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    Been armchair flying since FS6, aka fs98. Have enjoyed the hobby ever since and relished those moments when something new came along. The first big innovation as I recall was John Farrie's (Visual Flight) original Photo Scenery for the UK in fs2002 as apposed to satellite imaging. Stunning stuff at the time. That was improved upon by Horizon, for fs9 through to fsx. This of course evolved into P3D and yes I went that route too, v1 - v3. Leaving v4 until after my next PC rebuild.

    Now taking a different route, i've entered the VR world. Having compared all varieties with the OR I was persuaded to go with Aerofly. Early days, but a very sweet environment. Yes, I still use the other Sims, horses for courses as they say. However, I look forward to the continued development of FS2 and happy to get on board. So for now, a big thank you for all your efforts.