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    Revisiting this thread, I am happy to report that my YOKO yoke is working great in FS2!

    A couple of weeks ago, I was using the yoke in that "other sim" and noticed some weird jittering in the onscreen yoke whenever I moved my physical yoke to the limits of it's axes. After a few emails to the manufacturer, it was determined that I had a bad circuit board (a small board that the USB cable plugs into). They sent me a replacement board with updated firmware. I installed the new board, calibrated the yoke and the issue was resolved...…..YAY!

    My next thought was, let's try it now in FS2.

    Bingo! So the issue was never with the sim, it was hardware.


    It shouldn't be that bad. You need to check with your Pitool and SteamVR settings. Flight simmers of DCS and X-plane are very positive towards Pimax 5K+ compared with other headsets.

    I can read FS2 instrument more clearly on Pimax 5K+ than Odyssey OG, but I think HP Reverb will be even better than Pimax 5K+.

    With my 5K+ still sitting in it's box after arriving last week, this is encouraging news! DCS, X-Plane 11 and AFS2 are the only things I do in VR. Now I'm just debating purchasing a RTX 2080ti.

    As an old, very old, retired flight instructor this article brought back lots of memories. Even if you may not necessarily be interested in the details or subject matter, the airplane photos are worth your time. We now have many of them flying in AFS2, and more will be coming in the near future. 8o

    As a flight simulator pilot, you may not even be familiar with some of these flying techniques. The more you know, the more enjoyable your flying will be.…ly-a-tailwheel/



    Thanks for sharing that Ray.

    Got my PPL in a Skyhawk, twenty years ago. Flew various tricycle gear planes, but didn't fly a tailwheel until roughly five years ago, when I took basic aerobatic lessons and got my TW endorsement in a Super Decathlon. Boy, what a fun little airplane that is! A real blast to fly.

    #5 (Wheel landings) and #10 (Slips) are probably my favorite thing.

    No Cessna or Piper that I've ever flown were as enjoyable to slip as this thing. I immediately fell in love with flying this airplane, simply due to how much fun it is. A true Stick & Rudder machine, which really woke up my Skyhawk feet ^^

    #5- After struggling with them on the first few attempts (with a few bounces and go-arounds/PIO), once I got the hang of it, that instantly became my favorite method of coming in. Hot and fast, lol.

    Three pointers never gave me much of a problem and I got pretty good at them rather quickly.

    Wheel landings are a blast.

    My piloting skills definitely improved overall.

    Keep the needle centered, correcting for wind and you WILL get there .^^

    Admittedly, I haven't messed with the planner much since getting into FS2 (most of the time I'm just boring holes in the sky in VR enjoying the views), so I was unaware of the fact that it doesn't have roses.

    A VOR compass rose is such an essential part of flight planning, I'm surprised it's hasn't been implemented yet.

    I agree with you, it is a lot of fun. DME and cross checking with second VOR. When I started flying the G1000, I still tune the VORs and cross check. Just remember to keep your head on a swivel for traffic, especially in the NY area8|.

    Although I'm talking real world, I'm sure we will have some awesome AI traffic in the AFS2 future! ;)

    Ah my backyard :)

    You must be from the NY area. With the exception of Gabreski, I've flown from Republic to every airport on that area of the sectional, several times IRL. Got my Tailwheel endorsement at Brookhaven. Learning VOR navigation and triangulation was fun when I was in flight school (before GPS). I never really cared for the NDB.

    "file extension invalid" showed when I attempted to upload them, so I made a copy and renamed them with .txt


    I just plugged the yoke into my laptop, with no other controllers installed and got the exact same results. It appears in the calibration screen and responds to control inputs, but will not assign any axes. I even tried using other axes instead of just pitch and roll.

    Does anyone know if the YOKO YOKE and RUDDO RUDDERS work with either version of Aerofly?

    Thank you very much

    I'd sure like to know if you had any luck with yours two years ago!!!8|

    Kind of hard to believe only two of us own a yoko in this entire forum:/


    Dear Mr. ****,

    Thanks for contacting us, I'm Joan Borrós from Virtual Fly technical department.

    Yoko yoke works as any standard Joystick and it should work with any software that follows standard Joystick inputs.

    Unfortunately we haven't tested Aerofly FS2 as we cannot guaranty full compatibility with all software available on market.

    We guarantee full support for FSX/P3D and X-Plane 11.

    Hope you understand, we take note of it and if in the future we test it we will let you know.

    Best Regards,


    C. Mª Aurèlia Capmany 29

    P.I. La Fàbrica

    08297 Castellgalí (Spain)

    T. (+34) 938 333 301

    Had to resurrect this thread, because I just purchased the YOKO yoke and cannot assign any axes. The yoke is recognized in the controllers setup, but the only thing it will assign are button presses. In the calibration section, all axes are recognized and move accordingly.

    I tried resetting everything to default settings, but that didn't resolve the issue.

    Note: The yoke works perfectly in other programs.

    This is an incredible piece of hardware!

    Any help is appreciated.


    I got my tailwheel endorsement and basic aerobatic course in the Super Decathlon as well. It's the only TW airplane I've flown, but boy the most fun plane as well!:)

    Forward slips are very impressive in it, compared to doing them in the Cessnas and Pipers I've flown. A lot of fun.

    Took a little while to nail the wheel landings though!

    "I did a lot of them in the real Super Decathlon and the behavior was very similar to doing them in the DCS Mustang. Was actually easier in the real plane for me which again is why is see so much value in simulation even for stick and rudder training."

    Yep, definitely easier in the real plane than the DCS Mustang! But very challenging at first. Had a few PIO moments, in which I promptly powered up and went around.

    Man, I'd love to fly a Pitts or Extra one day!

    Really enjoy reading this thread.


    I assume you know the approximate location of the helipad, if you go over there in the editor and add lights on the x and y axis, space them out a bit and make a lot of them in the form of a plus sign. Test it in game and see which light is approximately right, then edit it in the editor again from that light. It'll be a bit of trial and error. You can change time in game with T and Shift+T I believe if you want to see the lights illuminate (as they don't show during the day).

    Alternatively, you could take a top-down photo of the helipad in-game and estimate the approximate location of lights on the editor using that as reference and messing around.

    Coming along well Nabeel.

    Thanks again!

    Now if I could just figure out how to get trees/shrubs to show up on Liberty Island. When I plant them, nothing appears. However, if I put some in the water or other land areas, they show up.

    I'd love to see the New York scenery get a second art pass and really pump up the detail and resolution, especially now that we have the R22. It could serve as a showcase for the potential that AFS2 has and start to set the sim apart. Currently I find the level of detail broadly similar to other sims, but AFS2 wins hands down on smoothness and framerate. If moving water and sea/road traffic make it into the sim, one 'showcase demo' area such as Manhattan would really wow the audience so to speak.

    I'd happily pay for a 'New York plus' version add on pack.


    Having flown over Manhattan and the NYC metro area (including TEB, CDW, MMU) several times over the years since my student pilot days, I would gladly pay for a premium version in AFS2.

    Thanks Jake.

    I've started watching the tutorials, getting basic understanding of the TOC, TSC files. Also looking into Nabeel's editor, which is probably the best place for me to start, as you suggest. As I have very little free time to devote to my hobbies due to my hectic work schedules, I need the simplest, least time consuming methods at the moment.

    I will take a look at your samples for now. I am familiar with notepad ++ and have used it several times.

    Really appreciate your help!

    Maybe one of you guys can steer me in the right direction. I'm relatively new to AFS2 with very limited programming skills. Basically none^^

    However, in X-plane there is a scenery editor that allows you to import existing scenery and modify it. Being frustrated with the lack of helipad lighting (including payware scenery), I decided to learn enough of the X-Plane 'World Editor' to add custom lighting to several helipads, such as the Downtown Manhattan heliport. Having over ten years experience as an electrician at Newark and LaGuardia airports, I've installed and maintained all types of runway/taxiway lighting, as well as lighted airport signs (fed by 4160VAC constant current regulators). So I had a few ideas for how I wanted the helipad lit.

    Note: My custom lighting was a little overboard, (I eventually removed the strobe lights).. LOL

    My question is:

    Are there any such editors I could use to accomplish something similar in AFS2? I'd also like to add some custom lighted helipads to the rooftops of certain buildings, such as the Metlife building in midtown Manhattan. If not, will I be able to do so using your method Phil?


    Here, I added the lighting, signs and windsock (XP11)

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    I think that might be something that won't work right now, mainly because the lights assume a predefined altitude (from the ground I believe), though it is something you can fix. Once you add the lights, open the .toc file and edit the very last number under the light position that says 6.000000 to the height you want (I believe it's in meters). You be able to do a search and replace on all instances assuming the light cultivation toc file for the helipad is separate from other cultivation lights that aren't related.

    OK thanks.

    I had to play with height adjustment numbers in the X-plane 'World Editor' in order to place a few helipads on the rooftops. The Metlife building in Manhattan took a lot of trial and error to get right. It was a bit of a challenge, as well as annoying because I had to place an entire prefabricated helipad on top of a hollow building in order to land on it. Sometimes they didn't fix well and looked out of place. So at least in FS2, we have solid buildings and hopefully, adding a few lights will be much easier and better looking.

    Thanks - that should be fine, you won't see the helipad though (unless it's a ground texture on a satellite/aerial photo) but adding lights shouldn't be an issue.

    OK, but I have no experience with editing in AFS2, so I'm confused as to how I would add lights to them if they aren't visible.

    Any tips on where and how to begin adding lights (in the blind, without reference to the object)?