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    You will pay an arm and a leg to use MS servers to feed that sim providing you have a new red hot PC in the first place. FS2 will look just as good on a nice foggy low cloud day.

    Exactely, that's it ! And not everyone want's to play online. E.g there are still simmers out there who want to fly in their own realm at home :) - like myself.

    I guess, AFS2 will stay the Nr.1 occasional flight sim for many among us.

    A debate like this reminds on the release of P3Dv4 64bit. Several weeks after its release many simmers and developers stated, that FSX will be a dead platform in some months from now on, and develpopers will cease their developments for FSX.

    But, guess what: after all these years since the publication of P3D-64bit, there are still many developers out there who are developing for FSX. And there are still many FSX enthusiasts (like myself) who are flying FSX(SE).

    All the best.

    Wow, thank you Tom for your clear and simple instruction :thumbup:.

    A "boring" user like me would've never discovered this flaw and the correct place where to revise it; even didn't know that a LIPV.tsc file is existing .

    For other users like me: I could find the " autoheight " line in row 14 too; it is there (in the folder: AddOns\scenery\venice\places\LIPV.tsc )

    All the best.

    I have converted models with animation and they go straight in , but the models animate around the aircraft and not in the place that I put them. here is a train that iv done but it still keeps following the aircraft. any ideas.

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    Wow, awesome 8|, this anti-gravity technology ..., keep on your nice work mate !

    OK, planted trees for the update.

    However I deliberately kept the number of trees in the city low, to not leverage the fps too strong.

    Sehr herzlichen Dank für die Annahme meines Vorschlages :) !

    According to my own experience tree-rendering load can be handled pretty easily : probably many users set trees high, but even on medium it still looks fantastic and very dense, but performance can increase significantly over dense areas.

    By the way, IPACS have done really an amazing job with their "new" tree-set in version 2, which is a huge improvement vs aerofly FS (version 1).

    Compared to my other sims I can say honestly : the best default trees of a flightsim !


    Challiot by Gasy24

    Now, with the Palais de Chaillot placed I must admit: this is really a must have !!! Some say from there you get the most famous view towards the Eifel tower - as you can clearly see in the picture below:

    [Blocked Image:]

    Ah! And the park below from "La Defens" needs some trees-cultivation urgently as shown up in your picture above and as I've noticed during my first flights through this wonderful scenery.

    And here you can see almost the same perspective of yours, just depicted broader from another angle.

    [Blocked Image:]

    Thank you !

    O man, what a joy :D to fly in this scenery.

    In high speed close above the Seine or through the broad streets of Paris downtown. And there is no police francaise which will stop you, because of the absence of car traffic in AFS2 ;)

    This is really nuts. I fly AFS2 exclusively on my nearly eight years old gaming laptop (yes, 8 years :huh:) , because I don't want to throw this wonderful machine just on junkyard - and ey - I get 60 FPS through the hole Paris scenery, no matter where (the additional monitor is 60 Hz) - the buildings density slider is on "high" and there is so much autogen, up to the horizon plus POI's.

    The Eifel Tower is not just a simple unpleasent model when you come close to look, no, its detailed .... crazy, and a poor to joy to fly.

    Thank you so much!

    Oh, this sounds like good news; I'm very pleased indeed :). Because I'm seriously thinking of buying ORBX's Monterrey DLC for AFS2, and its good to know that my favourite scenery company will accompany Aerofly further; thanks to John and Sasha.

    Allthough my really passion is combat flight simming (DCS, Falcon BMS), AFS2 still remains my favourite civilian sim.

    Outstanding performance, astonishing visuals and - honestly spoken - I cannot abandon AFS2's Jungmeister.

    This biplane and its flight envelope - how the guys from IPACS have implemented it - is soooooooo gorgeous, so well done - its a masterpiece and one of the best of the best sim palenes of its category out there - believe it or not, its just the truth I'm saying ;)

    All the best.

    I'm not a real helicopter pilot - so I have no idea what is realistic. My only wish is that the helicopter behave "As Real As It Gets". Whether it's easy to fly or difficult to fly - is subordinate.

    If it is subordinate why are you bothering me? I strongly believe it is not subordinate for your ego - it is also not subordinate for simmers like me and others for sure, because I really miss the original Professional Mode, and I'm afraid that it disappears completely as soon as AFS2's release canditate version will be updated as well.

    • The original Professional Mode of the R22 gave me a lot of joy, which I cannot claim about the new one - as a helicopter simmer mainly I am really disappointed about the changes they made, and you are just commenting it as "subordinate". For me your ego is subordinate !!!
    • And that's the reason why I've rolled back to Aerofly RC version again, as I've done before.
    • And relating to DrHotwing1's post from 29th November 2018 " The Aerofly FS2 R22 was designed with the professional and novice in mind featuring both a beginner mode that provides more stability and balance when you fly allowing you to fly while enjoying the surrounding scenery, and a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart...." --->
    • The "old" Profi Mode definitely feels and flys more realistic for me than the current professional mode of the latest OB version.
    • And yea, that bothers me; because its me who sitting and simulating in front of my PC, not yours.

    With the assistance turned on it obviously doesn't handle like the real thing anymore. And he (my boss) is talking about a mode not a flight model here.

    Again, in this quote he was explicit speaking about the R22's Professional Flight Mode, the same I'm talking about since more than two weeks - I'm only talking about the R22 without any assistance, it's the only I'm interested in because I never fly this bird in novice mode. Feel free to read your boss's quotiation again:


    "....and a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart...."

    And for all you who are just making certain comments about how the R22 flight model has changed in current Open Beta version, for you guys I've decided to refresh your memories ( ---> to me this is a very serious thing indeed, because the flight model has not changed by nuance although significantly).

    On 29th November 2018 (releas date of the R22) DrHotwing1 announced on IPACS - post # 1- and Steam forum - long the time before we received the changed Open Beta flight model of today; and it refers to the previous/original Flight Model, developed under the help of Claude Vuichard.

    (sources: IPACS - Forum ; Steam - Forum )


    "...The Robinson R22 also has physics that are so precise you would swear that you were flying the real bird, especially in VR...."

    The Aerofly FS2 R22 was designed with the professional and novice in mind featuring both a beginner mode that provides more stability and balance when you fly allowing you to fly while enjoying the surrounding scenery, " and a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart."

    Whichever mode you choose you can be sure that you will have the experience of a lifetime.

    Comment: Then, why it has changed? The Professional Mode was advertised as " a professional mode that handles just like the real life counterpart " - maybe because reality has changed since ?

    Perhaps it should have three modes: "Easy Mode", "Professional Realistic Mode" and "Hard Unrealistic Gamer Mode" ?

    Well, if it is too hard for you, you should go back to Easy Mode (just uncheck Profi Mode). But three stages/modes would be better:

    1. Easy Mode
    2. Advanced Mode (the same like the "so called" realistic fligh model of Open Beta version now)
    3. Professional Mode (--> the "old" Flight Model, which was developed under the presence/guidance of Claude Vuichard )

    Anyway, wether the current R22 Open Beta flight model (professional mode) behaves more realistically or not - it is MORE BORING - to me this is a matter of fact !!!

    Yes, it was hard to master/control the previous one, but it wasn't impossible and as I became more skilled there was no problem at all (remark: I'm always using seperate controls - one for cyclic, one for collective and the last one as pedals); and it was funny/rewarding, because it was almost impossible to master the previous Professinal Mode without the needs of seperate controls - like in reality.

    The corrected one doesn't need seperate controls at all, you can master it with ONLY ONE JOYSTICK - which I've proofed for myself many times. Yes, I'm pretty disapointed about the current - so called - professional flight model.

    • Before IPACS corrected it, there was a significant difference between "Easy Mode" vs "Professional Mode"
    • Now the difference is only marginal (is there still a difference ? ) ---> former Professional Mode has adapted towards Easy Mode, not contrariwise.
    • If that is the end result and what developers mean under "adding more realism" in the best sense of as real as it gets, then I'll swallow this bitter pill.

    Resume: Flying the Robinson R22 in Aerofly became less appealing for me - significantly !

    Sorry for the delay, I was away for a while and couldn't ask.

    Yes we did change something in the R22. The rotor blades are now simulated as bendable! If you stop the rotor you can see how flexible they are, the blades can now twist and bend which of course also dampens some of the abrupt inputs and it also makes it a bit more stable and at the same time a bit softer and easier to fly. We did this to get more realistic simulation results in comparison to real world test data and to simulate the rotor response to stick inputs even better. The R22 flies extremely close to the data of the real world aircraft.

    Well, thank you a lot for your reasonable answer! You can see yourself, proper communication with us customers makes the whole thing a lot easier.

    If your testimony is correct, and if the current OB's flymodel comes closer to reality than the previous one, then i can exist with that.

    REALISTIC FLIGHT BEHAVIOUR GOES OVER EVERYTHING; and it is something for what IPACS and Aerofly are famous for, since its beginnings.

    Okay, the journey goes on, together with Aerofly :)

    All the very best and THANK YOU:

    Well, the purpose of the beta is to report bugs? this is a BUG. It should get removed and not pushed through to the next stable edition. It's just a tad concerning, that ipacs are not certain what has caused this change in the flight model, as it wasn't purposely changed. Hopefully they find out.

    Well, I've another plausible theory why it has changed, but I'll keep it for myself because I cannot establish it - in this case I prefer the proverb "silence is golden" .

    But - for heavens sake - I'm really hoping that your sight is true, cgerada !

    Why?, there is already an easy mode.

    Well, after days of meaningful silentness past by on the part of IPACS's developers (---> still no real answer to the other complaints of various users regarding R22 flight model issue - see above), I became pretty frustrated and flyiing the R22 pretty boring comparing to its beginnings.

    That's why I tried another attempt today, and I had success :) - it's pretty easy to accomplish:

    1. The only thing I've really done was just to go on Steam - Library- Right Klick on AFS2 - Properties - Betas -
    2. ...and disabling all Beta-Programs in the drop down menu !
    3. After you've done so correctly, the Steam updater starts immedeately rolling back your AFS2 version to its official release canditate (RC Version) - which means it deletes simultaneously the last two Open-Beta updates, which is very crucial.
    4. Don't be shy: you cannot harm your installation by rolling back your AFS2 version. Beside it the "update" is very small (just somewhat more than 100 MB).

    After this fairly short process I was eager to do the same R22 test flight scenario I've dicribed in post # 11 above and the results became pretty clear a short time:

    • I got Claude Vuichard initial R22 flight-model back ^^
    • the same wildly behaviour close above ground/during take off and I was forced to take a lot more of an attention during hovering.
    • controlling this bird with only one joystick (see post # 11) became almost "impossible" - at least significantly catchier -compared to the last two OB flight model versions of the Robinson.

    In my eyes this is the second clear proof that IPACS has changed the R22 during the last Open Beta Updates towards

    • easier handling, more forgiving of the R22 flight model
    • especially during take off and approach/landing/hovering phases.
    • they literally cut down the feathers of an originally beautiful bird to fly. - but you can achieve this again (if you have AFS2 open beta installed currently) by rolling back to RC version.

    Anyway, tomorrow is an official holiday in Germany !

    So, have a good time and enjoy flying, enjoy it, enjoy it ;),

    all the best.

    Try to delete the main.mcf file located in your documents\Aerofly root folder, see if that resolves your issue.

    --> I've done as you adviced DrHotwing1 (deleting main.mcf file), but the result was surprisingly quite different:

    + Pro:

    • Finally I got my TrackIR function back in external view (to pan around), which never worked before in my AFS2; but I could neglect it up to now because ~ 99% of the time I'm flying in VC view-mode.
    • Certain microstutters have gone which forced me to restart the sim several times before they have been gone (--> this issue occured after the last two OB updates).

    - Con:

    • Any and all of IPAC's airports in Colorado have disappeared (e.g. Denver, Aspen, Telluride....) completely on my airport selection-map; so it's not possible to select them as start points anymore. --> the only exception is ORBX's custom KEGE-Eagle/Vail which is further visible and selectable.

    Regarding the R22 I could not notice any remarkable differences (Professional Mode still way lot easier in comparison the time BEFORE the last two OB updates), and I've dicided to do a personal hardcore-test:

    Shortly after the initial release of IPACS's R22 helicopter I became very ambitious to master this bird in Professional Mode only. But it grew quite frustrating because I tried this with only one control device, namely the Thrustmaster T-16000 stick.

    Long story short: because of the challenging and fun making flight model of the R22 I decided to make an own DIY Collective Stick, together with a complete remolding/enhancement of my old Saitek Rudder Pedals.

    The results were (and still are) just splendid, and I was able to safe a LOT OF MONEY -- it could'nt work better :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:.

    And the best: I started to master the AFS2 Robinson in Professional Flight Mode exclusively (only TrackIR - NO VR).

    Yesterday I've done the following test (of course Professional Mode only)

    1. Selecting a provoking test-scenario for the R22 (no VR, but TrackIR).
    2. I decided for heli-jumps in LA Down Town & New York City (thank you IPACS; you have done a superb job in LA - this spot is almost helicopter paradise to fly - the helipads/lightnings are beautifully crafted - a lot of joy to fly in LA Down Town :love: :thumbup:)
    3. Wind & Turbulence settings at 60 % up to 70 %.
    4. Daytime at dusk !!! --> which it makes more difficult to land on the top roofs and heli flying in general without VR - because in 2D/with TrackIR the perception of depth is constrained.


    1. With my full flight gear-setup and devices these two flying parcours were pretty easy to handle, as expected.

    After this I've done an artifice: I completey disabled my Rudder Pedals and Collective Stick and reverted my whole heli-flying setup back to ONLY ONE STICK MANAGEMENT (just one control stick - the T.16000) as months before (see above in this long post).

    2. After adapting over some minutes I was able to fly the same difficult parcours WITH ONLY ONE TWIST AXES JOYSTICK (no other device) even without any faults or crashing - I even could land within the red circles and straight on the numbers by the first attempt.

    Something I could have never achieved weeks or months before, because it was so hard and difficult to fly without pedals and collective, and only in 2D.

    This second attempt performed so well that I had to look more than twice if the flight model - maybe - reverted back to easy mode, but this was not the case !!!

    For me this is a clear evidence that the R22's flight model has changed towards significantly easier to fly during profi-mode.

    If a heli novice would have asked me months ago if it is possible to master the R22 professional flight model with only one joystick, I would have answered: You will experience a lot of frustrating moments !

    But now I can say to the same novice: Yes, of course. It would be useless to spend a lot of money for a collective lever and for rudder pedals. ONE JOYSTICK WITH TWIST AXIS WOULD BE ENOUGH !!!!

    IPACS, this is so embarrassing !

    Sorry for the long post, but it was necessary.

    All the best to all of you.