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    The "Colorado" Failure downloading the Aerosoft-Files is solved. But it's not possible to install wether Colorado nor High Texture Files, because the installer says: can't find the Aerofly Installation. Please install from DVD again....

    Other Users experienced the same problem.

    I'm intending to buy Northeastern and Switzerland, but to avoid any bad surprises I wait for a solution for the "Aerosoft" installers.

    Technically, you don't need to use the special parameter to get VR. We added an entry in the windows program group for VR users. I gave you that option assuming that you used the entry In the program group already.

    As written above with your special parameter it didn't work. Starting from the windows program group it works.

    So, have to correct my statement above: VR works in the DVD version too. The access to free upgrades/extensions remains open.

    I will do it.

    But once again: why is this information not part of the DVD manual (Aerosoft) or of the Online-Wiki?

    Concerning admin-rights, usually I'm using only P3D.....and admin rights are not disturbing in any way....

    I'm wondering, why this information is not included, wether in the wiki nor in the manual.

    I started now with (admin rights):

    aerofly_fs_2.exe -lang=de -othervr


    aerofly_fs_2.exe -lang=de -vr


    Nothing = VR not available


    but even the Wiki is not conform with my start screen of Aerofly FS2.

    The DVD installation was running without any problems: there is no opportunity to switch to VR ( in my case oculus rift); I had contacted Aerosoft and Aerofly too concerning the free updates. Response from Aerosoft within 1 hour: please contact Aerofly, it's a technical problem by Aerofly... ; from Aerofly still outstanding...., but reading the posts above, I have to wait...

    I'm wondering , why is no information on the home page of Aerofly concerning the updates and differencies to the DVD-version?

    Unfortunately, I spent a lot of hours to find out it.

    And: It seems, that VR is not avialable on the DVD Version from Aerosoft. May be I'm wrong....

    No information in the store (Aerofly and Aerosoft), that the DVD Version is limited and that VR is not possible. Lost time to bring steam to download free DLC's. Poor behaviour!!!! Aerosoft says: "Its a technical problem of Aerofly......"