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    OAHU UPDATE:- March 11th, 2020

    Been almost a month since I last posted here, and an update is long overdue. There's so much being added to Oahu for AFS2, that the best way to show it off is in a ton of new screenshots. Not gonna' identify locations this time, just feast your eyes on the next few posts. And remember... It's going to be FREEWARE.

    - Kenneth

    More to come in the next post.... below!

    ah .. ok ...i see you mean Dollar :)

    Could get confusing indeed. Let’s have fun with this. I am Scottish by race, and the Scots wanted to stay in Europe. So despite having the Scottish pound, they like Euros. But wait, I was born in England. They have the pound sterling, but also Brexit, so they must not like the Euro. But hang on... I live in Canada where we use the Canadian dollar, yet the US border is fairly close to me, and I can use USD locally if needed.

    Now what currency were we talking about again? LOL

    I am a GREAT supporter of JustFlight, and have been since they started operations way back in "The Associates" and "The Producers" days. I also have copies of their previous four aircraft for AFS2, ready to go to final review for However.....

    I will ask the question. Is there a pilot in this aircraft?

    My preferred approach to flying in AFS2 is outside the aircraft. Given that, an empty cockpit would get a massive thumbs down from me.

    So gents.... Is the cockpit empty? Or is somebody lurking in the shadows?

    - Kenneth

    Good morning everyone, I wanted to apologize to everyone for the haste, in wanting Italy bordering on Switzerland. I tried to create it is not difficult, but it is very difficult to match the colors of the textures.

    A good move on your part to take responsibility and apologize. Well done, it is never easy to do that, and you just went up in the eyes of several people here. Life lessons are often learned in such moments, and those lessons can make us better people for a lifetime.

    The work on Oahu for AFS2 continues. Sometimes it genuinely feels like a real construction site around here! The level of behind-the-scenes attention to detail is stunning.

    • We have one member of the group re-doing some of the ortho, even removing burned in images of ships, cars, and parked aircraft.
    • We have another team member pushing the envelope on city building designs, with textures such as you've never seen in AFS2 before.
    • We have parking lots being constructed with crazy levels of detail.
    • We have buildings with solar panels on them.
    • We have bridges being built.
    • New airport terminals are being worked on.
    • There are more animated ships, animated aircraft, animated paratroopers, and possibly some animated vehicles on some of the roads.

    The list goes on and on.

    So, let me simply share some of the work-in progress screenshots, and let you see for yourself. And remember... It might already be changed by the time you see these shots! I will split into two parts for easier loading.

    - Kenneth

    I will delete the post and see if I can re-save the mages to a smaller file size for another upload.. I also have experienced very slow loading of the entire forum for the last few hours. In fact, at times it would not load at all. I doubt it is because of these images. However, I will re-compress at a different jpeg setting.

    Attention aircraft re-painters. We are looking for an experienced aircraft-artist to bring us some repaints that would be suitable for flying in Oahu airspace. The successful person will be given early access to the beta of the scenery as a thank you.

    Let's start with the defaults.

    1. Boeing 737 in Aloha Air Cargo colors.

    2. Airbus A320 repainted to represent the A321neo that Hawaiian uses

    3. Dash Q-400 in colors of Island Air

    4 Cessna 172 from Barbers Point Flight School

    The third party fleet

    We are looking for fictional repaints of the excellent Lynx helicopter by LarryLynx. We know the aircraft was never used in real life by the US armed forces, but.... A Lynx done up in the following schemes would be great fun in Oahu.

    Interested re-painters please get in touch ASAP.

    - Kenneth

    Actually gents, I wonder how old this person is.... this is not the first thread they have brought this subject up in. We might have to consider that mobile versions of AFS2 could bring some very young people into the desktop fold.

    Hello! Kenneth I did the update and added the VOR, windsock, fuel tank, water tank and some tow trucks and they are installed, it is the same step to install, first you must do this, Download to My PC> Documents> Aerofly FS2> scenery> xref and unzip to folder xref_lib_water_towers / (only do this once and it applies for all FSCP airports and then you can edit and put any object and follow the same steps and then end up installing everything in your airport folder and ready!

    Hello, and thank you for replying. I found my problem. I had set the buildings detail slider too far left. When I moved it to the right again, all the objects were visible. Clearly, FsC needs ultra buildings setting to display everything.

    I found the problem. I had temporarily set my sliders to medium in the sim. At that point even my static aircraft were not showing up. I reset buildings to ultra and the objects are appearing. Thanks Phil.

    - Kenneth

    The TOC looks fine. I'm a bit pressed for time but here is a test - stick some of them on the runway and see if they show. Possibly the terrain is very uneven and they are sinking a bit? Make sure you don't have a clash as well - multiple versions of the airport. Log may say.

    Did the test, and put a few objects on the runway. I saved work, downloaded the new file, and totally deleted my old airport before unzipping and installing the new one. No vehicles or mast or fuel tank showing. I looked at the airport folder, and I see there is now an xref subfolder instead of the old building_textures subfolder there used to be. However, the Xref subfolder is totally empty. Is FsC supposed to be adding selected models to that Xref subfolder?

    - Kenneth