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    Interesting technical stuff. But instead of asking for tutorials I only have one other question: can we simple users download all this stuff one day, ready or use? That's all I am interested in, really. ;)

    Mine will be shared free when ready! Not much spare time with work but...

    Ah OK thank you, I was expecting a text file edited by hand with coordinates or somthing alike would do. I tried to use QGIS with no success, seems quite complex and not so user friendly without maybe readding a manual. I was hoping to just create a file with maybe the corner coordinates or something like it. :)

    yes, we use such polygons to create a kind of corridor for roads and rivers, because database like CORINE have a lot of details but a rather coarse placement, similar to original trees of the Swiss DLC.



    Guys do you mind an example of the polygon mentioned? I guess there is an exampl of this autobahn.shp file that I missed to locate from somewhere?

    Thanks in advence.

    Any update on your decals tutorial.

    Hello Jeff, this is great thank you!!! Any chance to get a plugin for 3ds Max 2018 version? I asked before in the forum but no answers.

    Salut Antoine, merci! Yes you are right I did "plant" some trees and some did not yet come out as I wanted. Been flying closer to the ones out there from OrbX to leran a thing or two and will remake still. My idea is to cover the region here around my home area, Nantes, first and later share to all. I do not know this CORINE database you mentioned but I will try to dig a bit. I did however have trouble working with GGIS, did not manage to undertand how to use the soft so used the osm download as it was, no editing, directly in scenProc and all worked well! Thanks again, let's keep the exchange.

    Here are some pics of my work of these last 2 nights so far. A local filed that is home to gliders and ulm's. I used cultivation and own modeling with 3ds max 2017 so far. Thanks to Trenspessers and others for replies on helipng ,e out so far!!!

    Would love to have a plugin to work on 3ds max 2018, devs please!! :) Tried the 2017 one but no go...

    Cheers! Luis

    Thanks to Trespassers and others here got some good results onmy side with cultivation among other things I am building, love the SIM! Will post some pics of results so far in the development section as suggested instead, Cheers!

    Hello, me back here again. Followed all I can but the on the final TOC file does it mean that every single tree in the specified location it will need a set of lines in it like this?



    <[vector3_float64][position][-1.326695 46.930206 0]>

    <[vector2_float32][height_range][8 20]>




    If that is so the file will become gigantic.... I guess I miss somthing as maybe there is a way to define a region with NE and SW corners, or?

    Rodeo, sorry I know you asked us to slow down but in the middle of our projects for the sim that will be a bit difficult... :)


    Wow that was great and quick reply! appriciate it. Will give it a go, thank you

    Salut Antoine, any chance you couls make a quick and dirty tutorial on how you made it work with Arno's tool and your results in creating cultivation? Currently I am working in a scenery for the region just south of Nantes in France and this would be great instead of making all the trees and houses in 3ds max... Merci!

    luis I'm glad i'm not the only one finding the thermals difficult to center. Or find, or when you've found one and you have some wind - the wind will set you off but the thermal seems to stay in place... work to be done.

    Agreed, tried a few hours yesterday in a flat region where we fly in France. Found a few but have never been able to center no matter what technique I tried., they must have very very small diameter. With a Oculus Rift you can get very accurate circles as you have the great freedom of view but still no way to center for me, wind at zero, thermals at max... still love the simulator but... I wish they could just on that on a quick fix, can't be that hard to change the diameter parameter somwhere in the code, guess we need to be more patient. :)