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    4K 60fps recording (unfortunatley YouTube has compressed the video considerably so the quality is not as good as the actual experience).

    All graphics settings are maxed out (Orbx add-ons) - FPS ranges 90 - 209

    Part 1 KMRY

    Part 2 KCGX

    Part 3 LOWI

    Part 4 KEGE

    Progress!! Posted on AVSIM also.

    Side note: Vsync has never seemed to work with AF2, any chance of a fix in the future? I'll experiment with NCP 1/2 refresh but that just seems "unnatural" to native Vsync support.

    Cheers, Rob.

    I'll post some video later, but I was VERY impressed with the Vulkan update even in it's Beta state ... a few oddities here and there but overall very very very smooth at 4K res ... it's the ONLY simulator I have where I can really say "I Maxed out all the settings" and FPS locks to 60Hz without a single long frame.

    Very impressive, by far the best "visual" simulator currently on the market and very price friendly.

    If you can bring in a weather engine (heck leave ATC, AI, and ground traffic for another day or make it available thru SDK and have payware vendors do the work), more global scenery coverage (payware or otherwise), and some minor adjustments I feel you'll capture a much bigger flight simulator audience.

    Cheers, Rob.