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    Well, I am sorry I am unable to upload a screenshot, but I reproduced another simple FPLAN and the same happens.

    For example, KSFO19L - PDG - GVO - KSAN09, no SID no STAR for simplicity purpose, and being PDG a NDB and GVO a VOR manually added to have some waypoints along the route.

    In MCDU FPLN page, if I intend a LAT or VERT revision at PDG, data for KSFO19L appear, and for a revision at GVO, data for PDG appear instead.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Hello. I was intending to use the Vulkan API, but then the start screen appears without mouse pointer. I must switch to OpenGL with the keyboard. My graphic card is Nvidia GT730 4mb.


    Good morning, developer team.

    Any news about new or revised features in A320 FMGS, for example the problem of flight plan losing when performing a DIR TO, or the correct behaviour of HDG PRESET before takeoff?

    Please improve the already excellent A320.

    Thanks a lot for your simulator.

    Good evening.

    I was trying to create a flight plan from scratch using the MCDU. Some city pairs in INIT page do not work, for example LIRF/LEMD, KMIA/KLAX or KMIA/KJFK. Only the first part (for example LIRF/---) is displayed. Nevertheless if using Navigation menu it there is no problem. Strange thing as supposedly a flight plan can be created via MCDU.


    Good morning.

    When I plan a route via Navigation in AF2 menu, the Fuel on Board figure that shows on PFD is roughly always the same, regardless of the route lenght (I am checking from LIRF to any point of Europe). If I change the value in MCDU, it does not reflects in PFD either. I cannot see how how fuel calculation works internally.


    Hello, Jan.

    Sorry to insist on this. IMHO I can confirm after googling and checking other sources that HDG PRESET function is not correctly simulated: in real aircraft when the pilot preselects a heading prior to takeoff by turning the HDG selector (but without pushing/pulling it), that heading keeps preselected. After liftoff at 30 ft the RWY TRK mode activates (to keep the runway axis) until pilot pulls HDG selector, in that moment HDG lateral mode activates.

    In AF2, there is no RWY TRK mode but instead HDG mode activates after liftoff without pilot input, and the plane would make a roll at such a low altitude. Not realistic.

    Just for info.



    Hello. My version is of the end of January.

    What I read somewhere in the changelog is that you can change (on ground) the ALT CRZ in the MCDU by clicking the corresponding key adjacent to value shown in PROG page. Doing so and inserting the suggested value (or any other), it is only reflected in MCDU and not in FCU window, and apparently is ignored. Maybe I am doing it wrongly.



    Also to my knowledge you can engage HDG on the ground, it does not arm, it goes straight to active mode. But we have yet had a real world pilot confirm this. Nobody does this in the real world... I know that rotating the heading knob kicks out armed NAV mode on the ground. Not sure what happens if you pull the knob though.

    HDG is the basic lateral mode, so it has to activate in the air when there is no other mode. Also this is implemented to the best of my knowledge, interpreting the FCOM and reading between the lines here. If RWY TRK is active then we would not have to use HDG right away. On automatic engagement the heading synchronizes to the present heading, so no turn is commanded by the flight director.

    Hi Jet-Pack.

    I enclose an excerpt from FCOM where explains HDG PRESET mode before takeoff. In fact, there are SIDs that tell the pilot to keep a given heading after takeoff until a certain altitude (for example) and then resume managed navigation by going straight to a F-PLN waypoint (DIR TO). Before activating HDG mode after takeoff, RWY TRK mode is kept and appears in FMA.

    Please check with a real pilot.

    "The system has a HDG/TRK preset function for takeoff and go-around.

    If the flight crew chooses not to fly the flight plan after takeoff or go-around, they may preset a HDG or

    a TRK on the FCU by turning the HDG/TRK knob. The value they set remains displayed in the FCU

    HDG/TRK window until they pull the knob.


    HDG/TRK preset is available before takeoff and up to 30 ft RA. Turning the HDG/TRK knob before

    30 ft sets the desired HDG/TRK. As a consequence:

    - NAV is disarmed

    - At 30 ft, RWY TRK is annunciated until the HDG/TRK knob is pulled.


    Whenever the LOC*, LOC, LAND or GA modes are engaged, the HDG preset is available. If the

    flight crew rotates the HDG/TRK knob to set the value, it will remain displayed in the window. Pull

    out the HDG/TRK knob to activate the mode and turn the aircraft to the preset value.

    When overflying the MAP, HDG/TRK will synchronize with the current value. The HDG/TRK preset

    function is no longer available.


    The flight crew can cancel a preset HDG/TRK by:

    - Engaging the NAV mode using the DIR TO

    - Pushing in the HDG/TRK knob (arming NAV mode)

    - Disengaging AP/FD."


    We have tried to follow the FCOM as closely as possible. There, if I remember correctly, it says that RWY TRK follows a RWY mode when there is no NAV mode armed after takeoff. So to my knowledge RWY TRK only activates if RWY has been active. And for that you require a LOC signal.

    Yes, I think you are right. Except that RWY TRK activates at 30 ft if there is a HDG PRESET before takeoff, until pulling HDG knob to activate HDG mode.


    Otherwise I tried to use the new feature for suggested ALT CRZ by clicking the corresponding LSK in MCDU, but when I insert it there is no reflection in FCU ALT window nor PFD display.

    Please check what I am doing wrong here.

    Sorry for my questions, I like your A320 and would want it to be as realistic as possible.

    Best regards.


    I just wanted to point out something I think is erroneous regarding AP/FD modes displayed in FMA (upper area of PFDs), after creating a flight plan to be flown in managed modes:

    - When starting the takeoff run, vertical mode SRS is properly engaged, but lateral mode should be RWY (or RWY TRK provided there is no ILS associated to takeoff runway) instead of blank until CLB mode activates at ACC ALT.

    - When a heading is preselected before takeoff, likewise RWY (TRK) should be active during takeoff run but HDG mode is in blue below, waiting for pilot to pull HDG knob to activate it. In AF2, HDG mode becomes active just after liftoff, which is incorrect as aircraft might begin a roll at a very low altitude.

    - When in flight if I make a DIR TO towards a waypoint, it seems to me that F-PLN from that waypoint disappears (I have to check it again anyway).

    - Otherwise I tried to use the new feature for suggested ALT CRZ by clicking the corresponding LSK in MCDU, but when I insert it there is no reflection in FCU ALT window nor PFD display.

    Best regards.

    Hello. I was not aware of this feature, so I decided to try it. I am not able to display the controls, supposedly activated via C key.

    I have tried several aircraft, with and without a route planned.

    Please help.

    Disconnect the throttle quadrant or disable it in the controller settings by clicking on it in the list at the bottom, set enabled to false.

    Then click into the central area of the throttle (where you see movement when you move the slider), then press backspace to delete that assignment.

    Plug the quadrant back in or re-enable it and you should be all set.

    Thank you for your instructions. Now it works as expected.