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    Pardon me if I have missed something but I cannot find the R22 when I start aerofly; ( Not the steam version ).

    Why ?

    Thank you in adbance for your help

    Thank you to both of you Gooseno1 and jet-pack.

    I guess the Thrustmater Warthog or the SaitekX56 should do the job.

    Any experience with either one.

    Good flight to you

    I would like to know if a list of hardware compatible with AeroflyFS2 exists. I mean devices such as joysticks, rudder pedals for example.

    Thank you in advance

    PS : After many many years on MFS ( from version 1 to X ) .... this is REALLY MANY YEARS I am totally delighted with my move to Aerofly.

    Congratulations to all the developers !

    FIrst of all I am not sure this is the right place for my question ...

    After installing Aerofly fs2 I also bought Q400, Switzerland and Meigs. All seems to work beautifully, congratulations to the developers ! One thing I do not understand though is the fact that nowhere

    on the SSD's on my computer can I find these various software. I have a 500Gb SSD Gb that I intended to dedicate to Flight Simulation but I am afraid Steam seems to install everything

    on the system SSD (C) ... which I think is too small to have all the simulation related software. I have also noticed that during the download process from Steam an option to load the programs

    on a particular disk or SSD apparently does not exist ! Or alternatively WHAT AM I DOING WRONG ???

    Is there a way to correct this situation i.e. to transfer the Aerofly related stuff onto the proper SSD without jeopardizing the whole system ?

    If yes what will happen next time I purchase an Aerofly extension ? ( Utah, Colorado or Innsbruck ).

    Thank you in advance for your help.


    Thank you Jan for your reply.

    Do you think the various switches/controls present on the mentionned jotsticks can be used in aerofly to fly and would allow

    me not to use the mouse/keyboard ? Or maybe would you know of any other piece of hardware to do that ? As you may

    guess I am a real beginner in computer simming. Thank you in advance for your patience.


    Thank you for your fast reply Jan.

    The essential point in this regard is "how do the various switches on the joystick relate to

    aerofly functions in different aircrafts ? As most simers I suppose I would like to o


    arious switces r inI I

    I am about to purchase aerofly on my new computer.

    I would like to be sure that the following H/W equipment is supported by aerofly :

    1 - HOTAS X56 and/or Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog ( Ihave both )

    2 - Thrustmaster T.Flight rudder pedals

    My apologies if the same question has already be answered and thank you in advance.


    PS : any preferred equipment for aerofly ?