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    Very pleased when I saw this... been using this for a long time in FSX and XP11 and its outstanding. I wonder if the new option.tmc will allow the AF2 version to have the variable loadouts like the ones that the other sim versions have. The Pilot is a must I agree. I refrained from buying the Falke so far because of the lack of pilot... I keep hoping there will be a Steam version and that will have a pilot. Anyway glad to hear about this.


    Thank you for agreeing with me on the pilots. I deleted my post of earlier, but have now written to JF about this. I also have their Hawk on other platforms, and love it. But if JF continues to team up with Propair, they need to get that company to up their game in this one important visual element.


    It's time for another big photographic update of OAHU in development. Yes, I know many of you wish it would be released, especially while you are stuck at home. However, our developers are making use of this "grounded" opportunity to keep on adding more, more, and even more detail to the island. In fact, work is in progress on other islands in the Hawaiian chain too.

    Last update, we went aloft and had a look from the balloon. This time, we're going low.. really low. We're going to ground level to take a look round some of the airports (and other landing areas), from the ramp, tower, and even in the trees! We'll focus on views of static aircraft, and many of these have never been seen in Aerofly before. So here goes... ENJOY!!

    (Ps.. This will be a multi-post update!!!)

    - Kenneth

    1. Dillingham

    2. Our own private Helicopter operation near Turtle Beach

    3. Mormon missionaries only! On the ground at Brigham Young University

    4. We built a strip at Ka'ena Point

    5. Wheeler Army Airfield

    OK, only 10 images per post.. So off to work on part two!

    It is amazing what a team of talented individuals can do - maybe better attention to detail than many third party developers. My current favorite scenery is still Monterrey, CA by ORBX (high resolution textures ) so it will be great to compare this Hawaii with that experience. I like to fly low, looking out the side windows in VR as I make a tight left turn and say to myself - "how cool is this!!"

    I also echo Ray’s reply to the above message. It is an amazing work. ORBX standard? Well, close. But Orbx has access to resources we do not have, and that makes a difference. It will not have the Characteristic ORBX feel, but it is still a masterpiece with massive immersion factor built in. People will enjoy it immensely.

    - Kenneth

    Hawaii / Hilo, work in progress

    As you can see from the above... We have started provisional work on the island of Hawaii (The big island). Needless to say, the main work continues on Oahu as well. You have probably also guessed the identity of at least two of the other team members based on recent posts. Jetjockey10, and TomSimMuc. To sound like Trump... "We have an amazing group of people, good people, the best people..." And please say a silent prayer for one of the team who is living with COVID-19 right now. Will not identify them due to confidentiality. BUT the more prayers and good energy the better, for one of our own AFS2 fan family. We Be Brothers!

    Hi Steve

    I did a google search for CH-53E cockpit. There are a few, but not many close ups. You have probably done this already. I also tried adding words like “panel” and “training diagram” to no avail. Also noticed there are variants with glass cockpits.

    - Kenneth

    You've probably noticed the hot air balloon in the screenshots. So, today I got wondering what the view would be like from the balloon itself. So, after a wee bit of messing around in the developer camera view.... Here you go....

    By the way, everything (including the ortho) is still a work in progress. We're getting there, but not there yet!

    The shown screenshots in last two postings promises fine VFR-flights and challenging Heli-landings. PHNL airport looks also fantastic.

    Oahu as major Island due to the Hawaiian Capital Honolulu will look phantastic to explore. I hope that in conjunction the other Hawaiian Island

    will also be fine if they can have a ZL13 photoreal and at least a simpel cultivation coverage next to a 19mtr mesh, thank you to consider this.

    We are discussing the possibility of adding another island, but if it happens it will be very simple and basic in comparison.