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    With as beautiful as the scenery is, I’d go for mostly anything with an open cockpit all the way to a Breezy. Maybe a Ryan PT-16, PT-22, or STA. I know we already have a couple of biplanes but a nice Curtiss P-6E Hawk would make me very happy. Or the Boeing P-26 Peashooter. Those would all be beautiful planes (my opinion) and would capitalize on the great scenic and aircraft views. :love:

    Ok, I’ll play... :)

    The love:

    1. The VR is hands down the best. When I fly DCS or X-Plane there is now a realization that there are stutters and gaps that used to be OK. The bar has definitely been raised.

    2. The planes and cockpits are beautiful. The Bücker is just a joy to fly and when I look at the wings I can see the rib stitching, the sheen of the finish, and the shadows as they distort over the taut fabric. I run a motion rig and hate to admit it but sitting in the Corsair and folding/unfolding the wings is so trick to see in VR while feeling the bumps and thumps and the slight rock as they reach the ends of travel.

    3. The enhanced scenery areas are stunning. Flying around Monument Valley and Grand Canyon is just sublime joy. I tried out ORBX's Chicago Meigs scenery and have Meigs for FSX-SE. It's never looked like what it looks like in FS2. Again with the Bücker but flying low in the Park by the bean and throwing it up on a wing right at the north buildings to turn just before hitting them feels like real aerobatics but with visuals that nobody will ever see in real life.

    The hope:

    1. Multiplayer support. Hopefully a compatibility layer where JoinFS can work since it can record and playback flights where you can build formations to do formation aerobatics, but I’ll settle for even just a direct IP connect with other pilots.

    2. AI traffic. The one thing that does stand out with FS2 is there is no life. I was kind of startled to see the couple standing and gesturing in front of the 172 at Monument Valley airport. I think Multiplayer support and AI traffic would dovetail nicely and probably use a lot of the same code.

    3. Weather, updated sounds, ATC, more planes, etc. Not so important for me but would be nice.

    All in all, FS2 is just a joy to fly and is now how I demo VR flight. It’s great now and has great potential for the future! :thumbup:

    Been flying from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas in the Bücker but was having a blast around the canyon flying over the high ground, chopping throttle, and diving over the canyon edge and down to the Colorado River flying close to the cliff and curving through the cuts. In VR it’s a stomach lifting trip and the Grand Canyon is some stunning scenery with lots of depth. Just some very gorgeous scenery in America's southwest.

    Tried that Oubaas. It still won’t launch in VR. It used to work and now it doesn’t after the updates. Sounds like something in one of the updates broke it and guessing by StronSafety's timeline, it sounds like the second mini update did it.

    Same here. HTC Vive. If SteamVR is running, Steam has the Play in VR button but it launches on the desktop. If SteamVR isn’t running, I get the menu of play in SteamVR mode, Oculus VR mode, or regular. Again, I select SteamVR and it just launches on the desktop.

    It all worked great before the last two little updates. I didn’t fire up between them so can’t say which update broke it but it sounds like I see the same thing as StrongSafety.

    I ran the Steam verify of files but nothing and also tried changing graphics settings in desktop mode but still no difference. Works great on the desktop but will not come up in the VR headset. I do get sound in the headset though.

    Same here. I’ve got the Warthog so have everything I really need on buttons/sliders/switches/POV hats. Real pilots will generally keep a hand on the yoke/stick and I do too. Wands/Touch controllers are great for all sorts of things but as a control interface in VR, not so much. DCS gives you "hands" in VR already and I never use them. About the only useful hands that I know of in VR for any cockpit sim are using a Leap Motion to have the sim recognize your real hands when you take them off the stick/yoke and go to manipulate virtual controls. With that you aren’t having to locate and pick up wands. I’ll be curious to see what is being worked on, though.

    EDIT: A 7.2 MB update was waiting for me on Steam this morning. Tried it once that completed and it's fixed! Woot! Going to be a fun day exploring scenery today!

    I finished the download of Meigs and Switzerland scenery and I believe there was an update in there too. Now, no matter what I try, I can’t get FS2 to launch in VR.

    If I have the SteamVR utility up and running, the Steam play button says "Play in VR" but it only launches on the desktop. If the SteamVR app isn’t running, I get the options to play in Steam VR mode, Oculus VR mode, or regular, and if I select SteamVR (I have a Vive), it will launch the SteamVR applet but again it launches on the desktop.

    It was working great before the Meigs scenery and the last two mini updates. I didn’t try between the mini updates since Meigs and Switzerland were downloading.

    Hey Phil! This is your fault, you know. ;)

    I’ve just really been enjoying that Bücker. It’s so nice in VR in AFS2. Was doing a lot of sightseeing in Monument Valley and going up on a wing to go knife edge between some of the spires. It looked like a tight fit to go through wings level but that works two. Really don’t want to clip a wing though. It’s brutal with motion. I turned up thermals last night and took up a glider. I can even feel the thermal bumps. It’s bizarre.

    Meigs is downloading now so I can test the performance around Chicago. I should have let it download while I was at work or I would be flying now.

    I saw the blog post about the accidental merge with release and dev versions and am suspecting the recent update was to fix that too. I was flying the Bücker this past weekend/Monday and found the VR menu which now seems gone. I’m still low time with FS2 so might be missing something, but was that VR menu a preview of things to come? If so, I really like it as for me, I bumped the scale up a bit since things seemed just a tad small.

    On the plus side for me, the scale setting seemed to remain in force after this update and everything held proper size. While I had the VR menu I did also have the stutters and now stutters are gone here too.

    Just a comment but Aerofly FS2 is beautiful! I’m a very long time flight sim pilot with an embarrassing amount of time in many different sims. I’ve always dreamed of being "in" the sim. VR did that big time. I even built a motion platform now to make it more real. The experience in Aerofly is just amazing especially in VR the Bücker. Thanks! Your VR support is the best there is.