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    Thank you to both of you Gooseno1 and jet-pack.

    I guess the Thrustmater Warthog or the SaitekX56 should do the job.

    Any experience with either one.

    Good flight to you

    I would like to know if a list of hardware compatible with AeroflyFS2 exists. I mean devices such as joysticks, rudder pedals for example.

    Thank you in advance

    PS : After many many years on MFS ( from version 1 to X ) .... this is REALLY MANY YEARS I am totally delighted with my move to Aerofly.

    Congratulations to all the developers !

    FIrst of all I am not sure this is the right place for my question ...

    After installing Aerofly fs2 I also bought Q400, Switzerland and Meigs. All seems to work beautifully, congratulations to the developers ! One thing I do not understand though is the fact that nowhere

    on the SSD's on my computer can I find these various software. I have a 500Gb SSD Gb that I intended to dedicate to Flight Simulation but I am afraid Steam seems to install everything

    on the system SSD (C) ... which I think is too small to have all the simulation related software. I have also noticed that during the download process from Steam an option to load the programs

    on a particular disk or SSD apparently does not exist ! Or alternatively WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ???

    Is there a way to correct this situation i.e. to transfer the Aerofly related stuff onto the proper SSD without jeopardizing the whole system ?

    If yes what will happen next time I purchase an Aerofly extension ? ( Utah, Colorado or Innsbruck ).

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Thank you Jan for your reply.

    Do you think the various switches/controls present on the mentionned jotsticks can be used in aerofly to fly and would allow

    me not to use the mouse/keyboard ? Or maybe would you know of any other piece of hardware to do that ? As you may

    guess I am a real beginner in computer simming. Thank you in advance for your patience.


    I am about to purchase aerofly on my new computer.

    I would like to be sure that the following H/W equipment is supported by aerofly :

    1 - HOTAS X56 and/or Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog ( Ihave both )

    2 - Thrustmaster T.Flight rudder pedals

    My apologies if the same question has already be answered and thank you in advance.


    PS : any preferred equipment for aerofly ?