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    Hola Electrodo, tienes que mirar en el scenproc, la altura de los edificios depende del tipo de edificio y la da uno de los números no recuerdo cual ahora mismo pero en la documentación del scenproc viene explicado

    Hi all

    Thanks to Jet-Pack the Do now Works fine, he made a nice work. You can donwload from Jan's personal web or from

    Hi Steve, yes was a nightmare to get the DO something like equilibrate, I think its not a just one parameter question, when you touch something then other thing change, as an example when I change the center point of the model then have to change the lift for the wings and then change te stabilizers values etc. Thats very realistic, its obvius, but can make you crazy, specially when, like me, dont have idea of whats happening :D

    Hi all

    I am sorry about the issues, yes its very difficult to control the plane on ground and the nose tends to go down too easily.

    I Will try to correct theese problems but I cant promise you that Will be solved, I am not an expert, all I can do is a try and error work and there are much parameters interrelated in the tmd file and I dont understand all. Of course you are athorized to experiment if you want but this can be a headache.

    Meanwhile I recomend you to control the plane on the ground this method: with the plane standind, first use the rudder then accelerate slightly and the plane starts to turn. And of course use the brakes as less as posible.

    Hi all

    You can download the Do27/CASA 127 from here:…/171-dornier-27-casa-127/

    To install just unzip the file in your Aerofly fs2 aircraft directory

    Please keep in mind that Im not a pilot so the flight model can be unreal, I tried to reflect the stol capabilities of the real airplane but I have no way to ensure that. Of course if any of you want to refine theese defects you have my permission,

    In the photo below you can view some functions, battery etc

    I hope you enjoy the plane

    Hi all

    Yes, I have two news, one good and other not so good

    The not so good is I cant make the vr hands work properlly, sometimes work sometimes not, any help on this problem Will be wellcome

    The good notice is I decide to upload the plane this friday, with or without vr hands, mouse can do the work of the vr hands without problem.

    Hi all

    Sorry, but I have no plans to add big changes to the plane, maybe a repaint or two in the future. The good news are this plane is a really very very short take off and land plane, I m sure you gonna be able to land off runways in many places

    Hi all

    First thanks to developers for this awesome simulator and for give us the tools to make our own scenery and planes

    I would like to present the CASA 127 / Dornier 27, it would be available this week or next. Im still working on some details but it is almost finished. I want to add the virtual hands feature and dampers ( if I capable 8o)

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    Thanks Ed but perhaps I must be a monkey because I cant send a mail to that direction, anyway I go to uninstall this update, I have been working very hard in a Dornier do 27 based in the dr400 and all that work is wasted time since the update was released, the plane was really close to work fine in the simulator, just need to adjust some gauges and refine the textures, but now I am very frustated. I love this simulator, is the best I tried and I played all since the MFS 95, but for me this update dont worth the work I taken to make a complete scenery of Spain and almost finished aircraft.