set correctly and you aren't pitching above approx. 9/9.5 degrees (can be adjusted with a -100 V/S if you haven't established on the LOC yet), TOGA will not activate and you will continue with a smooth flight.

    The issue seems to be with TOGA LK and speed much less than 200 kts.

    I can have a perfect flight using NAV, be nicely lined up for final approach, engage the ILS which seems to be working well and when speed drops below 200, with flaps at 0 or down, TOGA LK kicks in, disengages the AP, banks to the right and ruins the landing.

    Another issue is, the same can happen simply by lowering the flaps too early (say from 1 to 2 at 210 kts on final) - AP will disengage and the plane banks to the right.

    Hi Guys,

    So I've been using Aerofly FS2 for the past 4 weeks or so, using an Oculus CV1 which is fantastic.

    I previously used X-Plane, however, the immersion you find in Aerofly against XP11 and other flight sims, isn't comparable in my opinion.

    I live in London and would love to fly from Heathrow and other UK Airports, however, currently, I haven't seen any plans for UK regions on the forum or news updates.

    I am not a developer and wouldn't attempt/have the time to create scenery myself, however, I wondered if there are plans in the pipeline from either IPACS, ORBX or independent developers, looking to implement 3D (similar to New York) scenery into AF2 for London/the South East and other parts of the UK, as it's an ideal departure location into Europe or across to the US.

    Aside from that, the system is fantastic and although there are a number of real world features lacking, I'm sure IPACS are fully aware and will cater to that end of the market over the coming months and years.

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing from anyone on the above.