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    Revisiting this thread, I am happy to report that my YOKO yoke is working great in FS2!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was using the yoke in that "other sim" and noticed some weird jittering in the onscreen yoke whenever I moved my physical yoke to the limits of it's axes. After a few emails to the manufacturer, it was determined that I had a bad circuit board (a small board that the USB cable plugs into). They sent me a replacement board with updated firmware. I installed the new board, calibrated the yoke and the issue was resolved...…..YAY!

    My next thought was, let's try it now in FS2.

    Bingo! So the issue was never with the sim, it was hardware.


    It shouldn't be that bad. You need to check with your Pitool and SteamVR settings. Flight simmers of DCS and X-plane are very positive towards Pimax 5K+ compared with other headsets.

    I can read FS2 instrument more clearly on Pimax 5K+ than Odyssey OG, but I think HP Reverb will be even better than Pimax 5K+.

    With my 5K+ still sitting in it's box after arriving last week, this is encouraging news! DCS, X-Plane 11 and AFS2 are the only things I do in VR. Now I'm just debating purchasing a RTX 2080ti.

    Thanks for sharing that Ray.

    Got my PPL in a Skyhawk, twenty years ago. Flew various tricycle gear planes, but didn't fly a tailwheel until roughly five years ago, when I took basic aerobatic lessons and got my TW endorsement in a Super Decathlon. Boy, what a fun little airplane that is! A real blast to fly.

    #5 (Wheel landings) and #10 (Slips) are probably my favorite thing.

    No Cessna or Piper that I've ever flown were as enjoyable to slip as this thing. I immediately fell in love with flying this airplane, simply due to how much fun it is. A true Stick & Rudder machine, which really woke up my Skyhawk feet ^^

    #5- After struggling with them on the first few attempts (with a few bounces and go-arounds/PIO), once I got the hang of it, that instantly became my favorite method of coming in. Hot and fast, lol.

    Three pointers never gave me much of a problem and I got pretty good at them rather quickly.

    Wheel landings are a blast.

    My piloting skills definitely improved overall.

    I also spent a lot of money on a high quality yoke. Not a Saitek or CH Products, but made by Aircraft Controls Engineering. An ACE B737. Not many people will have these so it won't use the same circuitry as Saitek, Thrustmaster etc. Surely low down the priority if there's ever a glitch with the FS2's currently excellent, idiot proof recognition of just about any control peripheral. I know that X-Plane hasn't detected all my peripherals with the same ease as FS2.

    Maybe I just got lucky that FS2 currently detects most hardware without hassle, and IPACS never intended it to "just work"? I wonder how much of my investment in FS2 is vulnerable to this new strategy of just focussing on the functionality 90% of people use. Anyone else with an ACE, a Yoko, a PFC is presumably in this minority.

    I'm curious too if we'd all agree on what 90% of people really want? Do we all agree that ATC is more important that weather? Personally I only fly GA so I don't care for all the systems functionality people want to work on big aircraft, pushback. Perhaps I'm in a minority here too?

    I'll take the survey as I eagerly await support for my Yoko (reported in another thread) that I just purchased a few weeks ago. Bought the Next Level V3 and V2 flightsim cockpit a week prior to the Yoko. Fortunately for me, this is not the only platform that I use them for;).

    Keep the needle centered, correcting for wind and you WILL get there .^^

    Admittedly, I haven't messed with the planner much since getting into FS2 (most of the time I'm just boring holes in the sky in VR enjoying the views), so I was unaware of the fact that it doesn't have roses.

    A VOR compass rose is such an essential part of flight planning, I'm surprised it's hasn't been implemented yet.

    I agree with you, it is a lot of fun. DME and cross checking with second VOR. When I started flying the G1000, I still tune the VORs and cross check. Just remember to keep your head on a swivel for traffic, especially in the NY area8|.

    Although I'm talking real world, I'm sure we will have some awesome AI traffic in the AFS2 future! ;)

    Ah my backyard :)

    You must be from the NY area. With the exception of Gabreski, I've flown from Republic to every airport on that area of the sectional, several times IRL. Got my Tailwheel endorsement at Brookhaven. Learning VOR navigation and triangulation was fun when I was in flight school (before GPS). I never really cared for the NDB.

    "file extension invalid" showed when I attempted to upload them, so I made a copy and renamed them with .txt


    I just plugged the yoke into my laptop, with no other controllers installed and got the exact same results. It appears in the calibration screen and responds to control inputs, but will not assign any axes. I even tried using other axes instead of just pitch and roll.

    Does anyone know if the YOKO YOKE and RUDDO RUDDERS work with either version of Aerofly?

    Thank you very much

    I'd sure like to know if you had any luck with yours two years ago!!!8|

    Kind of hard to believe only two of us own a yoko in this entire forum:/


    Dear Mr. ****,

    Thanks for contacting us, I'm Joan Borrós from Virtual Fly technical department.

    Yoko yoke works as any standard Joystick and it should work with any software that follows standard Joystick inputs.

    Unfortunately we haven't tested Aerofly FS2 as we cannot guaranty full compatibility with all software available on market.

    We guarantee full support for FSX/P3D and X-Plane 11.

    Hope you understand, we take note of it and if in the future we test it we will let you know.

    Best Regards,


    C. Mª Aurèlia Capmany 29

    P.I. La Fàbrica

    08297 Castellgalí (Spain)

    T. (+34) 938 333 301


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    Had to resurrect this thread, because I just purchased the YOKO yoke and cannot assign any axes. The yoke is recognized in the controllers setup, but the only thing it will assign are button presses. In the calibration section, all axes are recognized and move accordingly.

    I tried resetting everything to default settings, but that didn't resolve the issue.

    Note: The yoke works perfectly in other programs.

    This is an incredible piece of hardware!

    Any help is appreciated.


    Took me a few days, but I finally completed the setup of my NL v3.0 and NL flight simulator cockpit! Mounted my Thrustmaster Warthog hotas and Saitek pedals and just finished tidying up all of the USB and power cables. Now I just have to hookup the Buttkicker and tweak settings.

    It's a pleasure to finally have a real sim cockpit after years of flying a desktop and rigging my controls to it and my office chair. This thing is amazing!

    Also, After years of flying (on and off) with modded CH and Saitek yokes, I can no longer tolerate the unrealistic feeling and response they give, especially during landing. So after doing my research, I bit the bullet on the Yoko.

    Now I'm just awaiting it's arrival from Spain. :)

    I got my tailwheel endorsement and basic aerobatic course in the Super Decathlon as well. It's the only TW airplane I've flown, but boy the most fun plane as well!:)

    Forward slips are very impressive in it, compared to doing them in the Cessnas and Pipers I've flown. A lot of fun.

    Took a little while to nail the wheel landings though!

    "I did a lot of them in the real Super Decathlon and the behavior was very similar to doing them in the DCS Mustang. Was actually easier in the real plane for me which again is why is see so much value in simulation even for stick and rudder training."

    Yep, definitely easier in the real plane than the DCS Mustang! But very challenging at first. Had a few PIO moments, in which I promptly powered up and went around.

    Man, I'd love to fly a Pitts or Extra one day!

    Really enjoy reading this thread.


    Sounds like you and I have very similar ideas - that’s exactly my “combo”:NL motion sim v3.0, Buttkicker 2 and the JetSeat. It works brilliantly together. I’ve “modded” my motion sim to get the anti-torque pedals and cyclic (as well as collective) attached to the motion platform - so that you are no longer “anchored” to Terra Firma with your heels. Not necessary- but just one more step in the right direction - total immersion👍 I’d be very happy to share my experience if you go in the direction of the NL motion platform.

    Here’s a link to a description of the software I’m talking about

    It is complimentary with all of their compatible platforms and has streamlined (easily tweak able) profiles to all common driving games and flight sims. To clarify - the hardware for the Next Level v.3.0 is manufactured by Motion Systems in Poland and marketed by NextLevel in the US and Pagnian Imports in Australia. The software support is amazing and they publish frequent updates and improvements.

    Yes I have the original Buttkicker Gamer but haven't used it in years, after the amp died. So this is my second go at getting one, I'll probably set it up this weekend.

    As for the motion platform, I ordered the NL v3.0 along with their Flight Simulator cockpit and I'm looking forward to setting it all up. The proprietary software and the fact that it is much quieter (and compact) than a lot of the competition, were strong selling points for me.

    My primary flightsims at the moment are AFS2 and DCS World, so it will get plenty of use while they sort out the issues here. I'll probably do a little Dirt Rally and a few racing games as well, since I have a few but rarely mess with them.

    Yes, if you could pm me any tips that would enhance my enjoyment of the unit, I'd really appreciate it.


    Just noticed you have a JetSeat Mr Redtail! Works very nice with the NLv3.0! I have it as well and it really makes the immersion complete!

    That's good to know. The JetSeat is incredible, I really love it (although the effects in AFS2 seems very weak at the moment).

    Soon I will be adding a Buttkicker 2 to my setup as well.

    Mr. Redtail? I'm not that old, I'm only 53 and I'm not a real Tuskegee Airman, I'm just an impostor :D

    +1 on the Next level Motion sim v.3. It is spectacularly good, has fantastic developer support for software and most important it uses proprietary algorithms to cancel out motion induced by the sim for VR use. What this means is that if the motion of the headset is induced by the sim (seat moving in response to roll or pitch) you won't see it in your HMD - if the movement of the headset is induced by you actually moving the head around - it works as you'd expect. Completely seamlessly and with no fuss. This is VERY important, as you'd constantly be putting your head through the windshield or side-windows if this wasn't compensated for. All telemetry in AFS2 has been hobbled since the release of the R22 however so its a mute point. We do need to cut the developers some slack on this so I will do my best not to nag, but reality is that for those of us who have invested in motion it literally means that AFS2 sits idle, while the other sims gets all the action. Hope the admins will allow the motion sim discourse her in the meantime, as long as we all promise to play nice....;-)

    Thanks guys.

    Based on videos I've seen and your testimonials, I'm pretty much sold on the NLV3.

    The Next Level V3 is an awesome bit of kit though. So compact and just no faff, plug it in and you're good to go with great simple software.

    I sim race more than fly, and in combination with VR (as with Aerofly of course) it's simply amazing!

    Wow, so many choices! Guess I have my work cut out for me.

    Basically looking for the best bang for my buck. Simple setup. Compact and not too big. Quiet as possible (don't want a bunch of noise as my mancave is in the attic directly above my son's room). Also has to be compatible with my three major sims, AFS2, DCS and X-Plane 11.

    Thanks for any advice.

    Update: Just watched a video of the NL V3 on Amazon and it does look pretty impressive! Compatible with every sim I use as well.:)

    If I was starting again I think I'd be tempted with the 3dof from simukit - pitch/roll and heave. I think heave is more interesting in flight than yaw especially when the yaw is a bit slack when done via traction loss.

    Personally my grand plan is to build my own 6DOF. dofreality now has a 6dof at a very low price so that's another interesting option. You'd need to adapt gaming seat fittings probably but you'd still need the seat.

    Heave simulates a more accurate sensation of G I assume?

    I will look into the Simukit as a possible option.

    I see most of the videos focus on racing sims, however, I only use flight/combat sims.

    Overall, does a motion platform (2DOF/3DOF) really add a lot to the VR experience to justify the cost?


    I am seriously considering a motion platform and was reading some of your comments on another website about the yaw slack of the H3 model. In your opinion, which version would you recommend? H2, H3 or something else all together.

    Also, would I be able to use my existing gaming seat, or do I have to purchase a different seat for it?


    I assume you know the approximate location of the helipad, if you go over there in the editor and add lights on the x and y axis, space them out a bit and make a lot of them in the form of a plus sign. Test it in game and see which light is approximately right, then edit it in the editor again from that light. It'll be a bit of trial and error. You can change time in game with T and Shift+T I believe if you want to see the lights illuminate (as they don't show during the day).

    Alternatively, you could take a top-down photo of the helipad in-game and estimate the approximate location of lights on the editor using that as reference and messing around.

    Coming along well Nabeel.

    Thanks again!

    Now if I could just figure out how to get trees/shrubs to show up on Liberty Island. When I plant them, nothing appears. However, if I put some in the water or other land areas, they show up.

    I'd love to see the New York scenery get a second art pass and really pump up the detail and resolution, especially now that we have the R22. It could serve as a showcase for the potential that AFS2 has and start to set the sim apart. Currently I find the level of detail broadly similar to other sims, but AFS2 wins hands down on smoothness and framerate. If moving water and sea/road traffic make it into the sim, one 'showcase demo' area such as Manhattan would really wow the audience so to speak.

    I'd happily pay for a 'New York plus' version add on pack.


    Having flown over Manhattan and the NYC metro area (including TEB, CDW, MMU) several times over the years since my student pilot days, I would gladly pay for a premium version in AFS2.