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    Same on the Pitts, I have many hours on S2B and I can say : when you cut the throttle the sound change a lot ! yes the prop "rpm" rest stable above a certain speed , and the sound of the prop rest constant and it is dominant, but not the engine sound !

    It is like in a car if you stay in 4th gear with throttle at 5000 rpm on a flat road and if after in a descent with no throttle you maintain the same 5000 rpm still in 4th gear but with only the brakes ! You have the same engine rotation but not the same sound because of no or little combustion in the engine !

    So we have 2 sounds for the engine : the rotation sound (in some way merge with the prop) and the combustion sound .



    Exactly.. Zero throttle surely means zero (or idle) combustion. It seems like little or no percentage of the the engine sound is caused by combustion or more significantly exhaust?

    The IL-2 series are about to introduce a P38 so it will be interesting to see their take on it with their record of attention to detail and accuracy.

    Ok thank you.

    So the plane's speed is changed by changing the prop blade pitch and this is what the levers on the left of the cockpit are doing?

    The thing is I see or hear no drop in engine RPM when the throttle/ levers are dropped back to zero when in flight.

    I'm really impressed with the stunning graphics and general game play (Especially in VR), but finding lack of audio control settings unusual:/.

    This became evident as I tried to find a way of turning down/ or tuning off the voice alerts for altitude in the Learjet 45 which has a booming voice compered to rest of the sounds=O.

    I noticed the same with other alerts in the passenger jets.

    Am I missing something or is there a way do this? Any plans to introduce settings in the future please?:)

    Keep up the great work!