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    I deleted yesterday's screenshot, it showed just a bit too much detail, and we want to keep you guessing a little longer. SO.. Here is your official preview screenshot #2. By the way, the team keeps adding more detail, so I would not like to guarantee a release date yet. But it is going to be fantastic.

    I installed today’s update, now all my user made scenery fails to show up. I checked the main.mcf and it still refers to my custom scenery folder as before, so not sure what to do. Anyone else experiencing the same?

    LATER UPDATE:- I re-booted the computer, and after doing this simple task, the scenery was displaying again. I will keep the post here should other users find it helpful..

    - Kenneth

    Start with Christchurch International (NZCH)? Looks pretty doable with my skill level. 02/20 is 10785' - suitable for the excellent 777 plus a grass strip. Thoughts?

    If there was one scenic area to wow people with at the start of the project, Queenstown would be one heck of a choice. The mountains and lakes would be beautiful and if the mesh was in place along with cultivation, it would be spectacular. That is my two cents worth. Would be interesting to hear other opinions too.

    GRASS RUNWAYS with fsCloudPort.

    Earlier in this thread, I promised a tutorial on a method I discovered to add a grass runway texture to airports created with fsCloudPort. I have now completed the tutorial. It is being hosted on a new website I'm developing in which I celebrate the love of flight simulation by sharing screenshots (FSX and AFS2), and also passing on some tips reviews, etc.

    Please feel free to browse through the new site and enjoy it. The direct link to the tutorial is HERE. And remember, you use the ideas in the tutorial at your own risk.



    Actually, There is a way to swap out the standard FSC runway texture for a grass strip. I came across it by accident a few days ago. Stay tuned and I will write something about it in a little while.

    - Kenneth

    EDIT:- I will take a few days over this and write an illustrated tutorial instead of just a quick note. You might find it more useful if I do that.

    Welcome to the family. It should be possible to create a rudimentary airport with FSCloudport, but the crossing runways would be a problem unless you just use the ortho as your visual element. Custom buildings cannot be done with FSC either. There are people with the ability to create a custom airport, I am not one of them, or I’d have a go at it. I can do a basic FSC version if it is not yet done. It would at least locate it on the map for you. I know of know microlights yet. The Tecnam P2008 is the closest in the sim so far.

    - Kenneth

    EDIT - I see that ApfelFlieger has already started on the airport in FSC.

    If you ask me: You deserve a deep breath before turning to something else.

    Should you really turn to NZ afterwards, it would be a good idea to contact the kind people at the New Zealand Flightsim Forum. Regulars over there and notably Robin Corn (toprob) have a quite positive attitude towards AeroflyFS2.

    Kind regards, Michael

    Yes. Michael does deserve a break. You know, about 32 years ago, the BBC mounted a camera on an RAF Hawk. They flew it around the entire coast of the GB mainland. Then, they sped up the footage and aired it in a show called “The shape of a nation.” Maybe Michael should reward himself with the same flight around his scenery. The RNZAF Mb339 makes a nice substitute for the Hawk, until we can convince Just Flight to port their one into AFS2.

    - Kenneth

    Well done Michael. I think you put as many hours into this as I did writing and publishing my encouraging title “This Book is the Perfect Gift” which you referred to in your acknowledgements.

    Next islands you ask? Another big task would be New Zealand. Lovely scenery in the land of Lord of the Rings.

    But remember now to fly for fun too.

    Thanks again for the special attention in the Inverness area of Scotland.

    - Kenneth

    From around the world they are coming together. You know their names, but I cannot tell you who they are yet. They have one singular intent, to create a new area for AFS2, an area that will become a showcase for what is possible within this community. But, I cannot yet divulge the location of that area! When will it be released? Maybe a few weeks, maybe a few months. Will it be freeware or payware? Probably free! Will you enjoy it... Heck yes!

    Over the next few days (or weeks), as development picks up speed, I will share new screenshots. These will give you hints until we are ready to tell you more. If you guess the location, I will neither confirm nor deny it. Same with the names of the people involved!

    You will see beaches, mountains, and cities. You will see dense cultivation, custom design elements, and some animation. There will be airports too, maybe not as highly detailed as we'd like, but we need to strike a balance between giving you something in the not too distant future, and development time. But as I said in the title... The team is gathering. somewhere new is coming!

    Here's your first (deliberately ambiguous) screenshot.

    - Kenneth

    It's not our first choice. We're limited to roughly 4GB app sizes by apple from what I have learned.

    Then, if there is a limit on app size imposed by Apple, there are two possible solutions to expansion as I understand it.

    1. If optional in-app purchases do not count towards the 4GB, then add more of them ( just like Switzerland now is). Begin with what you have in your own company inventory, namely Eastern USA, to test the waters. This also allows for Donka's preference.

    2. If in-app purchases count towards the 4GB limit, then consider the streaming option, which neither adds to app size within the Apple store, nor takes up room on the customer's phone. Just because other sims use low quality images, does not necessarily mean that there are no other image providers that can strike an acceptable balance between quality and bandwidth issues.

    There is also the option to do both as you scale up the business. :)

    The best of luck with the strategic business discussions and decisions that lie ahead, when considering these choices that are open to you.

    - Kenneth

    I guess where I am going with all of this is to simply encourage IPACS to think outside the box that says, "We cannot give more scenery because the customer will have storage limitations." There are clearly other options. Maybe IPACS already looked at them and rejected them, maybe not. But if other companies use the approach, then why not IPACS? Might not be a quick implementation, but if it removes a potential blockage to development, then it is worth encouraging them to examine the options. They have such a good foundation to build upon. Why re-invent the wheel in taking it to the next level?

    - Kenneth

    Hi Jeff.

    I can certainly see the storage issue being a major limiting concern.

    I think the quality of Aerofly 2020 on the iPhone is superb. But I also think the scenery streaming methodology of Infinite Flight is excellent.

    Can IPACS not find a way to do the same? Surely IF does not have a monopoly on the use of the imagery and streaming?

    While the current regions inherent in AF2020 can be the flagship. Could a streaming service be the answer for long haul?

    - Kenneth