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    Nice response Jet-Pack. I understand fully what you say and appreciate what you want to achieve with this fantastic sim.

    My worry is that, the longer we are waiting, and I know patience is needed, but the more we are being drawn back to the other sims to experience what we are waiting for in FS2.

    I love this new platform and I understand you are a small team but people get impatient. There needs to be a small but steady injection of additional 'stuff' to appease guys like me, thus keeping us away from FSX and P3D and focused on FS2.

    Weather seems really high on everyone's list as you have nailed it with aircraft options. The flyable areas are good for a while until more comes along but the weather provides unlimited scenarios to utilise what we have and keep the community occupied whilst the developers do their stuff.

    Remember, the more time more people spend on FS2 then the more developers will want a piece of the action rather than sitting on the fence......😎😎😎

    Hi Guys.......and Gals???

    Well, I just purchased Rex SkyForce 3-D and installed it to my FSX.....

    Another big WOW for me in such a short space of time. I have always wanted real weather but have never got around to using Active SKy or any other weather generating software. I just inserted textures from REX and enjoyed the update from FSX default, until tonight that is.

    Why am I posting this here you ask. Well, given how FS2 is taking off so well, excuse the pun, there seems to be a lot of talk about adding weather and, for me, the above seems to ooze the level of quality befitting a title like FS2. With this in mind I wonder if there is any possibility of IPACS talking to REX, who should be well aware of FS2, so that a great weather program can be brought into the mix sooner rather than later.

    I have to say, although FlyInside for FSX is nowhere near as good as FS2 in VR, the short flight across to Ireland from Cardiff tonight has grabbed my attention due to being gobsmacked by the realism in the clouds, the best I have seen in 30 years of flying....

    Come on guys, if you can get ORBX and Aerosoft onboard, another pun thrown in the mix there, then I am sure you can get together over a couple of beers with the people from REX to get something onto the bandwagon....8)8)8)


    I have been using P3D VR for a day or two and I think the system they use is quite innovative. There is a faint white dot centred on your view, faint enough not to affect your view but bright enough to identify. When you look at a button or knob you can use the button or wheel of your mouse to activate said control. Not where we want to be but it seems to work really well....8)8)8)

    This is really exciting. Along with Helgoland it seems Aerosoft are going to gain good momentum pretty quickly with regards to FS2. To be able to attempt a flight around Everest from the famous Lukla airport is really making this Sim even more desirable than it already is, if that is achievable. I look forward to opening my wallet chaps....

    As a side note, and it's not my forte, but an helicopter may be called for with this scenery in mind....Just a thought.8)


    Below is a link to my livestream on Facebook last night. I was doing it to test the built in microphone on the Oculus Rift but after watching it I deemed it worthy of a share on here for you guys, my new pals...

    Please don't criticise my flying as I was concentrating more on the views for the non flight sim friends I have. Also, there is a minute or so intro with me shouting through to the other room to see if my daughter can hear my voice on her Facebook.

    The Statue of Liberty looks stunning and the city views show why I rave so much about FS2. I did manage a lumpy landing, again, I have only just dug out my old CH flight yoke and rudder pedals so am getting used to using those rather than my trusty Saitek X52, so please, no nasty comments.


    Gentlemen, you know our stance with comparing us with other current flight simulators out there. We have deep respect for all of those other sims and the developers that work tirelessly, and we believe there are good points and bad points for all of them, including us. I just want to make sure no one references any challenging remarks 'ours is better than yours' because we feel that each flight simulator out there has their own market and we can all feed off of one another. You know who wins here? the entire flight simulator community, that's who.

    Hey, don't get me wrong. Each sim has it's good and bad points. I am just about to purchase Rex Skyforce for my FSX as it adds more beauty to a great sim..

    My point in this thread is mainly the VR quality in FS2. It raises the bar drastically and shows what is achievable with todays technology. The other contenders need to see that this is the way forward and IPACS has shown that high quality scenery and fantastic framerates can go hand in hand.

    Have a fly out of Innsbruck in FS2 with the ORBX addon and compare it to the FSX equivalent. It is a sight to behold as you climb away from the runway in glorious VR.

    Aerosoft Helgoland looks to be coming along beautifully and I have no doubt there will be many more high quality add ons in the very near future. I, for one, will be looking daily with eager eyes..

    Like most, I have invested a lot of time and money over the years in FSX so have quite a lot of addons for aircraft, scenery, etc. With this in mind I invested in Flyinside to try out my new toy, the Oculus Rift, to experience VR flying.

    I have to say that mountain flying with the Orbx scenery was enjoyable to say the least. A truly new experience for my hobby. Then I started looking at YouTube videos showing off Aerofly FS2 and I thought, after spending all the cash on the Oculus I might as well spend a little more to see whether it compares well to my experience of FSX.


    I now find myself looking daily for any news of upcoming scenery and new aircraft for this truly amazing advance in the world of flight simming, especially VR flying. My whole experience has been moved to another level and any expectations of betterment has disappeared. This is the new way forward for flight sim enthusiasts. We will all keep trying to make FSX and P3D look good but they have got a long way to go to offer anything close to what Aerofly FS2 has to offer with VR currently and with the likes of ORBX and Aerosoft showing what they can add to the mix I really believe, once we have the weather programs, the aircraft systems and more scenery that all other contenders will become insignificant.

    I may drone on about this but, after being a flight sim enthusiast for over 30 years and watching the genre grow I have finally had the experience that I thought was never possible, out of the box and with no config changes whatsoever.

    Thanks to the IPACS team for all your achievements to date as well as all those we have to look forward to...8)8)8)

    Hi Guys,

    I remember the trailer for the first ORBX PNW (FSX) and how it had the wow factor for me. Seeing as ORBX have shown a keen interest in development for Aerofly FS2 I wonder what the chances are of them 'porting' over the entire set of maps for the northwest USA. The detail is superb and, as I am flying more in the small GA aircraft around the Switzerland scenery, which is absolutely stunning in certain areas, I would relish exploring the entire Northwest with the same level of detail as they have put into all their recent products.

    I do, of course, love flying the big heavies and I really look forward to more intricate systems in FS2 to fly them as I do on FSX but the bush flying is really doing it for me at the minute, due to the great visuals and flying low into the mountains, so I really do hope ORBX take on board what is fantastic about FS2 and develop more of what they are good at...8)


    Ok, new to the forums and not usually vocal but I believe this Flight Sim has raised the bar for everyone else. I have just purchased the Oculus Rift and Aerofly FS2 was a must and, well, what can I say. In 30yrs of flight simming I have never been so immersed in a flight as I have over the past few days so, as hard as it is to single out 3 love/wish factors, I will give it a go:


    1. Exhilarating flights in VR

    2. Aircraft detail is sublime.

    3. It beats the hell out of FSX/P3D/XP11


    1. More aircraft

    2. Global coverage (eventually)

    3. Traffic

    There you have it. There is so much I could say about this sim as I am so excited to finally see something that is worthy of our money and with ORBX getting onboard I am sure it won't be long before other developers realise the potential of this excellent piece of software.

    Well done guys......and gals?