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    Can't believe what I've been seeing (based on first post).

    This must be one of Jeff's early April fool hoaxes :/

    Living World surrounding in an aerfoly simulator: I am referring to 'cause I'm waiting for this since 2012 (the release of IPACS's first version), and this MUST be a hoax.

    Well, we will see if this project still has some validity after the April 1st 2019 .

    i fully agree with you ! Only a Super Cub (with 150 or 180hp) can climb, land and take off from Switzerland glacier landing places situated usually between 9000 and 12000 ft.... I’m living in the swiss alps (Sion Airport - LSGS), and we have at the airport many Super Cub, one Carbon cub, an aviat Husky, and a maule mx 7.... such planes are workhorses for glaciers landing and tkoff... the classical J3 or L4 Piper Pa 18 « cub » from 65 to 90 hp is clearly flown as a vintage plane, and none is used since more than 40 years for such wheels/skis operations.

    Regards, Herve

    ...very interesting Herve! And which Helicopters are in use there for glacier landings/take offs?

    Switzerland is world wide famous for its mountain rescue, and I'm really hoping that the R22 Robinson will not be the only heli in AFS2 in future !!!!

    Could it be possible or just my own imagination?

    Since this update the package temperature of my rig is 5°C - 9°C LOWER than before (also lower graphics temp.). If this is caused by core improvements it would be absolutely wonderful, because I'm simulating AFS2 on my old, but still powerful, laptop gaming PC. And I don't want to waste this machine just for dust or trash.

    Zurich became a victim again (alike in the update before ;) ) --> it's still on the same place in the airport selection screen, but with wrong spelling.

    IPACS decided to give this venerable city a new name, namely : ZuVIich , something like that !

    Controller menu is defenitely an improvement, and a very good idea to underline the switches and axes with various colours corresponding to the allocated devices (never seen this clever idea in another sim before).

    But its barely visible and the underlines too weak for my taste ---> maybe you can do something with the colours?

    Thank you and all the best.

    Hey gang,

    Regarding the Piper cub, I contacted Krzysk and he sent me the files, I'll be working on that in my free time :)

    I want to get the physics just right, add engine start etc, make it vr hand compatible etc., Think this will be a great plane :)

    Thank you SO MUCH !!!, Jan, really great.

    And here comes a suggestion for watching a movie (from 1975), starring Robert Redford:

    The Great Waldo Pepper (in German: Tollkühne Flieger)

    [Blocked Image:…92/the-great-waldo-pepper]

    Probably some of you know this movie already! It displays the times of the " Golden Age of Aviation ".

    Where pilots actually flew under bridges and could land wherever they wanted. Beside its - not so good - drama stuff, it contains a lot of good informations about the origins/history of todays aviation. Very inspiring indeed and a good bunch of action, with lots of realistic background.

    All the very best.


    After watching this video I'm wondering: Why do we design so many runways, taxiways and ramps??? I'll immediately stop developing airports! :D:P8o<X

    However, your statement and this video reminds me (with laughter in my heart) on all this "useless" discussions at so many flight-sim forums - " what is real aviation/simulation and what not" - where "so called" serious flight-simmers would fiercely clash:

    " This is not real aviation...there is no airport even no paved cannot land there, because you are not allowed to do got no clearence from a tower, so you are not allowed to land on a river bank ;) only should land off runways in the case of emergency, etc...etc...etc... . "

    That's what I start to really love about Aerofly FS 2 and its community: It's this kind of unorthodox and refreshing attitude they bring to light, and their new approach regarding flight simulation, without to lose grip on reality.

    Alltought AFS2's pace of development could be a little bit faster --> sorry developers ;) ) !

    Sand bar landing in a Carbon Cub at 1:07

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    O Man, thank you so much for this inspiring and gorgeous video!

    Never thought that there are such weirdos out there who are doing the same "crazy-things" I like to do most of the time in my flight sims :) .

    Again: VERY inspiring, thank you so much,


    Short answer: yes it was changed, not particularly to "defuse" it. I know especially the knife edge suffered a bit from the changes I made to get it to tumble...

    Thank you for your straight answer!

    Well, which lines do I have to edit to get back the "old" flying behaviour? Is it an possible or even easy task?

    Hi Jan (Jet-Pack) ! Thanks a lot for your forthcoming informations regarding the Pitts flight-model --> it matches to some observations I made on my rig at that time when I had both Aerofly versions installed: Aerofly FS (released 2012) and of course AFS2 from now.

    Which leads to my question: May it be true, that the flight-model of the Pitts in Aerofly FS 2 has been "defused" for PC - Simmers (less rudder input) compared to the Pitts in Aerofly FS (2012) ?

    Because I find the Pitts in version one more realistic regarding its flight-physics/model, more depending on correct rudder inputs. Especially during take-off it acts - from my perspective - more aggressively and realistically! ---> annotation: I am a strikt rudder-pedals "flyer".

    Then as I tried the Pitts an AFS2 I even became some kind of disappointed (reg. too easy, less challenging to "fly").

    Are these observations only the result of my imagination, or do I have a point there?

    All the very best,

    sincerely Alex, from good old Germany ;)

    Ah, THANK YOU!!!! IPACS Team, for delivering such a fast fix ----> Problem seems to be solved at the first glance inside my AFS2 - very good :D.

    Zurich shifted back to its origin, and no more strange Airports in the Pacific Ocean littoral to North America West Coast !

    @IPACS: Ich wünsche euch frohes Schaffen und gutes Gelingen bei eurer weiteren Arbeit !

    (Have a good day at work! To success! )

    Yes, me, exactely the same!

    Now, Zurich has become a part of the Norht Sea - the continental drift must have been the cause ;) .

    The aerobatics flight physics is really one of the best IPACS ever created.

    A nice addition would not only be an aircraft like the SIAI Marchetti SF 260, but a second Flight-School - e.g Aerobatics Flight School - or any other given name by developers. It should include a lot of challenging, realistic but fun making missions too :D

    [Blocked Image:]

    All the verry best to all of you.