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    First, I start AFS2 (latest beta) in Steam, then select Steam VR mode when prompted.

    When I set graphic driver to Vulkan, my WMR Headset just displays the "grey room" I used to see before getting AFS2 home menu. The 6dof tracking remains ok, and everything on my 22-inches monitor seems to be ok, except for the yoke and the quadrant that are not responding (display, sound, keyboard and mouse ok).

    Reverting to OpenGL causes normal display in the headset. Restarting AFS2 (Steam VR mode) causes everything working back again.

    Hope this could help to debug.



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    Hi JJS,

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    Hi JJS,

    In order to get my WMR Headset (ACER) working with Steam VR (beta for WMR) I had to (prepare paracetamol...) :

    Request a key for the closed beta program for Steam "WMR", using URL "", and sign up (maybe it's not necessary anymore today since Steam for WMR has been officially released yet)

    Download Windows Mixed Reality PC Check, and check my PC to validate the requirements

    Download and upgrade Windows 10 pro to "Fall creators update"

    Few days later, Activate the key in Steam in order to get Steam VR, and set it in beta mode in the properties

    Enable Windows 10 Developer mode

    Plug the headset (it launches WMR home)

    Calibrate the room

    Launch Steam VR from the desktop with the mouse (unable to launch it from WMR home, not found)

    Inside Steam VR home launch AFFS2 (it believes you're wearing a HTC Vive, a kind of emulation so)

    Center view by pressing the space bar

    Click Start with the "laser" of the controller

    Say "Oh la vache !" four times at least


    Bonne nuit

    Well, it looks like Steam VR has implemented Windows Mixed Reality. I am trying to test the Lenovo Explorer headset, but Steam VR says it's is not recognized.

    Is anybody able to fly FS2 with Lenovo Explorer headset? I would be interested to know how you managed that! By the way, I had no problem with Oculus Rift.

    Hi JJS,

    I have been using Acer AH101 Headset (Windows Mixed Reality) for two or three weeks, since I received a key for the beta program of Steam VR (WMR).

    I had to strictly follow the procedure, and it's working. What's wrong with your Lenovo ?

    I just want to share my experience with my ACER AH 101 Windows Mixed Reality Headset, for some people that could be interested. (Sorry for my "frenchy" english, I try to do my best).

    I should say that it is my first experience with VR.

    I spend a lot of time searching everything about this new technology (WMR), having known that VR for AFS2 seemed to be really great.

    Despite I haven't found anything about this headset concerning AFS2, I decided to buy it and crossed my fingers hoping it will be functional for it : I checked all the pre-requisites (W10 FCU, CPU, GPU, etc).

    I started by obtaining an activation key (one shot key) for "Steam VR for Windows Mixed Reality BETA" and installed it. Note that I have been waiting about one week for the key.

    And... finally it works ! :) Great...

    You have to follow a complex sequence in the right order, but it is worth the pain.

    OK, I hope AFS2 team will integrate in the future, native WMR support... :saint:

    In my opininon, AFS2 and WMR means a huge potential.

    More to come... ;)