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    Please don't assume anything here. This is something that our talented community wanted to do parallel to what we are working on.

    Nothing was assumed, I'm asking questions...

    Is IPACS still working on this functionality? If so, can you give us an idea on the status of it? Is it now going to have to compete with this third party DLC?

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who is disappointed in how long it is taking to get it into AFS2 (evidenced by the existence of this third party implementation??)

    I had a similar problem. For me, it was solved by opening Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings > Uncheck "Generic Gamepad Configuration Support".

    I have to turn that setting on for other games to work with other controllers, but must turn it off to use my T.16000M in Aerofly FS2. Very annoying. Devs, is there a bug logged for this?

    I also have the T.16000M setup and I've had that happen before. I think a PC re-boot fixed it. If that doesn't work, have you recently plugged your controllers into a different USB port? If so, try to plug them back into the original USB ports.

    I did previously try a reboot, and it made no difference. I'm certain the usb port didn't change, but I tried a few others anyway, and no difference. I plugged in my old Logitech Attack 3 to try, Windows found it fine, but still Aerofly didn't. Not sure if it would or not, but it definitely used to work no problem with my T.16000M

    My joystick (Thrustmaster T.16000M) is no longer recognized by Aerofly FS2, I believe since the last update. It still works with other sims fine. I've restarted Aerofly several times, unplugged and replugged in the joystick, but Aerofly just doesn't see it anymore. It still sees my trackIR though.

    Anyone else have their joystick break since the last update? Anyone with a working T.16000M, or is it just me?

    I've been playing around with geoconversion for my hometown, which is in Colorado, and my local airport, which is not modeled in the Colorado DLC. I have been able to get higher resolution scenery of my hometown and airport on top of the Colorado DLC base scenery, and it looks good. The problem is, the geoconverted scenery (using FSET) does not match the base scenery well at all. The colors are different, like the images were taken at different times of the year, but the images line up fine.

    What I would like to do it to geoconvert my local area at a higher resolution, but while using the same base images as the official DLC, if possible. If I can do this, then I will not encounter obvious tile borders due to the different colors in the scenery, and I can create only focused areas of higher resolution. I would need to be using the same base images as IPACS. Does IPACS provide these base images somehow, or do they disclose what images they've used that we can pull from ourselves? Is there something else I can do to get them to match better, like maybe use something other than FSET?

    Anyone have any luck connecting Aerofly FS2 to an EFB other than Avare? I did get Avare working, with the external I/O Plugin (using the Xplane setting). What I really want to use on my Android is Naviator, which does not have a built in way to connect to a sim. What I used for Xplane is an app called "Xplane to GPS" which mocks the GPS location from the Xplane data stream. I thought this would just work with Aerofly FS2 since the Avare external I/O plugin just works, but I can not get it working.

    Has anyone got this working, with with "Xplane to GPS", or via another method?

    Aerofly devs: is there something about the data stream in Aerofly that is not compatible with Xplane's data stream? It would be great if it was since there is a lot of support for Xplane out there already. Or can you create some other method for this, perhaps even an "Aerofly to GPS" app? :)