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    Thanks that's what I thought. I've been using a CV1 and have a G2 on order. Was told by someone it did not support WMR.

    If you are upgrading from a CV1; you will be blown away with the G2! I upgraded from the Rift s and I can tell you the resolution is astounding. And it runs well in FS2. My Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant arrived yesterday so I am very happy with my set up.

    Thanks a lot, I didn't expect this at all. The Agronn Panels are not "cheap" and I am not "rich" but I am afraid I can't resist should it really surface. This would be a clear winning combo.

    I would much acknowledge being informed if/when it will be available.

    Kind regards, Michael

    I certainly will keep you in loop. I’m debating building my own, XTOP, or Flight Deck X below.

    If you ask me, that was a bad design flaw that they didn't make the Alpha yoke compatible to the XTOP and several similar panels available. I would have exchanged my Saitek yoke immediately.

    While I *love* the XTOP it has its downsides as well. One of the biggest ones is its inflexibility. It just doesn't accommodate an airliner or even a stick operated plane like the Robin naturally.

    Kind regards, Michael


    I contacted Agronn to see if they were modifying XTOP for use of Honeycomb Yoke and TQ. The representative told me the new designs will be available in about 30 days. No price info yet. See pics below from manufacturer.


    That’s my dilemma. I have the Rift S, but my Performance is much better without VR.

    Thinking of going to Air Manager or the XTOP. XTOP being much more expensive route as I don’t have any Saitek and the Alpha yoke isn’t designed for XTOP. I’m waiting on the B quadrant release as well. Decisions......


    I had contacted you a couple of years ago about your XTOP panel. I went with VR and love it. Have you seen Russ Barlow’s Knobster from Sim Innovations? He has lots of YouTube videos on the device. Small, no sensors and no additional hardware. I looked at the pointcntrl website and although it looks cool, but you would have to have some really steady hands and I don’t like all the additional set up, cables, sensors, and mount. I think the mouse in conjunction with knobster is a good solution based on what I have read and seen on other forums. The knobster is on back order and should arrive mid January. I’ll let you know how it works out. And anyone have pointcntl experience in FS2 and XP11, please share. Thanks.


    I came from an Odyssey+ to the Reverb so I was accustomed to the vagaries of WMR.

    Dave W.

    9700K@5.0Ghz, 3200Mhz RAM, RTX2070

    I went with the Rift S. Having no experience with WMR headsets, I wanted to stay with Oculus for now. I upgraded from the CV1. My computer is an 8600K w/GTX 1080. I hope I am not disappointed with the S. It arrives tomorrow and New Year’s flying begins.

    I was wondering if you ever got the buttons on panel to work? Just received yoke and works well in XP11, but can’t get buttons to configure in AF2. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    I'm sitting here in the snow storm/blizzard waiting for my power to go out. In the meantime I too will fly around in the best VR experience available in flight simming. I think I will fly someplace warm!

    No jinxing! LOL! Worried about power too, but I’d be more upset about not being able to fly today rather than the loss of heat. Of course the wife would disagree.

    Take your time; I am confident you guys will make it great. You know flight simmers; they want everything yesterday and at huge FPS! Keep it coming, I am loving every bit of progress. Thanks for responding.

    I’ve only been flying AF2 for about 8 months; but man, it’s the best VR experience—hands down! Old FSX fan and short time user of P3D, but I spent more time tweaking, figuring out scenery/add on compatability issues, and worrying about upgrading computer hardware.

    I switched to the Oculus about 8 months ago and plan on never going back to monitor views. Even after switching to XP11 on release, I still migrate back to AF2. Recently tried XP11.2B and spent about an hour and I was done. It’s just not there and cannot compare to AF2 VR experience.

    I just wanted to say hello (new to forum) and thank the IPACS team for making this simulator a dream come true. I love flying airliners; however, I have found a new passion just flying the Cessna and Baron in VFR. As most of you know, if you haven’t tried AF2 in VR, you don’t know what you are missing.

    I recently upgraded my old computer to the new 8th Gen i7 processor and 1080 GPU and this platform screams!

    I anxiously await progress on ATC and some sort of AI and ground operations in the future. And my aircraft wishlist—the MD80 or variant of DC-9. But I have the 737 and Airbus to keep me content for a long while.

    My biggest wish is for AF2 to keep what they are doing right. Great engine, features, planes, scenery, performance, and ease of use. It’s so much more fun to fire it up and fly without load time and performance issues.

    Nor’easter is here in Boston, so you know what that means—time to fire up AF2 and roll out of Monterey on a warm sunny day. Thanks, IPACS!

    -Warrant Officer Dan:P