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    Currently there is no option to change the distance to the runway.

    What is the reason why you want to increase the distance?

    hi jan

    As there is currently no option to replay flights I was thinking of using this option for demo purposes in VR, as the plane is all configured the person can just put the Oculus Rift on and enjoy the approach with that awesome photo real textures out the window, currently the ac are too close to landing so cannot really sit and experience the situation.

    Thomas said about setting your approach wherever you want but then you will need to go into Oculus configure the plane property, flaps, landing gear, ils / gs etc, you don't need to do any of this if you chose the the approach phrase now.


    when you click on location then the runway you can chose your start spot either the gate, on the runway or the approach of each runway, any way to increase the distance for the approach option i.e XX NM from touchdown ?

    yeah very true ! the thing is my 5 yr old and my wife are away for 6 weeks, this would NOT have been possible if they were here, i need full concentration to learn this and learn and educate myself as much as possible before they come back, because when they do this is NOT going to happen ! :P


    how does on add a new thick line for the runway from the texture file (f10) to put on the runway say i want a thick line on the runway surface how do i do that?

    ok found the problem the problem was in the tsc file,




    <[string8][geometry][ybbn_rwy]> <------ only had ybbn should have had ybbn_rwy

    <[tmvector3d][position][153.126720 -27.387938 0]>





    <[tmvector3d][position][153.126720 -27.387938 0]>

    ok i did the decals with the proper runway markings such as 01 and runway 19 then exported it separately and got ybbn_decal.tgi, then when i ran the converter i get the message, i checked the tsc file and the tsc file states ybbn_decal for the file name. :?:

    0.18: using output folder 'C:/Users/clayt/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/'


    0.18: ====================================================================================

    0.19: converting folder = './'

    0.19: converting geometry file './ybbn_decal.tgi'

    0.20: (type = 'ground')

    0.20: ERROR: (unable to load geometry './ybbn.tgb' that is given in tsc file './/ybbn.tsc')

    0.21: ERROR: (cannot convert geometry file './ybbn_decal.tgi')

    do you know why i am getting this error msg

    converting 3 image files in parallel

    1.24: image './runway_decal_01_color.tif': size=2048x2048 c=4 compr=1 flipv=1 mip=1 cf=1 image './asphalt_runway__typeblue__brightness05_color.bmp': size=2048x2048 c=3 compr=1 flipv=1 mip=1 cf=1 ERROR: (image './Area_Lp1_SnapOff_S027222040_S027241372_E153065049_E153082135.bmp' dimensions is not power of two -> 1765 x 2935

    1.32: ERROR: (cannot convert image file './Area_Lp1_SnapOff_S027222040_S027241372_E153065049_E153082135.bmp')



    9.76: writing scenery tsc file 'C:/Users/clayt/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/ybbn_rwy/ybbn.tsc'


    9.77: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    9.77: // SUMMARY

    9.78: // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

    9.79: input folder 0 = './'

    9.79: output folder 0 = 'C:/Users/clayt/Documents//Aerofly FS 2/scenery/places/ybbn_rwy/'

    9.80: file types = 'tsc' 'tgi' 'jpg' 'bmp' 'tif' 'png'

    9.84: 0 files copied

    9.84: 2 textures copied

    9.85: 0 sounds converted

    9.85: 2 geometries converted

    9.86: 2 errors

    yes thanks Phil i looked at Rodeo's video again and managed to get the numbers into the runway, Querty provided me with the decals that work and i sued that, i got the numbers and was able to change things on the runway using the decal template, however now the runway is floating above the original (photoreal) runway, something i must have accidentally one

    oh well time to look at this tomorrow as i am going to bed soon

    night !

    hello Querty

    this information above has really helped me get the decals in, however i have two problems,

    1 how do i increase the width of the decal so in the night time the runway lights are the corresponding width of the runway and 2 i am having problems actually putting the numbers into the decals at the end of the runways.