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    I know about the support of the IPACS team, but I don't want to waste the time

    of the team with things that I can find in the tmd file.

    It's just a matter of research a little more.

    And the best thing about looking through the tmd file is that we learn things

    that we weren't searching for and this is great.

    But sometimes I quit and send you an e-mail.

    I did this today:)


    The best advices I can give to the guys that are starting to create an aircraft is:

    Back-up the max file TOGETHER with the tmd file (very important !!!), make little changes and don't give up.

    Even if you cannot find the answer easily, the time you spent searching for it you will learn

    lots of things.

    Change and test. Change and test.

    This way the error is easily detected.

    If the tmd file is a normal sight for us, when the tools come we will be prepared for it.

    Another thing: Put lines among the parts of the tmd files


    and //---------------------------------------------------------------------

    === for the main things and ---for the little parts inside the topic.

    This will help a lot to read the tmd.

    One last thing: Delete all the lines about the pilot.

    There are lots of them and the file become very hard to read.

    After you finish you can put them back.

    ( I hope that none of the IPACS guys read this )^^

    Thanks, guys.:!::)

    Hello Steve,

    I don't know if your notice but I am trying to steal some creative people from the scenery field.

    A lot of brilliant minds out there.

    As soons as you finish your airports give a try.

    I think that the lead guy is Lionheart.

    Sv and me started our aircrafts after reading his threads and seeing his beautiful screenshots in 1917.

    Sad that he is no long with Aerofly ( as far as I know)

    If I can help the scenery guys that can start an aircraft we will do.

    TMD can be defeat we fight together.

    Waiting your airports.

    Hello Dave,

    JetPak is helping me a lot, but I don't like to do stupid questions to him so I try to find the answer by myself.

    It's not a good method but we can learn lots of thing this way ( and loose some hair, too).

    Why you don't start an aircraft ?

    You will learn a lot of things trying to creating one.

    And we can help you (if we know the answer)

    Lionheart must be busy with his work in P3D and I don't want to disturb him.

    Try it.


    Hello Friends,

    I wanted to know how many people out there (not the IPACS Team) are working in

    aircrafts for Aerofly FS 2 ?:/

    Sv Baker and me are two of them.

    We are Struggling to understand the TMD file and its relationship with the MAX file.

    Being happy when the plane loads and so sad and the screen fades white and the sim crashes.

    Dino and Lionheart are back to their projects in P3D, FSX, etc (I think).

    So we, my friends, are in the frontline of the struggle.

    So many talented people here creating sceneries and I don't hear anything about the people

    creating aircrafts.:?:

    TMD file is a wonderful beast as soons as we understand it.

    It can drive you crazy, sometimes.:cursing:

    But it's fun !:)

    And don't forget: use the KISS method.

    "Keep It Simple Stupid"8)

    We are not masters, like Dino or Lionheart, but we can make some aircrafts fly (Ours are).

    Thanks all.

    Good Flight !:thumbup:

    nuum - Rio


    I am trying to find the tm.log.

    After 3DSMax export the tgi file , it creates a tm.log file.

    It stays in the main aircraft file with the tmd txt files , textures etc.

    Notepad crashes trying to open it.

    I achieve to open it with notepad++ but it seems a binary file.

    There are some ascii readable files inside ( I can read "GaugeVSINeedle r t <[string8][GeometryList][ age]>"

    but most of the characters are "NULL", ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ, etc

    I don' understand .

    I will keep trying .

    Perhaps this is the wrong tm.log file

    But it appears after the 3dsMAX conversion.