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    Hello Tony,

    Had a look on it. If you have for Part 1 this 7 folders containing the image files in the image directory, then your installation ist correct:

    But there is effectively a small area that is not well covered in the scenery yet, this due to the used Bing-Map as a data source (marked in blue):

    If the scenery/image files of Part 1 & 3 are completely installed, the area should look like this from high altitude (position north of yours looking to the south):

    So I would have to try to merge the area with images from another sources. I will see if I can fix it within an further update. I have also fixed some of these bugs for BC East, but even then not all of them ...



    The landscape is very varied. Apart from the lakes, there are impressive mines, high mountains in the south-west and smaller ski resorts near the lakes.

    Airports are basically from, a little bit enhanced and partionally lights for taxiways added. I also added some non official helipad’s at the ski-resorts and mines as departing point for the EC135 and R22.

    Coming soon ...


    Hello together,

    After the great update from IPACS with the EC135 time to get a new flight area on Aerofly FS2!

    Vancouver area (will be part 5 of my project) is still in progress, hope to finish it till end of the year. But in the meantime British Columbia SW (part 4) – Boarder East extension will be ready soon.

    After the uploads of part 1-3 (Whistler Mountains, Bralorne and Lillooet) this will be the east-extension of my project "British Columbia South-West (CA)", covering the region of Kamloops and the towns of Salmon Arm, Vernon, Kelowna, Penticton along the beautiful lake region of Lake Okanagan. The coverage of the whole area is approx. 60'000 km2 (200 x 300 km) and also includes small part of the northern US state of Washington.

    Photo-texture based on Bing-maps © with a resolution of 2.389 meters/pixels (with AFS2-level 13) for the main area (hole area done with at least level 12, airport-areas an hot spots going up to level 14 with 1.194 m/p). Also a mesh from TomSimMuc (USGS, SRTM1) will be integrated in the package. It also includes special cultivations as powerlines, cars, boats, piers, radio- and cell-towers etc.For doing the buildings I had help from Kloot, where the OSM data are very poor (build on the base of Canadian Building Footprints © Microsoft).


    Salmon Arm




    More previews will follow soon ...



    My work on the scenery is progressing.

    In the meantime the area around Vancouver incl. cultivation has been mostly accomplished. The extension with Vancouver will cover the following area (marked in blue) and also includes the northernmost part of Washington State (US):

    Kindly TomSimMuc also did the harbour area with the boats, cruise ships, containers and cranes: :!:Thanks Thomas:!:

    More impressions of the addon: approaching Vancouver / passing Mount Baker (US) / Ruskin Dam (BC) with heli landing place:

    Currently I am working on further special objects, a high res texture for the airport area and have especially started with the realization of the numerous bridges in the city.

    In principle it would already be possible for me, as far as there is a clear interest on the part of the community, to upload a pre-release, which is already very nice to fly. Otherwise I will probably need another 2 - 3 months for the finalization of the scenery.



    Mit etwas Kenntnis der Aerofly Strukturen kann man die Bäume vollständig entfernen und mit Hilfe diverser Hilfsprogramme (Aerofly scenery editor, Scenproc) kann man aber auch selber Cultivation setzen. Wer will kann sogar die Satellitenbilder ersetzen durch aktuellere (AeroScenery von Nickhod).

    ... wenn man das Ganze gemacht und einige Stunden Arbeit investiert hat (auch die OSM-Daten als Basis für das "trees-replacement" haben viele Bugs), dann kann Bern auf FS2 so schön aussehen:

    Habe gesehen dass einige tolle Modelle gibt, u.a. auch das Wankdorf-Stadium, welche für FS2 umgesetzt werden könnten. Überlege mir daher, eine kleine Add-on-Scenery für die Umgebung von Bern zu kreieren und dies dann der Community auf zur Verfügung zu stellen.

    Hello Todd

    I just copied the template "runway_decal_01_color.tif" and colored it yellow, keeping the alpha-chanel.

    Then you make a second object with the yellow lines, using the yellow decals-template instead of the white one.

    It is important that you follow the naming convention ("…__decals__priority0" - each with two underscores) and group the decals before you export them as one *.tgi files .

    Example how I did it for LSZN:

    Unfortunately the template it is too big for uploading in the forum. I can exchange the template with you via a download link when desired, just contact me via a direkt conversation in this case.

    Just a question: On which airport are you working now?



    Hawaiian Islands Part 2: Niihau for Aerofly FS 2 in VR with a short fly over Niihau is uploaded by RGC:

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    I agree with the above comment, amazing

    Is everything really that uniform ??? if so, I guess that's why they call them blocks

    The cultivation and also most part of the skyliners of the city are based on OSM data, which are very rich for the city of Vancouver, just converted with ScenProc.

    I only replaced some skylines with adapted objects from 3DWarehouse, which makes the scene more attractive and real.

    The shape of the single-level houses seems to vary a little more in reality, but are nevertheless geometrically arranged over a very large area in Vancouver (View from Google Earth):

    Anyway, it looks great flying in VR on FS2!

    Welcome to LSZN Hausen am Albis, another nice destination in Switzerland. Hausen am Albis (ICAO code: LSZN) is a small airport located in the south-east of Zürich. Hausen am Albis is a good departure point for a flight to Central Switzerland or a VFR flight to the airport of LSZH Zürich-Kloten.

    Preview (using a photo-texture from Bing):

    There is small scenery includes around the “Albis”-mountain chain with the idyllic “lake Türler” and also a adapted trees-replacement of IPAC’s default-vegetation.

    Let me surprise you.

    If possible, I will do the upload tomorrow.



    Creating own custom XREFs libraries is quite easy too : just superpose all 3D objects of your library in a single TGI file and compile as XREF.

    Perhaps it's better to define all your objects as XREFs, you can even scale them (water towers, helipads are good examples)

    This approach seems very interesting to me. But, how can I compile a TGI file as XREF-library (do you have an example of a *.tsc file for the "content converter" of IPACS)?

    And do the XREF objects also work if they have multiple textures?