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    The company that should have come on board our sim is Megascenery Earth not Orbx in my opinion.

    Around one year ago, I entered into direct correspondence with the owner of PC Aviator (developer of Megascenery). He and I go back 25 years. He was my first publisher when I was a commercial addon pioneer for the MSFS franchise. I have great respect for this gentleman, and so I asked him to consider porting over Megascenery to AFS2. Sadly, it went nowhere.

    Why? Same old reason, and one which makes commercial sense. The user base for AFS2 is tiny compared to other platforms. This means that any developer must balance the expected workload on a given project with the anticipated return on investment. When this balance was looked at, it apparently made no sense to develop Megascenery for AFS2 at that time.

    What is the economic truth here? It is that the market has not yet adopted AFS2 in sufficient numbers for the majority of addon producers to justify developing for it. And whether we like it or not, the chances are slim that this trend is going to reverse. Not only does AFS2 continue to be devoid of features that most of the market considers essential, but we now face the re-entry into the market of Microsoft next year. With more choice being made available to an already niche marketplace, the already small market share that IPACS enjoys is going to be further threatened.

    Folks, I am not saying this to be a prophet of doom and gloom, I am re-stating the market reality that AFS2 needs to get up to speed expeditiously, or face commercial extinction.

    Sure, IPACS might consider that they can happily take their time to get it right, but that philosophy is not resonating with the only people that matter, the buyers in the marketplace, and those buyers are soon to get even more choice.

    I do not blame PC Aviator for not coming to the AFS2 platform. And I do not blame ORBX for appearing gun-shy on their promises to deliver many many airports and sceneries in 2019 for AFS2. I also do not blame JustFlight for currently not having a new GA aircraft listed as "in development" for AFS2. The market is speaking, and their language is their spending patterns. The third party developers are the leading recipients of those spending patterns, and they are listening to the market.

    And one last contextual point. I owned one of the first companies to create addons for ANY flight sim two and a half decades ago, and we had boxed products in stores around the world. However, I did not listen to the marketplace. After seven years of success, my company products fell behind the sophistication curve the market was craving for. In the end it cost me the business and we folded. IPACS, are you listening?

    - Kenneth

    Well obviously, from my avatar/picture, you can see I am a Scot. A good (complete) product for AFS2 for Scotland would have been a no-brainer for me. But, this is not that product. I truly commend the author for even working with AFS2 addons, but I would advise quality over quantity from him at this stage.

    - Kenneth

    Sorry but $42 each seems way too high to me. Almost as costly as the whole fs2 sim, lol!

    It is worthwhile feedback to have this point raised. Especially when this price point is creeping close to an A2A for other platforms. I doubt that Tom is alone in this regard, there are still many people who budget their FS spending... Including me. Sales figures do not always reflect demand, sometimes they reflect spending patterns of the user base.

    - Kenneth

    Don't forget the DHC-1 Chipmunk to add to the Otter and Beaver. I have been talking to JF about an AFS2 Chippy for a year. Their Chippy for FSX/P3d is outstanding, but was developed by an outside team. That outside team will not be developing for AFS2, (I bugged them too!). So, it is to the JF inner design circle that we must appeal/request. I greatly applaud JF in their efforts. Now to find the way to make it a bigger body of water (more adopters of the AFS2 platform) so they (and ORBX - gentle reminder...) will put their whole foot in it.

    - Kenneth

    Thanks for the link, Kenneth. Yep looks like the replacement for Traffic360 that is no longer available and it does state that it works with FSX-SE, but, for the GA section it only uses default aircraft. duh. What is with that? I am onto an overseas freeware site that does have quite a few other than default GA aircraft. I will have a steep learning curve but, maybe it will keep me busy while IPACS does its thing at their pace. :)

    Good to hear from you.


    ORBX also has some freeware GA traffic addons for North America and Australia. These add a considerable collection of animated types, way beyond the default. Might prove useful to you..

    "Meanwhile, I give a lot of credit to Aerosoft, justflight, Orbx, Dino cattaneo and others for stepping up to the plate, and I've already made an internal promise to myself not to forget them." -

    Absolutely.. I applaud their vision too. But, even they must at some point be business-minded. If returns on investment fail to meet expectations, so will their interest. IPACS must see their faith as a gift, and rally to leverage it while the going is good.

    - Kenneth

    YES... This is indeed what AFS2 needs. A similar scenery streaming model is now in use with "Infinite Flight" (low definition, as most users fly at high altitude). The business model clearly works, and addresses the needs of fans. Worth looking at IPACS.

    - Kenneth

    I've wondered often why no well known ortho-scenery companies have stepped in and made their offerings available for Aerofly yet. It seems like a no-brainer.

    I personally approached the owner of PC Aviator about a year ago. He and I go back more than 20 years. I asked him to find a way to port over the vast collection of images he has in his existing photosceneries for the other flight sim platforms. He understandably did not want to put in the time and effort because of the small market then represented by users of AFS2. That's the rub. It is perceived return on investment, especially if that investment is very labor intensive. He did say he'd be open to looking again if and when the platform gained a larger following, but at that time the sales of the few addons he had for AFS2 were so tiny it was putting him off. Now, that was a year ago... Have things changed? I would not be in a position to answer that.

    - Kenneth

    We don't know yet. We would like to keep the current panel for now and we can't promise that the GPS device will be added to some of our default aircraft. This hasn't been decided yet. We'll see if it is received well from the JustFlight customers.

    Hi Jan,

    I sincerely applaud this positive development. Well done.

    However, I respectfully suggest that your proposed approach to feedback might be worth re-considering.

    Here's where I am coming from. To wait for feedback on the GNS instrument from the customers of an addon, will limit the feedback to those who buy that addon. It will not give you feedback from AFS2 users who have no interest in that particular addon.

    Allow me to use myself as an illustration. I am a fan of AFS2, and an even bigger fan of JustFlight. BUT I did not buy the JustFlight Duchess because the aircraft itself does not appeal to me. Had you put the GNS in the Duchess, I would not be able to give feedback on it because I was not a customer of the Duchess.

    In comparison, putting the GNS into an existing default aircraft will potentially open up the doors to feedback from all existing purchasers of AFS2. This would provide the possibility for greater feedback on the GNS, and also make it easier to tweak things (if needed) in the development of the instrument without implicating JustFlight if something does need to be changed.

    I hope this makes sense. It is not a criticism, rather a different perspective on the proposed approach to feedback.

    Keep up the positive development on these core features of AFS2. It is a very evident step in the right direction.



    But, you can legally share (maybe not here) your work for testing purposes. A request for testing to see if your work looks the same or different on a different pc setup is perfectly legal. Also to look for errors and omissions. (some call beta testing) :P



    I still admit to being very nervous about using any of these image sources. It's the whole copyright question.. AND in terms of someone making their own modifications, I think it would be prudent to remember the concept of "creating derivative works". Not every business is friendly to that idea. Of course, all this is reminiscent of the P3D debacle. That endless debate on "not for entertainment purposes" that even Lockheed Martin seems to stay very silent upon when asked.

    - Kenneth

    Oh yes, I would love the JF Chipmunk in AFS2! (guess what plane I'm flying in my profile pic...)



    I contacted Just Flight (my old publisher) and talked to them about converting their existing Chipmunk. It was not made by their in-house team, so they cannot do it. I then contacted the developer, and they said there's not sufficient demand yet for AFS2 to warrant their small team creating for the platform. That is fully understandable, and I appreciated both companies corresponding with me. However.... I am hoping that if we keep up the requests (and support JF when they do release AFS2 aircraft) we might see something happen further down the road. Supply can sometimes follow demand! - Kenneth

    I am probably missing something simple here, but will ask regardless.

    I'm working on a simple repaint of the third party Piper Cub addon. Everything is going well with the conversion process until it stalls with a message saying "Cannot load aircraft - set Aerofly FS2 folder in config.tcm"

    What I cannot understand is that by that time the converter has already loaded the aircraft into the my documents/.../aircraft/pipercub folder. Everything is there except a preview.ttx which has failed to generate. At that point, I can get the aircraft to fly in FS2 only if I copy an existing preview.ttx file from another pipercub repaint and place it in the new repaint's folder.

    So, what am I missing?

    - Kenneth

    UPDATE... Thanks to GACSavannah, for suggesting that I place the pipercub folder in the main aircraft folder, not the my documents aircraft folder. It worked!

    I flew this aircraft around the Canadian prairie in AFS2 last night. It is absolutely delightful. A few quirks maybe (the compass is 180 degrees out!).. BUT the aircraft has such character, beautiful modelling, and is well worth taking time to enjoy. I LOVE to see this new flow of addon aircraft. I encourage the designer and/or modifier who got it working in AFS2, to keep on keeping on. This is changing the sim forever. Download this one folks, you will not be disappointed in my opinion.

    - Kenneth

    Stay strong Jeff. I'm back after six months away from the sim. Impressed at the momentum beginning to gather as the ecosystem grows. Have a great Easter weekend.

    - Kenneth

    Did you install geoconvert? When you download the sdk you need to open each individual folder, geoconvert, content convert and so on and run the file inside to install the respective component of the sdk

    I double-checked geoconvert by converting an area last night using the old method... FSET, then Geoconverthelper. Everything worked in that way. I must assume that geoconcert is therefore operational, but not connecting with Nick's program on my system.

    UPDATE:- Made another attempt, and now it is working. Will see how the scenery looks when finished. I did re-set the path to the SDK, even though it was the same as what was already in the settings menu. Maybe a space was accidentally in the path... who knows....

    - Kenneth

    Hi Nick

    Have been re-installing FS2, and thought I had everything in place, including SDK. I downloaded and tried Aeroscenery, but got an error saying...... (3rd line)

    2019-04-12 21:54:12 (INFO) Starting GeoConvert Process

    2019-04-12 21:54:12 (INFO) Working on AFS Grid Square 1 of 1

    2019-04-12 21:54:12 (ERROR) Could not find GeoConvert

    2019-04-12 21:55:45 (INFO) Settings saved

    In the settings page I show the path to the SDK as.... D:\Aerofly Development\SDK\aerofly_fs_2_sdk_tools\ and this is correct.

    Any advice would be appreciated (probably something obvious!!)

    - Kenneth