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    The point isn't if people play older games or if Microsoft has the resources to get the refined detail. AOB stated that with the present level of delay that this version of Hawaii will be irrelevant when FS 2020 arrives. He's got the honesty to state what many of us elude to, that the continual delay with IPACS and with the scenery developers lead many of us to believe that we won't see any further improvements or significant updates before we're all flying in FS2020. I love the shots of Hawaii, but that's all we seem to see. And IPACS is investing their time in the mobile version and hasn't had the resources to dedicate to Aeorfly2 per their newsletter. It just feels like they have moved on to more opportunity and left us here.

    I absolutely LOVE the VR experience in Aerofly and won't fly X PLane due to the inferiority, but the lonely sterile planet and lack of updates leaves me yearning for FS 2020 in the hopes that someone is still developing for those of us searching for perfection.

    I can't wait for this to come out, it looks spectacular but if you're at the point where you're painting specific buildings you're loosing revenue. This sim only has a finite life span and the longer you wait fine tuning for perfection reduces the amount of time that people pay to play it before they move along to the next sim. This is the overall problem with this sim is that developers are seeking granular perfection and missing the opportunities to move on and grow the overall platform.

    MSFS will never never never never running in VR with a Performance like FS2!

    And ALL what you have seen from MSF 2020 is a little little Video part!!!! Nothing else!

    Maybe, this little area has MS finalized - but the complete world? NEVER in 10 years!

    You don't actually know that they won't have the same performance, a small group like IPACS was able to do it. Imagine what a group with Microsoft's support (and money) can do. And they have released a number of videos AND there is a large beta testing group providing feedback on it right now. Go and watch the monthly updates from MS, they've mapped the world already and they've designed the software to pull it down easily. Their plan is to release it this year with every airport in the world free as part of the price. I get that IPACS holds their cards close, but we along with them need to be realistic about the future of our community and recognize what is coming. They have a limited time to market this well and bring in more people (and revenue) to try and expand the base before they are over taken. I understand loyalty, and love Aerofly, but a new standard about to be set.

    FYI, if MS 2020 is as good and accurate as it appears then they could be the standard that flight schools use for virtual training. That is something that IPACS could do now with limited changes. It's a possible missed opportunity.

    Thanks to everyone for your help. I ended up cleaning out a lot of old data in my "places" folder and then reinstalling the Nimitz-Und folder and adding whitav8's attached file. It worked and I now have an aircraft carrier in the back yard. I suspect that the system didn't like the way I was editing in Notepad and the format it was being saved, thus why it wouldn't work for me.

    Why have a carrier in the Thunersee? In previous lives I worked on an aircraft carrier and I also lived in Thun. Combining two amazing times in my life together.

    Thanks again for all of your help.

    I still can't make it show up even with autoheight set to true. Can you take a look at my .TSC and tell me what I've done wrong? And what are you using to edit it? Thanks.









    <[vector2_float64][position][ 7.706849 46.692807]>



    <[vector2_float64][tower_position][0 0]>








    <[vector3_float64][position][7.706849 46.692807 -0.2]>

    I want to adjust the elevation of the Eisenhower aircraft carrier. So about 18 months ago I managed to adjust the .TSC file of the Nimitz-Und.tsc file and place it in the middle of Lake Thun (Thunersee) near Interlaken Switzerland. Since then I had to reload my PC and forgot to save the change I made. I've been trying to adjust it once more but had no luck. I have the Lon/Lat backwards, as needed but can't seem to get the elevation set correct (558 meters / 1831 feet). Can anyone advise on how to adjust to make it show up once more? Thanks - Rainier.

    I suggest pinning a new thread that outlines the most recent method of creating and converting with a link to the most recent software. And Nick would have the ability to edit it. I used Areoscenery when it first came out but the program has changed enough that trying to work through all the nuances and question through 26 pages of info made me abandon it. Just my experience and idea.