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    Hi Guys,

    My sincere apologies for not mentioning any background info about us and the project. That was indeed a bit too self centered for my first post here and I have just added an appropriate signature.

    Yes, this scenery is planned to be released through Aerosoft and as I am informed this should make it available through Steam shortly after.

    Good you point out the issue with the root folder. While not really an issue with small Helgoland, the installation directory/drive is indeed something I'd like to choose myself for something bigger like Lukla and surroundings. I will check with Aerosoft and IPACS on the latest developments.

    More details, like coverage area and so on will follow.



    With the next version we will go way beyond what has been available before and develop natively parallel for Aerofly FS2 and some other sims.

    Just a few details as a start:

    We purchased stereo satellite imagery that was manually placed to get as much detail as possible from all perspectives of each mountain. In addition to that we're in the process of placing roughly 150 million (!) trees.

    Screenshots show "work in progress" in Aerofly FS2.